Ron Paul stole the show

Although he wasn't granted the same floor time as Moe, Larry, and Curly....I mean McCain, Romney, and Guliani, Ron Paul held his own fantastically. His answer to "Don't ask Don't Tell" regarding gays in the military was brilliant as he reminded us that classifying people into groups to begin with disregards the 1st amendment, and is a topic that shouldn't even be an issue.

This MSNBC shows Ron Paul after 30,000 votes, has 60% of the vote for who did best, with ALL the rest in single digit percentages.

I encourage all to chime in at this poll,,
Pay close attention to the questions since 2 of them ask "Who had the most rehearsed answers?" and "Who avoided the questions?", both of which Guiliani scored highest, and Ron Paul finshed 4th behind the top 3 spectacles.

I was at the demonstrator rally which unfortunately was rained out just as the debate started so it hindered the opportunity to expose more people to 9/11, but the NY groups gave their valient best to make sure it was in everyone's faces. The only blessing for the rain was that it forced to the after party for Ron Paul which allowed us to watch the whole debate from a comfortable and dry bar stool. It was a great opportunity to convert a few Ron Paul supporters that were still not 9/11 aware, but can now honestly say they support the man 100%. The organized campaign volunteers were supplying a DVD set which included Freedom the Fascism and Loose Change 2nd ed. making it obvious that 9/11 is not new to most of them.

The photos below show the diehards from NY, Ron Pauls surprise at his overwhelming reception, and his trusty crew and their Ron Paul bus.

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I voted

.........Too bad they did'nt have one that asked.......Who do you think is the biggest asshole?
Guiliani would have won that one at 100%