911 The Explosive Reality is back


watching this raw unedited or narrated footage makes me angry all over again like when i first saw Loose change....
THERE IS SOOO MUCH MATERIAL I NEVER SEEN BEFORE..do all the slick 9/11 film guys know about this footage?

I bet if we got a hold of all the original footage of 9/11 from the beginning to the end we will be able to expose the lie very easily through scientifc visual evidence

47 stories + 6.6 collapse = impossible


i have a question...with all the cameras in NY and major media outlets how come VERY FEW of them had "CLOSE UP" shots of the WTC's and also how come ALMOST NONE of their HIGH TECH cameras captured any real audio.

47 stories + 6.6 collapse = impossible

Observations on the WTC attack..

Small intermittent flashes (demolition charges in North Building) after the first plane hit. Almost like they were trying to hide them

You can see an explosion in the North Building just as the south tower is struck
by the second plane. Watch how the North Tower's smoke, already burning
from the 1st plane crash, intensifies just as the second plane hit. This corroborates a story
I saw or read about this. An eyewitness said there were multiple explosions when the south tower
was struck..including in the North Tower.

The 2nd plane hit the south tower just above the second reinforced area that separated
the 2nd and 3rd building modules. If you look carefully at a closeups of the 2nd plane hitting,
you can see large squibs jetting from those reinforced floors simultaneous to the plane impact. I think 911
Mysteries noted that fact that these reinforced areas where part of the demolition team's biggest

These videos will ultimately be the demise of the perps. When you think about from their perspective..think about the planning.. 'How we do demolish the WTC without people knowing?". Clearly, the plane crashes was one of the best way's to divert people's attention to what was really happening. No matter that all of the eyewitnesses reported explosions occuring.. it could all be attributed to the planes. Building 7? That was just plain greed ..or an attempt to smash SEC investigations.. REMEMBER...9/11 occurred during a time of great corporate scandals...the SEC was coming down hard on Corporations. The climate at the time is covered in the book 'Conspiracy of Fools' about the Enron debacle. This was a time of serious stock market decline and corruption @ accounting firms and all the companies who were lying to investors about their earnings.

Add in the Geo-Politcal wants of the Neo-cons and it all makes sense now... but will anyone with any power and $ listen? Are they willing to drag America through the mud to cleanse it of these criminals? That is the issue. You think people in power don't realize what's happened? Certainly they do. If you and I can figure it out...so can they...but the truth could destroy them, their friends and, indeed, America's reputations and status around the world. Crime begets more crime. They are hiding this horrific crime with more crimes.
Its just awful, so sad.

Google Video.

We need to get this film on Google Video where the entire length can be shared and viewed by all.

I'm fairly new to all this info

but knew in my heart since the day it happened that things did not add up. I've been spending alot of my spare time glued to the computer, reading, watching the videos, and searching. I am hoping to find the documentary done shortly after 9/11 by the guys that were in NY filming the FD for their own documentary. (French, maybe?) I don't know the name of it but it was actually broadcast on TV not too long after 9/11. Can anyone help me with this? Do you know what I am talking about and is there a place to see it online?
Thanks !!!!

I don't know if it's available online

but you're referring to the film the Naudet brothers made and you can generally find it at a decent video store.

Edit: search "Naudet 9/11" at Amazon

Thank you!


Another point re Naudet 9/11 Documentary...

When it was televised last year they removed some of the footage, including the part when the firefighters are back at the station and the captain mentions it went... pop, pop, pop, just like a controlled demolition...

If you do get it, i.e. ebay, torrent etc make sure you get the 2002 original version.

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Do I remember correctly?

I hope I'm not hijacking this thread. If I am I am sorry! But do I remember correctly- this film showed the damage in the lobby and weren't there explosions when they were in there?

You remember correctly...

There is some exceptional footage in the 9/11 Naudet documentary...

There are a couple of low quality versions on Google video to give you an idea of what's in it...

1 - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8192049524837816052

2 (French) - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1059102722814647597

Hope this helps, best wishes

Great Job Investigate911...

and many thanks for uploading...

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