Democratic Blog calls 9/11 Press for Truth "the movie Americans need to see"

The Democratic Daily recently called 9/11: Press for Truth "the movie Americans need to see."

"The Democratic Daily was founded by Pamela Leavey in July 2005. Pamela was a volunteer writer for the Blog during the 2004 election cycle. She is a writer, entrepreneur and single mother living in Southern California."

Here is what contributor Ginny Cotts has to say about the film:

June 8th, 2007 @ 5:52 pm

9/11 Press for Truth was first released in September 2006. The film reports the 9/11 Families 14 month fight for the investigation, along with Paul Thompson’s independent development of the 9/11 Terror Timeline. The combination is a convincing indictment of failure by the 9/11 Commission, the media and the Administration to do their jobs. The approach of the movie has nothing to do with psyops, explosions or disappearing planes. It presents an exhaustive compilation of major and minor news stories, many gleaned from Thompson’s Timeline, with interviews of five members of the Family Steering Committee, to present a solid case for a new investigation.

I will digress to disclose that my personal review of the 9/11 research and questions convinced me over a year ago that the official conspiracy theory (religious fundamentalists from the Middle East conspired to hijack the planes and fly them into the buildings, causing them to collapse) can only be partly correct. The rest of the story is far too important to be left unquestioned.

It is important for firemen, structural engineers and occupants who want no reason to fear that steel frame buildings, like the WTC towers and WTC 7, will completely (and quickly) collapse from the damage they sustain, despite being over designed to withstand it. Given the far greater damage to WTC6, why did it not fail in the same way?

It is important for Americans to find out why the official reports by FEMA and NIST have failed to substantiate the official explanation, yet no further investigations have been ordered. If we do not truly know why or how the buildings failed, we can hardly defend ourselves, or prevent another tragedy and all that ensues.

This is no easy quest. It is the toughest test of any honest American’s life, beliefs and hopes. The truth could be devastating. Ignorance could be more death. Each of us has to choose when and how we face the questions. I believe it is most important that we try to solve this crime for both the victims and their families. Our criminal justice system has failed them.

One of the hardest failures to accept is the NORAD response to the hijackings. Rather than the routine intercept of airplanes off course and not responding to the air traffic controllers; fighters were not scrambled promptly, flew well below response speed, and the millitary evaded or gave conflicting answers to the Commissions questions. Remember that the Commission seriously considered sending their complaints of obstruction or perjury to the Justice Department for investigation? I married into a NORAD family. After 11 years in Anchorage, some images are etched in my memory forever. Multiple fighter planes at Elmendorf Air Force Base doing ‘touch and go’ exercises, pairs taking off for routine patrols, and the flash of a fighter disappearing in a heartbeat on a scramble.

On 9/11/01 two planes had attacked the Towers and over 30 minutes later the Pentagon was still unprotected from a flight that had been off course 3 times longer than it should have taken for fighters to arrive from either of two bases. Is it any wonder that Russian President Vladimir Putin was one of the first to scoff at the idea the terrorists acted alone? If the anti-aircraft missles on and around the Pentagon couldn’t be fired in time, is there any point in building the Star Wars system? If for no other reason than accounting for the taxes we’ve spent on NORAD, this question requires a real clear answer. I suggest asking the pilots.

Although I was familiar with Thompson’s Terror Timeline, the movie covers the simple reasons that led to his monumental effort. Reflecting Socrates’ observation “Wisdom begins with wonder,” it also required a long journey of searching news articles and recording the information. Thompson relates an all too common editorial incompetence: really important stories were buried in the newspapers back pages or sections, while misleading or unimportant ones made front pages. The director adds similar stories that occurred in television news. The most telling are the clips that are no longer available.

The interviews of the five family members are to me the most powerful part of the movie. These are not wild eyed, irrational or emotionally unstable people. They are intelligent, articulate and focused. The work they did initially is impressive, and they haven’t stopped. There is a very simple story that emerges. Too many reasonable questions, too little effort to find answers that are often readily available. The effort was directed at NOT finding answers. Evading questions, answering with flat out lies, and repeating the lies until people believed or stopped asking.

Except the 9/11 families will not stop asking.

What they ask in this movie is exactly what must happen. Americans have to start telling their Congressional representatives to instigate another investigation. Almost none of the members of the previous investigation, or any of the FEMA and NIST researchers, should be involved. The exception is Max Cleland who resigned early, calling the investigation a fraud. The researchers in particular need to be from outside the government and preferably not dependent on government funding for their usual work. Members of the victims families should be included. They have the best questions.

9/11 Press for Truth has been televised in many countries overseas and is currently screening around the US and Canada. The goal is to have additional screenings the third week of July, in theaters and private homes. Then a lot of voters can talk to their Congressmen during the August break. I know they will be gearing up for the September fight over funding Iraq. It ought to make BushCo that much more destabilized if they have reasons to avoid an honest to goodness investigation.


Regarding the Pentagon's "anti-aircraft missles..."

The other possibility for a "Stand-Down" is for the Pentagon's defenses. Whatever they may have been at the time. According to April Gallup, the Pentagon had missile batteries. According to Wayne Madsen, the Pentagon didn't have missile batteries at the time, but did have what are known as "Phalanx Close-In Weapon System (CIWS)." According to WorldNetDaily, the Pentagon didn't have any defenses.

Just an FYI...

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"The interviews of the five family members are

to me the most powerful part of the movie."

Agreed. Which is why PFT is, despite its omissions, the best "gateway" to 9/11 Truth. We have to screen this for mainstream Democrats and Republicans, who may otherwise fear the stigma of "lunatic fringe" that the mass media have applied to 9/11 Truth.

"despite its omission"

It's funny you mention that. I was reading through the comments in this thread, and I came across these statements by me...

There is no doubt more to the story. No one is saying that 9/11: Press For Truth tells us everything. Christ, I could tell you that. I wish it covered Sibel, the Wargames, the PNAC, and on and on, and it didn't. It is a very good start to entering the "rabbit hole", and if you are as I described earlier, there is no turning back.


It almost seems as if people are looking at 9/11: Press For Truth as something that should tell the entire story of 9/11. I wish it did. I certainly don't know it. PFT is just a tool in our arsenal. A very good one.

Again, despite its' omissions, it is a POWERFUL tool in our arsenal.

Understand, PFT was made by Rory O'Connor, Kyle Hence, and several other people with alternative viewpoints regarding 9/11. Incompetence, Complicity, etc... They decided to present the information, and let the viewer come to their own conclusions. That trait of PFT is what most reviewers like most about it.

Here's a good discussion about it with Rory and Kyle...

In America, you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Frustrating but true.

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I was watching PFT again recently

and it occurred to me how many things are not in the film; however, I do not consider that a fault. I know some people think the film focuses too much on Pakistan and says too little about Israel, for example, but I think the film works better than any other 9/11 Truth film by accessing emotional, indisputable facts about 9/11, the most conspicuous being the fact that the Bush administration did not want to investigate 9/11.

I also don't see the family members on display in other 9/11 Truth film, despite the fact that they are articulate and their "ethos" is beyond challenge.

Kyle talks about e-voting at one point. That reminds me of a moment from the documentary Hacking Democracy. Toward the end, a group of volunteers witnesses a demonstration of how hackable the voting machines are. One woman begins to cry, with the realization that the most fundamental component of democracy is fundamentally corrupted. It's a powerful moment, even though her tears don't contain any facts. It's pure pathos. That's how the confessions of the 9/11 families strike me. There are plenty of facts in PFT, but the most suasive moments for a novice viewer will surely come from the families and their courage.


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Here ya go Yarrow...

"If I had just paid $20 million for the NIST report, I'd be asking for a refund!"
-Dr. Frank Greening

This is a much needed intro for many Americans

Thanks to Yarrow for the comment at the Dem Daily, and for this post. I have had my share of problems trying to get educated and intelligent people to consider the scientfic evidence that supports a new investigation. This includes my PhD father, who replied that he doesn't believe in black helicopters....

The reviews I read about this movie hit that problem exactly - how to get people to even break down their mental/emotional defenses long enough to consider anything. Once the barriers are gone, the necessity of further investigation becomes truth, no matter how heartbreaking.

My suprise was at how well the movie does it. I was especially pleased at the Pakistan segment because I had found it lacking in other 9/11 discussions and searches. I agree the film leaves out a great deal of important evidence and reasoning. The problem is, there is simply too much for one presentation. When we are dealing with the emotional barriers, the horror that becomes possible when one accepts the idea that this was not just the work of terrorists, we have to find ways to help people get past them and deal with what really happened.

The second step is to get a good investigation started. The one family member said it perfectly. Congress takes a LOT of public pressure to act. To get that pressure takes a lot of new converts being willing to contact their representatives.

Ginny Cotts

A proper investigation

I think what the movie and your reaction to it demonstrate quite well is that debunkers and gatekeepers are missing the most important aspect of 9/11 Truth: 9/11 was never investigated. The commission was compromised in every way, its budget was minimal, evidence was destroyed, witnesses were ignored, crucial testimony was suppressed, and, most important, the veil of government secrecy remains intact. Even if one sets aside contentious issues such as controlled demolition -- sure, Pat and James, put all that aside -- one is still left with a government that did not want to investigate 9/11, that did everything in its power to obstruct the investigation, and that in the end decided to protect secrets rather than investigate the worst domestic terrorist attack in history.

Investigating 9/11 is about restoring transparency to an electoral and judiciary system that is dying, being suffocated by executive branch privilege and extra-democratic corporate malfeasance. Debunkers can believe whatever they want about those unprecedented collapses, but by attacking the pursuit of a proper investigation they are defending the most dangerous abuses of power and obstruction of justice in the history of America.

That is why it is essential for mainstream Democrats and Republicans to embrace 9/11 Truth. Even if they can't fathom the idea of false flag terrorism, they must defend the constitution and the sanctity of a government governed by laws and not secretive processes.

"9/11 Was Never Investigated.."

This is the pivotal point for us to make in my view. Not "we need ANOTHER investigation or a NEW investigation." The Kean Commission was a whitewash that ignored 70% of the questions posed by the Family Steering Committee. Perhaps calling it the "Kean Commision" is better than saying the "9/11 Commission," whenever possible, as the latter gives too much credence to the thing.

I agree that "Press For Truth" is the best gateway movie for many people, and the only one that might be promoted by Democrats at large. The Families should be the front line for getting out the truth and in calling for a REAL investigation. We support them! (as opposed to being a separate "fringe")

Another gateway is making it known that the FBI has stated "there is no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11".
There is great value in promoting this fact along with Bin Laden's FBI profile. We agree. There isn't any solid evidence.
The "war on terror" is based on false pretenses--not just Iraq.

John Edwards recently questioned the "War on Terror" as being a bumper sticker slogan and misleading. He didn't mention 9/11 directly, but this could be a good sign. It's a step in the right direction. He wants desperately to win the nomination and will potentially embrace this movement. (and supporting 9/11 families is a SAFE and effective way to win broad support and possibly steal NY.)

Kerry Blogger Courting 9-11 Twooferism



Another Nutroot tries to mainstream 9-11 conspiracy nonsense. This time, a blogger at The Democratic Daily, with their 'editor' approval, pushes the whackaloon documentary "9-11 Press for Truth," as well as links to a bunch of "sane" websites that have been flayed alive and debunked as the crackpot sites that they are. If you don't like being bukkaked with stoopid (to borrow a phrase from Maddox), don't click the links. If you love that sort of thing, be my guest!

Pat at Screw Loose Change has the lowdown here.

And if you're bored enough to actually try to sit through the nutbar movie, you can see the sourcing problems, factual inaccuracies and WTC7 lies/insanity exposed in all of their moonbatty glory.

The "editor" of this Democrat blog is Pamela Leavey, who describes herself thusly:

Pamela Leavey was a writer for the 2004 Campaign Blog from August ‘03 through the 2004 election cycle. She was one of the top three contributors to the Kerry campaign blog.

She also types this in her comment section:

This is one of those things that the average American doesn’t want to know about and the government like so many other things doesn’t want Americans to know about.

I didn’t know Brave New Theaters was promoting this. That means it’s getting a little more attention now. Good deal.

Indeed. Nibbling at the apple, as it were. "Just asking questions."

The flamewar that erupted in the comments between a particularly vile commenter (a Democratic Daily reader, no doubt) and the regulars is amusing, too. The poster, who goes as "Bohemian Grover," keeps rambling about "the Frankiln case" in between threatening people's families, typing rape fantasies, and...well, just read it for yourself.

The sickness is spreading, and it is spreading among the Nutroot Democrats. Stay tuned.

And don't forget to check out Unfastened Coins, 2d. Ed. The Titanic "official story" didn't go down like you think it did.

We addressed Pat's "efforts" here.

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