Alex Asary exclusive interview of Dr. David Ray Griffin May 21, 2007

David Ray Griffin during his current speaking tour

I am almost tempted to

take the audio from this interview and NORMALIZE it in an audio editing program. No offense to the people who made this video but the audio production is horrid. The interviewer's mic is clipping (blasting) and DRG is barely audible. If someone released a video with perfect audio and a barely visible picture we'd all be like "wtf!", we'll the same should hold true for the inverse. I am not knocking the makers but I am trying to make them, and other video makers, aware that the AUIDO production is just as important as the video!

Otherwise, I thank you for your overall efforts. Sorry if this seems like nit-picking - thats not my intent
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Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Without audio... basically have no content. People making videos need to realize this! Wear headphones so you can hear what it sounds like, and don't proceed until the sound is at least adequate.

Contact me at if you would like some help improving the sound on this.

Otherwise, bravo and thanks for this.


This is by Alex Ansary.

good to hear from Griffin that

LCFE won't talk about gold under the WTC. That was a silly theory. Sounds like they are going to focus on the asbestos in the towers, which will allow for discussion of the toxic aftermath as well as the possibility that the towers were in part brought down for "urban renewal" and insurance fraud.