Three main questions answered in this interview, 'what got you into this project?', why do you think people can't look into 9/11?', what is the best evidence that breaks through the official story?'
(Chicago June 23 2006 and 9/11 Truth rally, NYC, Sept 10, 2006), Video also features Immortal Technique, Carol Brouillet intervening at a Philip Zelikow talk, comments from Alex Jones and 9/11 first responder David Miller and preview clips from 'Final Cut' - expected in major theaters September 2007.
see for more info and for a 26minute version plus transcript snips. youtube version is 10 minutes:

youtube link

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The biggest problem I have with this interview

is the very prominent assertion that "our government" carried out 9-11. That immediately becomes the headline and in my view makes it too hard for most to even look further. I really hope they can tone down this rhetoric to avoid getting dismissed right away. Learn from the more measured approach of people like David Ray Griffin and Steven Jones. Be more objective -- ie the overwhelming evidence we've looked at indicates that elements of our government cooperated with whoever carried out the attacks.

Tone down the rhetoric?

I disagree. These guys have always called it like they see it. And their message has never wavered. The toned down message may be better for others but the unadorned Truth works best for the Loose Change guys. If anyone finds their simple and clear message too strong then they are unlikely to accept any version of the Truth. Their commitment and sense of urgency never fail to gain my support. Loose Change opened my eyes originally and I'm glad to see the guys haven't lost one stitch of their intensity.
Continued good luck LTW crew.

Isnt this a year old?

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Year old?

Looks like yer right there pardner. I took another look and shore nuff there wuz the dates, June and Sept 06.
Still don't change my 'pinyuns none tho.