Another outbreak of Yellow Journalism, just as the truth is oozing to the surface.

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Mon, June 4, 2007

Someone brought this to my attention. I would rather not have had to read such crap, muchless respond to it, but here goes:

Re: The truth is out there (Ottawa Sun)

Another outbreak of Yellow Journalism, just as the truth is oozing to the surface.

This guy is either a shill, or is just a blowhard chickenshit with a lot invested in not knowing anything, while pretending to know everything. Just one more pompus jackass who thinks he knows something, but doesn't know jack, and doesn't care about the historic and scientific evidence that totally debunks the official story - nor is he interested in truth and justice.

A conspiracy did take place to commit the 9/11 crimes, and there are theories about it. Every conspiracy has theories. Just go ask the police or your local prosecutor's office!. There are baseless theories about 9/11 (like the one about Osama and the boxcutter boys). The only question is, whose theory are you going to beleive? The Osama theory is dead for lack of evidence. Hell, it was pretty much DOA on 9/11. Perhaps that is why they haven't found him yet (and they are nor longer interested in finding him), hmmm? The trail of evidence does not lead to a cave in Afghanistan! It leads back where it started. Figure it out already!

Smith: "These theories are widespread. A May 4 poll by Rasmussen Reports found that 35% of Democrats and 22% of all Americans believe George W. Bush knew about the 9/11 attacks in advance. Twenty nine percent of all Americans believe the CIA knew of the attacks beforehand." Moron! It is not a left vs right issue. Some 83% of Americans don't beleive the offical story. Nor does the rest of the world. Furthermore, it is well documented that Intel agencies from all around the world knew, and a lot of individuals and companies too. We also know that Bush was warned, and they had drilled for such polts in the past. Who are you trying to kid?

"No matter how much evidence disproves conspiracies, they are never debunked." Evidence ? What evidence? Posner? OMG! This guy even thinks Gerald Posner is credible - LMFAO ! Posner (or Poser as I call him) is an agent if I ever saw one. He is 'the guy' that the MSM always turn to when they need someone to just 'say it ain't so' and to start barking and snarling. They pull him out of a hat and go "Shazam! Here is our expert who will tell us truth!" Of course he never does. He just does his attack dog spiel, and then he goes away and you don't hear of him for another year (or until they need him again). What does Posner do in the meantime? Who pays him? Certainly nobody besides Smith reads his books. Hmmm?

And apparently Mr. Smith has not heard the deathbed confession tape of E. Howard Hunt on the JFK conspiracy murder, identifying himself and others in the plot, including LBJ, and much more that has come out recently too, to corroborate Hunt's claim. No, Smith and Posner would have us beleive in the magic bullet and the magical Osama who made Norad stand down and who can bring 3 skyscrapers down (two with jetfuel and the other by psychic powers), all at freefall speed, just to name a few tricks. Much easier than looking at facts isn't it. By the way, go watch JFK II Mr. Smith. Tell us it's all a big coincidence. Oops, I forgot .... you know it all already without looking.

Smith claims to know something aboout the middle east too, but he puts it all back on the various Arab tribes who simply 'can't get along' This is a very naive view of geo-politics (or geo-politricks as I call it). The US and Britain before them, and Israel have been messing in their affairs for decades, if not the entire last century, and we know that al Qaida is a CIA invention. I guess the history of US foreign policy and the School of the Americas, etc is just a silly conspiracy theory too. Or just a coincidence. Hell, even the CIA cites blowback as a reason why the USA is hated. But we will just ignore that, right Mr. Smith ?

The Truth is 'out there' alright, for those not too busy and / or not too afraid to look ... like this guy apparently is. And the truth is not pretty.

Seek and you shall find, or maybe it will find you. But 'will' you look, or is it too convenient to stay in your little paradigm, for fear that it may fall down around you? That is the question. Or could it be that, your paycheque means more to you than serious inquiry and truth?

Well, remember Mr. Smith, after it smacks you in the face and rattles your brain, the truth will also set you free.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you .... then you win" - Mahatma Gandhi.

Welcome to Stage Three !