911 The Explosive Reality - now available in FULL length

911 The Explosive Reality - now available in FULL length.

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Property rights on 911 Explisive reality past problem Mysteries

Herblay FRANCE

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I had seen all the extractions of "911 Explosive reality" but I am not really interested to see more ot this team if the people that did this "Full length" were responsible for the pulling off Mysteries from YouTube for a question of property rights.



PS Thanks to 911blogger.com some citizens living in Paris and around have contacted me and together we are certainly going to be present for the 911 truth in the center of Paris for the 11th of June 2007. We will film or photogragh the best moments and if the french police do not confisgate our eguipment we will put it on the internet.

9/11 Mysteries was "pulled" from Google...

because of Rick Seigel, it had about 40 seconds of footage from his documentary (9/11 Eyewitness) and he filed a complaint with Google to get it removed.

This is currently being challenged and should be back (hopefully).

More Info : http://www.911blogger.com/node/9115


Just to repeat... 9/11 Explosive Reality had NOTHING to do with 9/11 Mysteries being taken down

In fact there are several other copies still on Google Video, they targetted the main link which everyone linked to and that came top when searching for "9/11".

i.e. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1921357139285191482

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Rick is scum

Rick is scum

Is this movie...

available on DVD? I'd like to make copies to spread around. Thanks!