What if?

First, I would like to recommend everyone visit Bob Bowman's site for www.thepatriots.us , his goal is to rally all activists irregardless of what crime bothers you the most. United we stand, divided we fall. It that ain't no BS. His home page describes the goal of his current tour.

"IF" 9/11 was an inside job (I say if for the skeptics, if you are not sure, then you simply haven't researched enough, and you need/must concede the obvious media control) then what's to stop them from attacking us at will? Given that they sacrificed 3000 on that day, and estimates for toxic dust deaths from 10-40,000 or more, the answer is simple. And given that they seem to be preparing us for the inevitable nuke in a US city, this may occur as another false flag to allow declaring war on Iran (although Bin Laden propaganda seems to be increasing lately, possibly for more than just to distract from Iraq) and/or declare martial law to suspend the Constitution with the intent of never restoring it and moving us to the UN Charter. To accomplish this goal they will attack us or anyone else at will as they have done here and elsewhere for decades and literally centuries, and it is has been the rich elite "globally" who are running the game; politicians (regardless of family ties or not) and several governments are merely an extension or weapon to ensure that their agenda becomes successful.

"IF" (for the skeptics again) this is all true, then what is the end result?

Communist-like control of the planet fed by a perpetual war machine economy,

dissidents and activists systematically swept aside,

enslavement for our children's children,

and possibly a reduction of world population by up to 50-80% in the process, which seems to be "their" solution to global warming and a diminishing oil supply and possibly, food and water supply in the worse off places on the planet.

I'm not betting my kid's life on 1 to 5 odds, and not even 50/50. Would any parent that would devoutly defend their child?

They are testing the waters of what it will take to squelch a rebellion by first disarming New Orleans during Katrina, militarizing the police (and exhibiting a police-like state during the a peaceful march for Cinco De Mayo in LA. It does not matter to those in charge if you you are American or Hispanic Immigrants) and even recently testing the power in place to control an epidemic. If this sounds like something that makes you feel safer, then consider the Pentagon press release a month ago stating a pandemic is inevitable and we can expect MASS quarantines and "MANDATORY" vaccines in the near future. Oh, and the law in place calls for martial law if inside a quarantine zone. Can you say "Papers Please", then you will need to prove you've been vaccintated before leaving a concentration, I mean Quarantine area.

Massive population reduction may be accomplished by slow death with illnesses so the guilty profiteers can benefit from vaccines, treatments, hospital care, etc, all of which they mostly own, Rumsfeld himself was president of the company that produced the poison known as Aspertame, and is a share holder in the company that supplies vaccines to the US government, what a surprise.

Where will these pandemic diseases/illnesses come from? For many, they will come from the MANDATORY vaccines such as is the case with many Gulf War vets as well as the current ones returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Where else? Aides infecting most of Africa, and Depleted Uranium Weapons spread over much of the Middle East, also responsible for much of the Gulf War Syndrome as well current vets returning. It may be SARS, or the Avian Bird Flu, or TB that starts the suspected pandemic, but it is the vaccines that will cause a long slow death for most. Why kill us quickly with a killer virus when they can kill us slowly and make a few hundred thousand as we die. That's why the VA rejects Gulf War Syndrome and other "mysterious" ailments that the vets complain about. Why offer free healthcare when they can deny responsibility for their health status (including even post stress disorder) and throw them into the healthcare money making machine instead. Any doctor who rejects the diagnosis of war inflicted health problems should be placed on the front line to give them a real understanding of what it's like to fight/die for your country, it would be a good idea for some politicians too.

United we stand, divided we fall. It ain't no bullshit.

"Educate and inform the masses, for they are the only true defenders of liberty" Thomas Jefferson

PS, the JFK airport incident is BS. The plan was to blow up a fuel farm 50 miles away and cause an explosion to travel down the pipe and blow up the airport. This is impossible given that you can not ignite an open pipe; oil rigs on fire don't blow up, they just burn like a propane torch, and neither does a simple llighter when you put a spark to it. The fuel farm at the airport would not be near the terminal either. Notice how you didn't see a single face or shred of evidence. We must point out these shortcomings out to the naysayers, convince them to watch for any firm evidence and there is almost never any. What they accomplished the other day, was to show us how they arrested suspected terrorists, just for "talking" about planning to do something. Something that could be easily interpreted as "they were at the planning stage". So now we have preemptive arrests, to go with preemptive war.

Peace all,

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Great - this is a really good post that I think everyone should read.

What lies ahead.

The nightmare scenarios of speculative fiction are the what the truly mad overlords of this world have planned for us.
As the author states, "this ain't no BS", it is our children's future unless we stand up.
Get mad and get active.