Sean Hannity Phone Jam 5/18/07

This is the result of the Sean Hannity phone jam called for by Alex a few weeks ago. It's finally on youtube. Watch Hannity say that official CIA reports are conspiracy theories. Good work callers.

but dont you understand........


"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

That was fantastic

people should call in to discuss what Ron Paul has to say., every week or better yet, every day.

Take it to the man.


If there's one person I'd love to have 5 minutes alone with... Just me and Hannity in a dark alley somewhere. Give him a broken bottle or something to make it fair, I don't care.

This fucker gets under my skin more than anyone. The rest of them, I'll be happy with convicitons and prison. This worm... Something creative needs to be invented for him.

*I'm a man of peace, I'm a man of peace... Gotta remember...*

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"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Gandhi
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"They're dedicated to the

"They're dedicated to the destruction of anyone who disagrees with them! And they think God is telling them to do it!"

Layer upon layer of irony.....

thanks for taking the time to assemble this video

Kudos to all who participated in the phone jam. For future reference anyone who called in and was cut off needs to be aware that if you begin your question or statement with a forbidden phrase such as "9/11 was an inside" or "why don't you talk about" the 6 second delay built into the phone system allows them to censor your call. The best approach is to agree with the hosts previous comments if only for the sake of argument and then finesse your way into a statement or question but be sure that it is both informative and inquisitive. On this call I would have stated, "Sean I agree with you that this amnesty bill is going to do a lot of harm, Presidential candidate Ron Paul is also opposed to this measure as well as other policies which are undermining the constitution." Good job overall to those who called and those who created this video/post, we need to see the fruits of our labor.

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