Lawrence O’Donnell on Countdown with Keith Olbermann - Video

OK, it's not completely 9/11 related, but you have got to hear Lawrence tear
the criminal neo-con scumbags, especially rumsfeld and pace, new assholes!


Lawrence O’Donnell:
Now I’m waiting for every one of these letter writers, especially Kissinger, especially Rumsfield, especially Pace, I’m waiting for their letters to the court martials that are going on right now in the United States, young Marines who were put in impossible situations in Iraq, Keith, who find themselves on trials now that will jeopardize their freedom for the rest of their lives because of split seconds decisions they made in a war that they should not have been in.

When those kids get sentenced in their court martials, if they do, in this country, is General Peter Pace going to write a letter to their sentencers about what kind of mercy they deserve? Is Henry Kissinger who never ever saw a shot fired in his life, never spent a moment in battle, but was a champion of sending soldiers into battle in this country and to their deaths, is he going to write a letter asking for mercy for these American Marines who found themselves in this impossible war situation in Iraq, and now find themselves on trial for their lives? Who are the letters going to come from for them?

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yes, of course the real

yes, of course the real victims are the poor soldiers who have to make split second decisions, on wether they should gun down some civilians or not.Yes, my heart goes out to them...