9/11 Political Party

Perhaps 9/11Truthers should think seriously about starting their own political party and nominating a candidate for President for 2008. There are enough of us. Perhaps even mainstream and disenfranchised voters might be persuaded to vote for a 9/11Truth prez candidate on the basis of a campaign to get a real 9/11 investigation going.

No offense,

because any action is better than no action at this point, but this idea is beyond useless. Even third party candidates with billions of dollars in personal wealth have barely made a dent in the two-party system, which is thoroughly controlled by corporate money and the corporate press at this point. A 9/11 Truth party would be ignored, and would not raise awareness.

For political action, there are two choices now: try to persuade people from within the establishment parties (the long-term solution), or terrorism (the short-term solution).

Jeff Wells has an insightful blog today, which does not directly address what you are proposing but does address a basic problem for 9/11 Truth:

"What is the currency of popular opinion in our post-modern, fascist global hegemon? What has it mattered that two of every three Americans believe their own government is covering up the murder of their president [JFK]? One in every three believe it aided or abetted the attacks of 9/11. If mere belief that something were true held the promise of a tipping point, shouldn't many tipping points have been reached by now in America? I mean, more than the point of no return.

Winning the battle for public opinion is a hollow victory, one the other side is happy to concede, because the long war they wage need not regard what we think of it."

I agree. Public opinion means nothing. Look at how the Bush regime governs. 70% of the country hates his guts, and he continues to work as manservant for his corporate overlords. They don't give a shit about public opinion, because the electoral system is a fraud. Go ahead, elect someone else. That person will be a slave to the same corporate infrastructure, especially the corporate media.

I don't know what to do about this. It troubles me, because clearly the conventional electoral system will not change anything. Unless, perhaps, some faction of the media breaks away and realizes the potential profits in TELLING THE TRUTH. Until then, no election is going to change anything. Sorry.

Undue pessimism?

Perhaps you underestimate the momentum of the 9/11Truth movement. Sure third parties generally do not threaten the two-party dictatorship. Sure the mainstream news and even most leftist news outlets steer clear of 9/11 truth. But on the other hand, less than half of eligible voters vote for President! There are even nascent secessionist movements developing on the basis that the whole US political system is a sham. There is enough unrest in the US that, if it were properly directed, it could give the current system a run for its money. It's just an idea and perhaps we shouldn't speak too soon in evaluating whether it is useless or not.

I probably overreacted

But I don't think America is the place for one-issue parties. Places like Italy, where they have a zillion parties, are more welcoming for one-issue parties. I just think resources could be better allocated.

We already have one his name is Ron Paul.

The candidate is Ron Paul. If you take away votes from Ron Paul to a 9/11 candidate that will not win then guess what you stole votes from potentially the only candidate who has a chance to win and win for us. Do not play into the hands of the stooges, Romney, McCain, Giuliani, if Ron Paul loses support then they win the primaries and guess what no chance for 9/11 truth in the white house. It is not time to get an ego we are large only to our supporters and not all of our supporters are American voters. Not all of America is even aware of 9/11 truth or Loose Change and so forth. Lets combine total support for Ron Paul with not only truthers but those who believe in Paul for his other Ideologies. Strength in numbers not divisions.

Great idea.

This would be a historic move. Even small changes at the local level can have big results. Ron Paul is just one congressman and look at the impact he is having. Rocky Anderson is a mayor in Salt Lake City and he also has had the guts to speak out about what Bush is doing.

The way things stand right now, we can't even get a local politician or newspaper to address 911. This is not just an issue about 911 truth, it's also about free speech and the stifling of dissent.

The politicians and the MSM seem to view the bloggers as "noise". A big part of the blogging community seems to be made of up whining and not much action. The 911bloggers are in a very different category - because they are really looking for ways to make a difference. We won't be taken seriously until we start challenging the politicians on their own turf.

Most of us thought that the November election would make a difference. It didn't.

Most people I know are disgusted with both parties and would welcome other options. One of the callers to CSPAN after the last Republican debate (an older sounding person ) made a comment that he preferred Ron Paul just because it's time to do something different.

We'd have to formulate a good strategy. If there are any political consultants among us, it would greatly help. Not sure what the specifics steps are to get this off the ground.

Useless Democrats

I agree that the November election hasn't changed anything significant, although you wouldn't know it listening to the Democrats suck each other off about it. They seem to think that they will halt the Iraq war *gradually* because sooner or later it will cost too much or something. Guess what you idiots, it already costs too much and nobody in the White House cares. Sorry I don't mean to be antagonistic, but OMG WTF?

We already have Two 9/11 Truth presidential candidates

Ron Paul is performing well in the runup to the republican primary, and also the Green party is talking about nominating Cynthia McKinney. I think that regardless of whether or not Ron paul wins the republican primary we should run Ron Paul and Cynthia McKinney together on the same ticket. They are the only two politicians who have proven their loyalty to the American public by the actions they have taken on our behalf regardless of the political backlash they receive for it. Any other candidate has only words to back their candidacy, but Ron Paul and Cynthia McKinney have a strong record of action backing theirs. What could be better than a bi-partisan ticket of real deal representatives of the people coming together in order to restore the republic, abolish the current system of deception and manipulation, and bring back liberty and justice for all.

For video clips of these two fine people feel free to visit my site at myspace.com/deejaydamo