9/11 families jeer Rudy - Protesters say he’s not fit for White House

9/11 families jeer Rudy - Protesters say he’s not fit for White House

9/11 first responsders and victim's family members had this to say as they protested outside a recent campaign event for "America's Mayor"

“He pretended he was a leader on 9/11 and he ran, and then failed to provide the workers (at Ground Zero) with adequate protection from respiratory disease,” Ansbro charged. ”If he’s so prepared for terrorism, how come it took him a week to get basic respirators for the people that down there? And there was no enforcement on wearing them whatsoever.”

Sally Regenhart, whose firefighter son died at the World Trade Center, contended that one of the reasons so many firefighters died on 9/11 was the inadequacy of the radios they carried – a situation for which she blamed Giuliani.

“He was a probie, just like so many of the families here today,” Regenhart recalled. “He died because of the failures of the Giuliani administration – numerous failures but the most glaring one that contributed to his death was no radios. The radios they was given, he had no idea that they didn’t work. He had no idea that they were the same ones that didn’t work in 1993. He had no idea that he couldn’t communicate with anyone in the World Trade Center.”

Rudy's a LIAR

A lying, self-serving, greedy, hypocritical scum-bag who obfuscates the truth. An accessory after-the-fact to mass murder.
The truth will follow him wherever his cartoonishly grimacing face appears. He will be relentlessly confronted.