Pentagon Silver Bullet

The obtained Flight Data Recorder fdr file shows:

  • Flightpath was north of official flight-path (and lamp-posts)
  • Altitude was correct for an overflight of the pentagon (273 feet).


Now, I ask you all.

  • Isn't that enough scientific, bullet-proof evidence?
  • Where can we download the original FDR file?
  • How big is it, and what is its MD5sum (CRC_checksum)?
  • How easy is it to fake the original FDR file? Has it tampering protection built-in (encrypted CRC-check)?

There are INTERNATIONAL specialists that can independently decode it. They then become witnesses. We need specialist witnesses.

Of course there are more questions:

Well well well...

Dennis K. is definately earning some respect in my book.

Allthough, I get a little jumpy about the pentagon. Let's just say my spidey sense is tingling.

My question would be

is that website a Kucinich endorsed site, or just one made by his fans?
If it is a DK site I'd have to say that article is a pretty bold step. Somehow I am going to assume he doesn't own or endorse that site.

anyone know?

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

*not* his official site is the real site. I have no idea what the legitimacy of the site listed here is.

Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs) is due out in June.

Front page?

This seems important enough to put on the front page IMO.


You presume a lot here: Was there a real flight 77 that day?

Is that the real flight data recorder from supposed real flight? How was it obtained? What was the chain of custody? Did Hani Hanjour & other flunkeys really box-cut the pilots to death, turn the airliner around, & fly back 250 miles from Ohio? I think not.

No you missed the point

He is only presuming that the FDR released by the NTSB is in direct contradiction to the OCT about the Pentagon. Either the OCT about the Pentagon is wrong, or the FDR is wrong.

The point is we know that both the OCT and the FDR are all a load of crap. However, it can be used against the OCTers, because the data is from a source they approve of.


Help me shout 9/11 articles on:

Correct, medfreak:

It does not matter which (if either) story or FDR is telling the truth. It is basically the same government telling two different stories about a single event (that is called, mutually exclusive. Both can't be true, simultaneously). Either way, this government is telling one lie... or maybe two... but at least one.

And that can not be tolerated.

So, Dear G-manimal: Did you stage some bent lamp posts... or did you fake an FDR... or do you have any damn clue at all?

Read it.

Upon reading the article, it doesn't seem to assume anything, other than the flight data recorder contradicts the official story.

By not raising some questions like I raised, it seems to imply

that this is the flight data recorder obtained from the Pentagon crash. That's too much for me to assume right there.

Btw, what happened to the 80+ videos of the incident? Why do we need to guess what happened with dubious black boxes when 80 videos exist?

Anyone who thinks there was an overflight, read the critique

I recommend the Pentacon critique for anyone who thinks that all the damage was faked and that "no one noticed"as a large commercial jet flew away over the other side of the building . . .

In conclusion, I have showed that although the testimony in the film the PentaCon is largely supported by the overall eyewitness testimony, the conclusion that the plane flew over the Pentagon and that the plane flew north of the CITGO gas station is not supported by any other credible testimony or evidence. Physical evidence corroborated by eyewitness testimony overwhelmingly contradicts the flight path suggested by the PentaCon testimony because the pattern of light pole damage, generator damage, and structural damage inside of the Pentagon strongly indicates an object moving in a straight line was responsible for this physical damage. Furthermore, this evidence is supported by overwhelming eyewitness testimony that a plane hit the Pentagon that indirectly contradicts the north of the CITGO gas station claim.

Eyewitness "accounts"

Not "testimony." Testimony is under oath.

I know, but it would've been so easy to plant all sorts of

gov't shill eye-witnesses all around the Pentagon (of all places) that day.

Before you go there . . .

Some of the witnesses may have been mistaken or filling in information they didn't really see. The Pentacon guys interviewed the witnesses and looked at the sites. I think they interviewed each witness they used at the place where they were standing.

But sure, there could have been shills, also.

If the plane flew over

People would have seen it. Alas there is not one single witness statement directly claiming a flyover. That's strong enough evidence as it is it didn't happen. If it happened you would have heard about it from someone.

The government would have to be pretty dumb to fly the plane over the Pentagon when it is surrounded by large highways. All it would take is for a single witnesses on the other side of the Pentagon to see the plane.

Not even mentioning the huge parking lots next the building, the Pentagon courtyard, and the 32000 Pentagon workers who would have HEARD it fly over.

My personal opinion on this NTSB is wait and see. I'd like to see other researchers take a careful look at this before making too much out of it.

For those who believe this NTSB simulation is evidence of a flyover, let me ask you this:

Assuming the plane flew over, where did they get the flight data recorder from? Do you think the government would be dumb enough to not only fly a plane over the building, but to take the flight recording from THAT plane and then release the data from it? Even I don't think the government is that stupid.

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."

Isn't that enough scientific, bullet-proof evidence? NO.

When you talk about a data file that was provided by the people you are accusing of the crime, it's not scientific or bullet proof.

It appears to be tainted and manufactured evidence.

Far from proving an "overflight", it may prove that people were manufacturing evidence and manipulating data before giving it to the public. Then again, we aren't in a position to prove much, seeing how they don't have to answer any questions they don't feel like answering. And the Congress is certainly not going to make them answer.

If it helps get the investigation moving, then it's fine. But it doesn't prove what the Pilots group is alleging. That's a great leap that we can't say is a certainty.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--

As a person listed...

in the pilots group... I DO too share your hesitancy against embracing ANY particular points, "evidence", witness accounts, or whatever.

Even among the pilots group, there is strong debate about the validity and usefulness of just its own analyses, as any source material OUTSIDE the government's ability to taint is very hard to come by.

What JonDoeX and I were quite able to agree upon... was that it no longer mattered which narrative was more accurate; The lamp poles vs. Pentacon Cops vs. civilian ground squirrel testimony...

The perps indite themselves by telling TOO MANY mutually exclusive iterations of the single event. It does not matter which lie is more truthless... there's now a very real lie in there somewhere. For fun you can take your pick... lamp poles or FDRs. Hell, I'll pick BOTH, because I'm in a bad mood today.

A negative times a positive... still equate to a negative. And a very big one at that.

Firstly, unlike is not administered by Kucinich, WHOIS data here. Secondly, the article is dated March 26. And thirdly, this entry was submitted by u2r2h, whose previous entries don't appear to have been too well received -- probably due to contributing about TV fakery/hologram planes, space beams and how de-censoring Nico Haupt was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Caution advised.

interns < internets

I found out where to

I found out where to download the ORIGINAL flight data recorder file!!!!

25,165,994 bits of evidence (in a convenient form!)

Withholding evidence and obstruction of justice are both crimes in and of themselves.

The data format of the FDR file is published somewhere and may be tamper-protected.
Even if not, flight data may be difficult enough to fake.
TAMPERING with the data is bound to be ILLEGAL.

However, there ARE PRECEDENTS:

Flight Data Recorders have been switched/faked before, see:

in any event, the AA77 FDR data FILE *I*T*S*E*L*F* is evidence and it provides 25 million 165 thousand and ninehundredninetyfour good reasons to focus on it like a laserbeam. Silver Bullet material if there ever was any.

The files seems authentic enough:
American_77.fdr 25,165,994 bytes  6sep06
=======  AMERICAN_77.FDR =========
// L3 Communications, Aviation Recorders
CUR_INDEX = 28 19328 28 19072

Simply email the link to every branch of any FlightDataRecorder manufacturer and to every national AIR SAFETY AGENCY .. it is CERTAIN that there will be specialists nosy enough to check the data and publish a report on it. There is FAME to be gained.


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Watergate -- AA77 Flight Data Recorder

How many Airline-enthusiasts, avionics-specialists etc have YOU emailed today?

Here is the equivalent of the Watergate Tapes and you let this pass by?