Praying for Truth and Justice

If you're an atheist, please disregard this post.

IN ADDITION to 9/11 activism (we should be doing MORE, not less), those of us who are religious or spiritual (95% of all Americans) may be interested in this new website, put together by some prominent 9/11 activists:


While it words the prayers/affirmations in a positive way, the following prayers are relevant to 9/11 truth and justice:

"Truth is spreading world-wide and justice is prevailing"

"People understand that WE have the power to govern ourselves"

"Governments, corporations and other institutions are transparent like a glass house that we can see into"

If these 3 prayers came true, 9/11 truth would prevail, and all of the perps would be convicted for high crimes.

The idea behind the site is to reach as many people as possible with prayers that -- without directly addressing 9/11 - could have a positive influence in spreading 9/11 truth and justice.

If anyone can help with

web design, please drop me an email, and I'll pass it on.

I like it!

And I'm sure David Griffin would appreciate it as well, being the spiritual man that he is.

Buddha was an atheist

and he was pretty spiritual, or so I've been told. Good work GW...

in that case

then atheism needs to be redefined as someone who doesn't believe in a ruling deity as opposed to a spiritual "hereafter". Really there are 2 questions: 'is there a divine ruler' and 'are there other realms of spiritual existance besides this one'.
I've always assumed an atheist unconditionally believes in neither.

Instead of "atheist", maybe I should have said

"For people who don't believe in prayer or the ability of the mind to affect reality, please ignore this".

Power of action

Bring 9/11 truth to your churches, synogogues, mosques, etc. places of worship. But don't worship 9/11 truth. Act on it.