Kevin Ryan on KPFK - June 4, 2007

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Kevin Ryan was interviewed on Santa Barbara's KPFK, on a program by Chris Burnett. Chris made opening remarks about 9/11 and then invited Kevin to speak via phone. Web site was given out. Kevin then took caller questions during the last quarter hour.

A wide-ranging, informed discussion about the way data was ignored and altered to reach certain conclusions about the "official" collapse theories.

This program was broadcast from 3PM to 4PM on Monday June 4, 2007 but can be found online at link above. You might want to archive this program since program is only available online for 90 days.

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I think Kevin Ryan is one of the most important personalities of 911 Truth, together with Paul Thompson and David Griffin, maybe.
They all are both the most credible and competent members of our movement.

There is another person, Jeff King, a scientist from MIT who has made a presentation at a truth conference some time ago.
I haven't heard of him ever since, but Jeff King could make wonderful contributions to our movement, as well.

Here's a link to his presentation video:


If I'm not mistaken, he started talking about high energy power beams, following Judy Wood's (sp?) theories.

Jeff King = plaguepuppy =

Jeff King = plaguepuppy = Disinfo

Everyone should listen to this.

Kevin is amazing!
We need more intellectuals like him.

Agreed... Half-way through and this is excellent...

Best audio interview with Kevin Ryan I have heard to date...

I also highly recommend his video presentation...

"New Standard of Deception ~ NIST & FEMA WTC Report Flaws Exposed by Kevin Ryan"

Google Video :

Thanks for posting this Rep !! Best wishes


Added - Also check out his blogs especially...

Looking for Truth in Credentials: The WTC “Experts”

Totally Off Topic

Was hoping for an open thread for this.
A collapse in Manilla.... very cool to see a building actually fall towards the path of least resistance, and piles of debris less a pyroclastic-type flow.


pretty amazing
Looks like a controlled demolition to me ;-)

And yes, Kevin is a hero to me too !
Great interview and host.


And what about that other building it hit?? it should have come straight down too... as i recall, debris makes buildings collapse in almost free fall speed and in their own footprint...

"911 was an Inside Job"

The building

that was hit by it and set ablaze by the cut power lines must have collapsed into its footprint 7 hours later or so ! ;-) According to Bush-science.


That is exactly how WTC7 should have collapsed, given the premise that one or two important columns low down in the building gave way.


That's why this is such a great piece of evidence.
If that building collapsed in ONE SECOND (since about 10 floors were pulverized in each second of the towers' collapses) STRAIGHT DOWN, would there be any doubt as to the cause? The landlord would be immediately suspected and arrested...and easily and quickly prosecuted.

Sibel Edmonds

new documentary about Sibel Edmonds, not sure if this has been covered here.

KPFK is in Los Angeles at 90.7FM

KPFK is an interesting place. There are numerous excellent programs and programmers. Some won't touch 9/11 issues with a 10ft pole. Some actively poke fun at movement. (Ian Masters comes to mind). During fund raising drives, they would pitch 9/11 DVDs and get lots of calls and raise money. Then when fund drive was over, go back to ignoring the movement. It was on KPFK that I first learned about building 7 and then started to learn the full scoop on the internet. Oh the joys of becoming informed in the age of propaganda and deception!

Ask the programmer Chris Burnett ( chris at killradio dot com) to do more programs on 9/11.

Sounds just like WBAI

What you say of KPFK describes very well the situation with WBAI as well, the Pacifica affiliate in New York.

Show "Ryan is following the Judy" by CriticalThinker


If you are referring to a comment up-thread, that was in reference to Jeff King.