This is a call to action for all Fire Fighters across the USA.

Firefighters, we are in trouble. We need you to save America!!

Please say NO to all of the rats running for President. We see how you are pushing Rudy Guliani out of New York. You know he is rotten and a man who did you wrong on 9/11. He did your fellow firemen wrong on that day. He did all of us wrong.

Now, as the brave men and women that you are, come to the rescue of America! I implore you, as our last American true heroes, to get behind the only true patriot who is running for President and that is Ron Paul!

Save us! Do the job you are so good at doing! Be the first responders to this emergency as America burns to the ground!!

911 was an inside job and you know it!! Save us from death! Save us from this emergency!!

Thank you