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Rock Creek Free Press

As I write this, the newest issue of the Rock Creek Free Press is rolling off the press. It is a truly blockbuster issue with twenty articles, including two new articles by Webster Tarpley.
Here is one of them.

9/11 Truth Squads Bring Reality of Inside Job to Primary Campaigns - A "Macaca" Moment for Giuliani in the Bronx

by Webster G. Tarpley

Republican front-runner Rudolph Giuliani, Democrat Barak Obama, GOP candidate Sam Brownback, 2004 Democratic nominee John Kerry, George Bush the elder, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, former NSC Director Zbigniew Brzezinski, Senator Chris Dodd, Wall Street heavy David Rockefeller, Arab-hater Alan Dershowitz, Democratic contender John Edwards, Democratic Congressman and House fundraising boss Chris Van Hollen, neocon chickenhawk William Kristol – what these ruling class figures all have in common is that over the past three months they have been confronted in public by 9/11 truth activists challenging them on the premise of their entire world outlook: the 9/11 Big Lie, as codified in the bankrupt 9/11 commission report. These interventions have generated a new wave of 9/11 inside job publicity on cable television – especially on Hannity and Colmes of Fox News Channel -- on talk radio of all stripes, on the internet. Since January, the 9/11 truth squads have become the leading edge and main thrust of the 9/11 truth movement, and the principal means of keeping the 9/11 resistance in the public eye.

Giuliani was confronted in the Bronx on May 31 by Sabrina Rivera, a truth activist whose boyfriend’s father was a fireman who died on 9/11. She asked Giuliani why he and his staff had received a special warning that the twin towers of the World Trade Center were going to collapse, when the people in the buildings never got that warning. Giuliani’s response contradicted everything he has ever said about 9/11 – he denied that he had ever received a warning that the twin towers were going to come down. We never though the towers would implode, stammered Giuliani. But that is not what Giulaini had told Peter Jennings of ABC news on the afternoon of 9/11. At that time the Mayor said: “I went down to the scene and we set up headquarters at 75 Barclay Street, which was right there, with the police commissioner, the fire commissioner, the head of emergency management, and we were operating out of there when we were told that the World Trade Center was going to collapse. And it did collapse before we could actually get out of the building, so we were trapped in the building for ten, 15 minutes, and finally found an exit and got out, walked north, and took a lot of people with us.” [ABC News, 9/11/2001]

Was Giuliani lying then, or is he lying now? The question goes to the heart of his campaign, since he is running as Mr. 9/11, America’s Mayor for the Global War on Terror. And the issue is material: hundreds of office workers, cops, firemen, and others in the South Tower never got the warning that Giuliani originally said he received. Instead, they were told to stay put. Now voters can make up their mind, since the Sabrina Rivera intervention was covered by New York City stations WNBC channel 4, WCBS channel 2 (in both local news telecasts and website postings), and Hannity and Colmes on Fox, as well as Rawstory and other leading internet sites. It may not be immediately obvious, but this answer and the issue it points to are a true macaca moment, a fatal crack in Giuliani’s demagogic front that sooner or later will knock him out of the race if the 9/11 truth movement does its job. This is all thanks to the courage and emotional power of people like Sabrina Rivera and her friends.

Robust 9/11truth squad activity is ongoing New York City, Austin, Texas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, upstate New York, Washington DC, and elsewhere. The goal of this mobilization is to inject almost six years of research into 9/11 as a coup d’etat by the intelligence-security bureaucracy of the US in to the ongoing presidential primary campaigns in particular.

Between now and February 2008, we will be in the realm of retail politics. About two dozen contenders from the two major parties, plus third party candidates of all types, are running all over Iowa (where the first caucuses are held), New Hampshire (which has the first primary election), South Carolina, Nevada, and elsewhere. No president or rive president is running so far. Retail politics means that these candidates are compelled to answer questions from ordinary people, meeting, greeting, and glad-handing in barber shops, places of business, factories, old folk’s homes, town hall meetings, house gatherings, outdoor rallies, and the main street of Manchester, New Hampshire. This activity is too vast to control, too chaotic for would-be totalitarians to banish and strangle the pointed questions of the 9/11 Socratic dialogue.

As the latest Time magazine Person of the Year reminds us, the protagonist of the New Media is YOU – the dedicated, intelligent, courageous activist who willing to get up at 5AM or brave the ostracism and elbows of a crowd of true believers to pose the reality-based questions about 9/11 without which no political progress is possible in this country or the world. 9/11 truth activists can create the news event, and then publicize it at sites like 911truthsquads.com, 911blogger, wearechange.org, pnacitizen, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, and youtube in general. The exposure generated there can then force the major corporate media onto the defensive, make them change their agenda, break through the controlled environment of mass brainwashing, and continue the demolition of the 9/11 myth. The Austin intervention by the Project for the New American Citizen, originally a University of Texas campus group, is a case in point: when asked about controlled demolition of WTC 7 (always a big Achilles heel of the official version), 2004 Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry remarked with his usual blasé dilettantism that he seemed to remember something about that. This percolated on the internet for a couple of weeks, and then generated an invitation to the present writer to appear on Hannity and Colmes on May 10. In the process, Fox News was obliged to show a film of the collapse of WTC 7, a subject which the media generally want to avoid. Hannity and Colmes were both at their most hysterical, but a few facts got through. Most of all, the world public could see that there is still resistance to the 9/11 Big Lie, through 7.5 minutes of air time seen by an audience of almost 2 million political devotees. Students at Temple University in Philadelphia and at SUNY Albany have also vigorously confronted establishment poo-bahs. If this becomes a campus fad in the fall, the ruling class will be in big trouble.

A 9/11 truth squad ideally consists of at least three people: one has the question, and another has the follow-up. Since no one can be sure who will get to intervene first, these roles must be interchangeable. The third teammate has a camcorder or a video-camera cell phone, with the latter preferred where totalitarian screenings are expected. Larger groups are better, but questioners need to be battle-hardened activists, since it takes guts to brave the hysteria of a roomful of fanatics. Most of the main candidates have already been confronted at least once, so there is no point in taking another round of the usual “I’ll look into it” brush-off as a serious reply. If they have not looked into it by now, they are not qualified for the presidency, and especially to clean up the mess left by Bush, and they need to be confronted with that fact.

The window of opportunity, as noted, extends to about the first week of February 2008. After that two dozens candidates doing retail politics in multiple states may well go down to two candidates at 35,000 feet planning their next million-dollar media buy. The latter scenario makes it much harder to intervene, so the time to intervene, and forcefully so, is now. And once the current phase is over, the ruling elite would like it to be forever: Joel Achenbach’s article “New Wave Politics,” published in the Washington Post Sunday magazine on May 20, 2007, indicates that the power-brokers would like to phase out Iowa-New Hampshire retail politics completely. If you want to stop them, do something about it right now.

On the other side, the youtube internet which made the first macaca moment possible in the form of Virginia Senator George Allen’s self-destruction on video tape last August, may itself be on the way to extinction. The Pentagon now prohibits access to Myspace through military computers. Other controls, including the abolition of net neutrality, may soon follow, all designed to muzzle dissent. If you don’t like this prospect, do something about. The First Amendment lives either through us, or it dies.

In the meantime, the party realignment rolls along. If 9/11 truth explodes into a national catharsis, the outcome could be highly progressive; if not, fascism could be on the immediate agenda. Both parties are splintering. We may soon have four parties, not two: first, a Tancredo-Knownothing-Minuteman-Mexophobia party of disgruntled and crazed petty-bourgeois and unemployed supplemented by KKK, white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and racists generally, eager to scapegoat terrified and super-exploited foreign workers for the collapse of the US standard of living; this would be the vanguard of an actual US fascist mass movement, which has been lacking so far. Then, a corporate-country club-chamber of commerce respectable Republican group led by someone like Romney, McCain, or Giuliani, with a program of monetarist “free enterprise” by monopoly cartels and top-down dictatorship. Then, a neocon warmonger Democrat grouping, with Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, and Joe Biden, backed up by Soros, Robert Rubin, Rohatyn, and the left bank of Wall Street, all pushing a wider war in the Middle East and Malthusian totalitarian liberalism with a human face. Finally, a left-progressive, anti-fascist, anti-police state, and anti-war party might emerge and, providing it embraced 9/11 truth and rejected the Bush-FBI “global war on terrorism,” it could be viable. At that point it would come down to economic program: if the left anti-war grouping chose an economic program based on the Franklin D. Roosevelt New Deal in adjusted modern form, the future prospects for human life in North American would improve.

As we go to press, there are reports of an emergency organizing meeting to be held in Philadelphia on July 4 under the heading “Which Way the Peace Movement?” This meeting will address the obvious impasse of the peace movement after the shameful pre-Memorial Day capitulation of the Democratic Party to Bush’s demand for open-ended war funding. The view here is that since Bush cites 9/11 in every Iraq war speech, the only way to stop him is to dismantle his basic premise, the 9/11 nightmare vision. Peace “leaders” with Democratic Party ties and foundation funding from Ford, Soros & Co. have struck out; they must be replaced by leadership dedicated to making 9/11 truth the cutting edge of all agitation. The peace movement, in short, needs a head, and 9/11 truth can provide it.

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What a disgrace! You really want to try to sink our movement

don't you?
On the 11th day, of every month.

I've never seen this video

I've never seen this video before and the analysis is extremely interesting.

This shouldn't be voted down. 9/11 truth must remain at the question asking stage at least until there are valid ongoing investigations that have subpoena power.

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Do you know how many times

Do you know how many times we've done that? We're supposed to answer spammers every single time?

I don't understand what the

I don't understand what the negative voters are objecting to. It is an error to assume that any fact is clearly established yet.

Add Newt Gingrich to the List

Member of our local LA truth squad confronted Newt Gingrich at recent booksigning "Pearl Harbor, a novel..." at the Nixon (!) library.

On video?

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Gandhi
"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine

Tarpley is an interesting

Tarpley is an interesting writer but he completely misunderstands Ron Paul and is very dismissive of him.

That's because

Tarpley is a socialist.

I think he has done some outstanding and very interesting work for 911 truth. He is a very smart man but he is a New Deal leftist/collectivist. He thinks use of government power is just peachy if it it used for the "right" [read: reasons he agrees with]. He sees nothing wrong with powerful, centralized government if the "right" people are in charge.

Again, I like (most of) his 911 work. I utterly reject his politics.



Truth Squads

The Truth Squads are really starting to break through. People like Alex Jones and the wearechange group have done an excellent job of exposing the false Left-Right Paradigm and police state. I agree with Tarpley that the foundation funded psedo-left gatekeepers need to be replaced by the 9/11 Truth movement.

Tarpley's right on

Inphoman...Dogster...seriously...get lost. 911 Blogger members easily see through you

As far as Tarpley goes, this is a person that 9/11 needs to listen to more than say, the Alex Joneses of the world. Alex Jones, I love the dude, but Tarpley's an academic, and a much stronger writer/mouthpiece for this movement than an Alex Jones type. Tarpley's Truth Squads are WORKING! 9/11 Truth MUST reach critical mass before this election. It is the only tenable way forward.

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a New World Order — can emerge..." - George H.W. Bush, 9/11/90

Sorry to hate on AJ

Don't mean to be negative. BOTH men have done excellent work. I agree w. Blueglow...the Truth Squads + youtube = 9/11 breakthrough. Tarpley's work is invaluable. So is Alex's.

Cheers to both!

"Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective — a New World Order — can emerge..." - George H.W. Bush, 9/11/90



Giuliani will get slimed

Eventually Rudy G. will get blindsided, by the movement. The evidence is already in the can. Of course, he will do some backpedaling, and will give the world another entirely new viewpoint as to what he meant when he was talking to Peter Jennings. Having already spent millions toward his campaign, this will seem like a trivial matter to him and his handlers. It is a real ripe opportunity to expose him.
Why does it sound like Jewleeonee?
Webster is an intellectual, and a real added plus to 9/11 investigators. Reading his book, I had to break out the dictionary a couple of times, and that actually made it even more instructive. A great read!
He encourages us to ask the tough questions to all presidential aspirants.

NYC spent over $13 million dollars converting

the 23rd Floor into a "Command Center" for NYC emergencies. I have not heard anybody ask Rudy why he set up the command center at 75 Barclay Street rather than going into the Command Center that the NYC taxpayers paid for in WTC 7.
It was reportedly been reinforced as much as a bunker, had it's own electricity and water supply.

I think the $13 million Command Center was the base of operations for NYC exercises.

The Port Authority had purchased the equipment to land a commercial aircraft by the use of the Global Positioning System in September 1998 and put the World Trade Center on the Market 3 days later.

The towers were white elephants with asbestos removal costs that would have amounted to hundreds of billions of dollars.
Imagine the towers with scaffolding around them. They were having trouble renting them.

If your familiar with the slang term "Jewish Lightening" 9/11/01 was the biggest and best ever. I just don't know why they did it when people were in the buildings let alone send firemen into the buildings. The Port Authority could have cleared the building from their land safely. Mr. Eisenberg, Mr. Silverstein and Mr. Lowy should be charged with mass murder in an International Criminal Court. They are as bad if not worse than Saddam. Chrissy Todd Whitman should also go for her lies that the air was safe to breath.

The technicians did a fantastic job. They brought them down so well that WTC 7 didn't get enough damage to go on it's own.
If you can think about how precise they had to be to keep the towers falling straight into the cavity created by the mini-nuke bomb that had been detonated under each tower to melt it sufficiently for the molten metal to stay molten for months.

Take a step back and if you look at the collapses as controlled demolition imagine how worse it could have been if they fell over sideways without the steel, concrete and furniture pulverized.


The two buildings couldn't be wired for fiber optics either. They were dinosaurs and losing a lot of money.

I think the reason they did this in the daylight was for the mass hypnotism. They had to visually involve the whole world so we would become malleable. Whenever they say 911 those scenes play over and over and over.