Finding Truth in "Unlikely" Places

I received the following email from a friend of mine this afternoon -- and I think it's the kind of story everyone likes to hear. My friend is a pilot (and a member of Pilots for 9/11 Truth) and works at the airport of a West Coast city. He wrote:

I just had an interesting conversation. I was sitting at the food court in [the] airport on my computer and I overheard two TSA (Transportation Security Administration) guys talking about 9/11. They were definite skeptics of the official story. I went to the Pilots for 9/11 Truth website and took my computer over to their table and showed it to them. At first, they seemed a bit mistrustful, like I was going to launch into an angry defense of the official story, but when they figured out what the site was about and when I told them that I was one of the organizers of the [David Ray Griffin] event, we proceeded to get into a very friendly, lively discussion about several topics.

It was very refreshing for me to see TSA guys into 9/11 truth. These are working class guys who one could say benefited from 9/11 lies. They were given a new level of respect (and income) as a result of the increased security measures. I think it was equally refreshing for them to see a pilot who was on-board the 9/11 truth train (plane?). It made me feel that as a movement we are reaching into corners of society that may be more resistant to the truth about 9/11.

I would love to hear other people's stories about encounters with unlikely "Truthers."

I received his permission to repost this letter, knowing that evidence like this that the Truth movement is permeating society is always very inspirational to me. His encounter is such a good illustration of the rewards that can come from being "out" about 9/11 truth even when it feels a little risky.

If you have your own stories of "unlikely" Truthing, please add them!

Recent correspondence....

6/1/07 I sent this:

The world is tuned in and you have been exposed for supporting fascism by sponsoring the Bill O'Reilly Show.
Please stop trashing the constitution.

Here is a taste of the worlds collective intellect:

Truth Jukebox

Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth



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6/4/07 I received this:

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Great Story

Tell your friend to ask the TSA guys if they want to join up!

Have him email me..


I have had many such experiences......

G'day all...

At Sydney Domestic Airport where I work we now have 10 times the security staff working there we had prior 9/11. All the security staff I come in contact with have received Deception dollars and numerous DVD's from me! I joke with a few of my engineer friends (who are 90% on board the truth fight) by yelling out to the guys at our gate "Inside Job" and they give me the thumbs up and laugh!

Many think I'm to bold, I think the Neo-cons were!!

Ironically security staff in Sydney are mostly from Eastern Europe and the Middle East and are more aware of the harsh reality of the aggressor America than most. One of the guys has sent movies back to Europe where his friends have done translations. In communist/fascist parts of world people are used to spreading the truth hand to hand, person to person! The idea of state sponsored terrorism is definitely not a revolutionary one!!

Regards and see you all out there tomorrow, John

WE GOT TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!... rage against the machine!!

Gen. Wes Clark

Not 9/11 Truth, but close, unfortunately, not a direct quote;

Professor David Kennedy of the Department of History: “The single most striking thing to me is the candor with which General Clark discussed how Al Qaeda is not an existential threat to the United States of America, as the Soviet Union was. He is the only public figure I have heard to even tiptoe in this direction in public....There are so many public officials who know this but can’t say it because it’s so dangerous to challenge the existing orthodoxy. I really admired that and I hope he says more about that in every venue he can.”

My unlikely story -

So I'm tuned in to Alex Jones and I'm getting ready to watch the Ron Paul debate in which Giuliani gets smited by lightning, and I put in an order to Papa Johns.

About 20 minutes later the delivery guy shows up at the door. He pulls out the pizzas and asks, "may I ask what you are listening to?"

"Alex Jones." (Hopeful tone)

"Yes! I'm familiar, very familiar! My friend showed me one of his movies. So you think some of that stuff is true?"

"Let's just say, would you like some free movies compliments of Springfield 9/11 Truth?"

"Definately man! Thanks! I'll definately watch these."

"Make sure to check out Steven E. Jones lecture. If you doubted it before, you won't after that."

"Thanks man. I definately will. Do you have any contact information?"

"Just go to, you can contact me there."

"Allright man, thanks again!"

I propose a new slogan for Papa John's!

Papa Johns
"Better Information, Better America"


A couple of weeks ago in Vienna i took a cab late at night.
After a number of "topical circles" i ended up speaking about 9/11 with the driver.
The Serbian taxi driver was obviously extremely dlighted to hear somebody challenge the official theory, as I told him 9/11 was a giant show put in place.

What has made him very sceptical about 9/11was a friend of his in the Serbian army.
The befriended general had told him that the logistics for such an attack were far to complex to be managed by a group of fundamentalists.

The cab driver wouldn't want to stop talking with me about the topic after we had reached my home and I had paid.

These moments are wonderful.

Dell tech support guy a major truther

I had a very interesting conversation with a Dell tech support guy about conspiracy theories and Alex Jones. I tried to be subtle so he wouldn't risk losing his job. It was hilarious because we were speaking in "tongue".

"A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right." Thomas Paine

last year I had a 20 minute

last year I had a 20 minute talk with a philippino security guy at an USA airport.
While waiting for a bus I told him in absolutely clear words that "arabs had nothing to do with 911" and that "the Joint Chiefs of Staff had to be in on it" and "911 was essentially a covert US military operation"..

I asked him if I was the very first person to suggest this. And he said yes.

I saw him reaching for the walkie-talkie a couple of times, he was about to call his collegues and have me checked out (arrested). But I guess he also thought "why would an old woman talk such rubbish?"

Peppering the story with a lot of facts "passport found in NYC streets" .. "Military exercises Apollo Guardian" ... made him think it might be his lucky day and he caught a disguised foreign spy.

You see, unlike in Australia where everything is "G’day mate" , in the US of Angst it could be dangerous to talk to an overeager little uniform ... The bus came and he shook my hand. I knew he would follow my advice and soon google 911 inside job. It left a smile on my wrinkled face

A very old vietnam vet uncle of mine always just used to smile politely when I told him about 911 being an inside job and he'd only say things like: "You better don't talk about it, it could get you into trouble".

Last year he came to me and looked my deep in eye and with a very serious voice said "You think 911 was done by the CIA?" and we had a good conversation He was eager to listen to every detail I could muster. He is the kind of guy who only watches MSNBC and FOX for 8 hours a day. I presume it must have been a broadcast with Fetzer or Jones on O'Reilly ... The moment he saw that -- his thinking would have been: "My god, it is on Television ... my nice told me about it ... holy cow .. what if it's true? Will my Johnson and Johnson stock be worth a penny?" Hehe.

Another friend of mine, also ex US military (he has seen Loose Change), now 79 years old says:

"When Chomsky says it, THEN I will believe it."

Well, when reading this article you may be encouraged. Noam may yet come round.

Lets hear more of your stories. Nice thread!

This is part of personal

This is part of personal email dialogue between myself and a former Presidential candidate. I don't have permission to say who it was, but here's part of the text:

"Yes, I still suspect that our government had information that they were negligent in broadcasting to the general public. Although I am not saying that various members of the White House administration were able but failed to prevent it, I certainly wouldn't be shocked and surprised if that information eventually came to light. Our government has been lying to us for decades. FDR deliberately created circumstances that resulted in the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor. (For a more authoritative dissertation on that subject, please read DAY OF DECEIT by (Robert?) Stennett). Our government has had lots of practice lying to us since then. I would be foolish to assume that George Bush and his staff are telling us the whole, unvarnished truth about 9/11. Naturally, I can't and won't accuse them of anything until I have more definitive proof, but much like Hamlet, I think something is rotten in the state of Denmark."

Not exactly "unlikely" truth, but I can assure you that this person has never uttered so much in front of a camera or in the public domain. We do have leaders who understand the truth. Many are affiliated with current Presidential candidates. They can't publicly make their claims because of the media field day that will be used to derail their campaigns, but they know the truth and are waiting to gain office before revealing their positions on the issue.

"I can assure you that this

"I can assure you that this person has never uttered so much in front of a camera or in the public domain. "

I trust you on this.

"We do have leaders who understand the truth."

Oh, sure!

"Many are affiliated with current Presidential candidates."

Of course. How else could they be "leaders"?

" They can't publicly make their claims because of the media field day that will be used to derail their campaigns, but they know the truth"

They are cowards.

"they know the truth and are waiting to gain office before revealing their positions on the issue."

Ha, ha, ha. (*)

Say.... what kind of dreams do you have *AT NIGHT* then?!? (if these are your day-dreams?)

(*) (Sorry, mate. Don't take it as a personal attack. But don't be soooo naive, please. After all, you also don't believe the official story.)

FYI - I'm refering to

FYI - I'm refering to candidates who're well aware of our controlled elections.

Not naive - just speaking the facts regarding good leaders who're willing to step out in the face of media ridicule and forced anonimity.