How did this info on Flight 77 get lost?

OK after reading these interviews with Mineta, it should be readily apparent the big difference between the accounts here contrasted with the 9/11 comission. From what Ive seen from Mineta 9/11 comission testimony, I dont remember hearing anything about him being on the phone with Monty Belger #2 at the FAA. What Mineta is saying is he hears the "young man" tell Cheny about the plane being 50 miles out. Mineta asks Monty immediately after, what do you have "50 miles out." Monty responds, "Well, we have a target, bogey, on the radar, but the transponder's been turned off, so we have no identification of this aircraft. We don't know who it is. We don't know what altitude it's at, speed or anything else. All we're doing is watching with the sweep of the radar, the dot moving from position to position."
When the plane is 30 miles out, Belger says, "Well, that's difficult to really determine. I would guess it's somewhere between Great Falls and National Airport, coming what they call the DRA, the down river approach."
Considering the location of Great Falls and flying on a Down river approach, that means the flight is coming from the north, north west and not the west like the 9/11 comission states. Whats interesting as well is "And so then the person came in and said, "Mr. Vice President, the plane's ten-miles out," and so I said, "Monte, where is it?" and he said, "Well, I'm not really sure but I'd be guessing somewhere maybe between the USA Today building and, and National Airport."

And then pretty soon he said, "Oh-oh, we just lost the target." And so a few moments later, someone came in and said, "Mr. Vice President, there's been an explosion at the Pentagon."

So the flight Belger and Mineta are tracking from the north is lost from radar at the same time the pentagon is struck. Im having a hard time reconciling the idea of melding the official account with this information. How could Belger have missed another plane 50 miles out coming from the West toward DC, without its transponder on. Maybe he thought the plane from the west was military considering the irrational loop assuming this was even a real flight and not completely made up. Considering the flight data is sketchy to begin with who knows. Chances are something did come from the west. Maybe that crazy loop was made to wait for the target coming from the north to create some slight of hand??
One thing is for sure, Mineta was there in the PEOC at 9:20 just before the pentagon strike and Cheny as well. The argument cant be made that Mineta was confused between what hit the pentagon and the crash in pennsylvania as others have proposed. I dont think the flight in Pennsylvania was making a Down river Approach.
So why did Mineta not mention this to the 9/11 comission? Even money said he was "asked" not to.

On a side note, if Im reading this correctly, the EMT said he believed it was a rep from the dept of Buildings who said the structural integrity of the towers was compromised. I think he is saying he does not know for sure. Either way it would beg the question how the engineer standing in building 7 could know how badly the building was impacted structurally.
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The question is:

The question is: WAS IT a time of rising terrorism? I think not.


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glad to someone thinks this is important

I dont know much about the white jet over DC but this could possibly explain what Belger was tracking on the Down river approach. Maybe they used some radar jamming device to disseapear from radar after the event??? Whatever was coming from the north could not have been what caused the impact with the pentagon from the SW. Maybe the NTSB did give you the right flight data. If the flight was well above the elevation of the pentagon then that could explain how a missle was fired then the plane took off. If it was some military plane that fired a missle, then what happened to 77. ??? Considering the transponder went off without any audible confrontation with hijackers, that seems suspicious. The bottom line for me is Mineta confirms he was there with Cheny at 9:20 and he needs to explain himself on what orders stand.

On a side note I wanted to mention the put options. SLC says nothing was out of the ordinary because the options were part of a strategy to buy puts and the actual stock at the same time.
To quote slc "At the time their stock was selling for around $30 a share, so we are to believe that these evil international banker conspirators, upon knowing that 2 United Airlines planes were going to be hijacked, went out and bought over $3 million of stock in the company? Not the most likely plan."

The people at slc are either ignorant or purposely deceptive. I dont have the data on ual so Ill use AMR as a substitute. Hopefully its a reasonable substiute. On sept 11 of 2000, AMR was trading at 32.0
3 days before 9/11/01 it was trading at 32.00. It bounced around the low to upper 30s for most of 2001. To make money on a strategy like this, there has to be some serious volitility to the down side. The three days leading up to 9/11 amr was at 32, 31, then 30$. This is not the time to do some foolhearty options scheme that has little chance of making money. Now if you knew something might occur but needed a hedge just in case things were called off or thwarted then buying the stock to hedge the puts is the perfect strategy. If the attack was called off then you sell back the puts and stock and no one is the wiser.

This is incredible.

So many people were thrown under the bus when the NTSB released their flight path last year.

Particularly Mineta and the c-130 pilot Steve O'Brien.

Their stories have now become completely irreconcilable with the official story.

It's information like this that proves an incredible deception at the Pentagon.

For people within the movement to insist that a covert triple controlled demolition was carried out in New York on live tv while simultaneously insisting that everything physically happened in Arlington just as the perpetrators report is disingenuous to say the least.

The discrepancies are so widespread and so definitive that's it's quite the clear official Pentagon story is a farce.

Particularly in light of the testimony of the citgo witnesses placing the plane on the north side and the ludicrous account of Lloyd the cab driver that has been proven to be a fabrication.

The Pentagon is NOT a "honeypot". It is a literal treasure trove of smoking guns.

The movement needs to seriously refocus attention on this.

i know its not popular

i know its not popular around here, but i never stopped talking about the Pentagon and personally dont believe that its a "honey pot". keep up the good work man.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

The Pentagon is NOT a

The Pentagon is NOT a "honeypot". It is a literal treasure trove of smoking guns.
The movement needs to seriously refocus attention on this.

Isn't that, like, soooo obvious now? What are we waiting for?

Can someone please get a court injunction!!

IMHO the flight-data recorder file is like 25,165,994 silver bullets.

Isn't it amazing that *we can* download the *original* file from the Flight Data Recorder that was aboard AA 77??

Download it here:

and email the link to those avionics hacks!!!