The future is in our hands!

Sadly, the most vocal of the truth activists are probably also the most likely people to be targeted when the next false-flag operation or next "natural" disaster strikes. An open society is easy to control by decapitation -- "killing the future," as Barrie Zwicker writes in Towers of Deception. That is possibly why the perpetrators of 9/11 do not try too hard to censor the vocal activists, and dismiss them as "conspiracy theorists." Right now most people are not paying attention to them. But just when the masses might start paying attention they will be killed in cold blood and then their message will become obscure because the public will be distracted by something new. Anybody who tries to take their place runs the same risk. Of course now, with the internet, a thousand people could take the place of one of them, like the many-headed hydra, and we can't all be eliminated, can we? That may be true, but the people who would do the eliminating may not know this and therefore go ahead with their plans; or they may not care how many people they have to kill. Meanwhile, a few murders of vocal activsts may serve to silence those who would take their place.

I think we are dealing with something much more insidious than a plot that is 10 years old or even 50 years old. The power that people are exercising now to thieve resources and manipulate the public speaks to a millenial right to do what they are doing. Their brazen machinations invoke ancient prophecies of the end of the world. And I do not think that thes powerful people are merely crassly exploiting prophecy, although that may be true to some degree. The ability to commit mass murder and lie about it must be accompanied by the belief that it is correct to do so. History is a game to these people which they have the power to control as if they are gods; and the lives of the masses are toys to them. They believe the end of the world is here and they believe they are due to bring it about. And they may be correct if their prophecy becomes self-fulfilling.

The most accurate prophecies are self-fulfilling, by definition. But the majority of people who believe in these prophecies simply believe them to be inevitable, and simply believe their leaders to be divine. On the other hand these leaders are convinced of their own divinity because they believe they are destined to bring about these prophecies. It turns out that the world of people's beliefs has not changed as much as we may have previously thought, despite the advances of science in the past 10,000 years. Human beings are still just animals who mostly follow consensus reality no matter what their senses tell them. Every now and then a Jesus or a Galileo or a Newton or an Einstein comes about who is not only smart but also able to break out of the consensus reality. The human race needs people like these to keep evolving, but also fears and rejects these kinds of people because they represent realities that human beings do not control -- realities that they barely understand.

Right now the most popular prophecies say that the end of the world is here now, and our leaders are determined to bring about the end of the world by any means at their disposal. They will use nuclear weapons. They will use climate engineering. If they will kill their own people and blame it on somebody else to justify war, then they will stop at nothing until every last living thing on the Earth is extinct. Of course they will not live past their own demises to find out if their prophecies come true, but if they give it a good try then they will not have to stick around to find out. There is no reason behind their madness besides ancient prophecies they believe themselves destined to fulfill. It is just pure insanity. Our leaders are insane, and the people follow them because they are caught in a consensus trance.

If we really intend on making the world a sustainable livable place for human beings and every other living thing, we must break the human race out of the mesh of self-fulfilling prophecies that it is caught in. We must defy the consensus trance. We must invent a new future to believe in and act on that future before it is too late.

Here is one possibility: What if all people of every nation and society across the world join together in peace and abolish the criminal governments that abuse the planet? Then maybe we can work on alternative ways to sustain our species that come to grips with the limitations and dangers of fossil fuels. Perhaps we can convert our technologies to harness the power of hydrogen. But pure hydrogen does not occur naturally on Earth, so we need some way of cheaply producing it, and current methods may not be adequate. Just suppose for a moment that we had all the world's fossil fuel to use for a single purpose: to build space ships to harvest hydrogen from the gas giants in the outer solar system. We would only need the fossil fuel for a one-way trip and then, supposing our space ships could also utilize hydrogen, then we can power the return trip with hydrogen and bring more hydrogen back to Earth.

Is this one possible future? Perhaps. Perhaps you can think of something more realistic. Perhaps we will have to invent the future as we go along, in order to adapt. But if we try to think of something and try to make it happen, that is better than accepting our defeat at a hands of crazy neo-fascists acting out their self-fulfilling prophecies. The human race can do better than that, but only if we try hard to make it happen.

Thank you for this great piece.

I see the biggest problem being how once all of us have gotten together, how are we going to stop the people who actualy do the dirty work? The mercenaries, bounty hunters, willing hitmen, etc. Those who hide in secret until their pathetic missions are completed. What you failed to mention is that if we are to defeat these psychopaths, we are probably going to have to wage a very real Revolution. People are probably going to die in combat on the streets of the United States.

Fighting in the streets

That is a very real possibility. I think the follow-up to Katrina (see some of the videos on BrasscheckTV) shows us how the US government will respond to serious protests. The military has already had a dry run invading people's homes and taking their weapons away, here at home. Unfortunately the people who carry out those orders will not seriously question what they are doing. Despite the prevalence of gun advocates in the US, I think most people will calmly hand over their weapons and file into FEMA detention camps. The few who organize an armed revolt can be quickly taken out by the military.

You really have to wonder where were all those alleged terrorists waiting to take over the US when Katrina went down. If there was such a threat from outside the US, that would have been the perfect opportunity for a coup. But there wasn't even a peep, probably because it wasn't scripted by the US military-industrial complex. There has already been a coup, but barely anybody in the public realizes it.

Look what they did to

Christopher Bollyn

It is nearly Braveheart time again in Amerikkka

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