Ron Paul and the 9/11 Truth Movement

If there is anything this movement needs, it is a candidate who can carry its message with integrity. Many have wondered if Ron Paul may be that person and that politician. While Paul has in now way come out against the government's story, he has been adamant about the nation's ruinous foreign policy, it's governmental excesses, and it's dangerous militarism. He detests corporatism, industry subsidies, and the inflationary effects of war (which reduce the value of our currency).

Paul is a candidate who consistently defends liberty and privacy and limited government when it comes to gun rights, the internet, and taxes. Though he is not flawless, and some may struggle with his views on certain issues, Paul's philosophy is strong and his adherence to it is remarkable. I thought people might want to learn more about him, so I compiled a list of TV appearances, interviews, speeches, articles, and campaign information on the site TheTruthAbout911 (that's right, Ron Paul AND 9/11 truth together...hmmm).


I believe the consensus of

I believe the consensus of the 911 Truth community is that Ron Paul's Presidential campaign and 9/11 Truth are not to be entangled. It is probably too late to disassociate Paul with 9/11 Truth since the vociferous attacks by Fox News and Michelle Malkin ( ). The most recent attack occurred Tuesday evening after the debates when We Are Change organizers appeared via telephone on a Fox programme commenting on the Matt L./Giuliani's Spokesman confrontation and 9/11 only to receive a "ARE YOU A RON PAUL SUPPORTER!" voice FX with twilight zone music. Ron Paul is already on board with the Truth Movement, he does not have to come out and say "CONTROLLED DEMOLITION" in order for us to back him wholeheartedly! Once he is in the Whitehouse, 9/11 will inevitably be rectified along with the IRS and Federal Reserved!


"There is no fury like that of a man scorned for expressing truth!"

@Temply911Truth I couldn't


I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly.

Ron Paul and 9/11 Truth are both different areas of the same conversation. I agree that Paul is playing the situation just right in terms of his public relationship to 9/11 Truth. We, the truthers, can cause either point in the conversation (9/11 truth or Ron Paul) to get into the other side. This is all so exciting! I just ordered my Ron Paul rEVOLution shirt today!

You need to

You need to proofread.

Ron Paul would be a great example if he delivered on what he promised if given the opportunity.

Some call him America's last hope. Are we really that hopeless?

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It isn't "we" that are hopeless...

...but rather, that Ron Paul may be the last hope for America to survive and restore some semblence of a constitutional republic without violent confrontation between We The People and what was our government.

DHS, are you suggesting that Ron Paul has failed to deliver on "promises" in the past? If so, please provide examples. As far as I am aware, Ron Paul has made only one real promise, and that was to honor the oath he took to the Constitution. I know of no incident where Ron Paul has violated that oath. Do you have reason to believe that the good doctor would not continue to honor said oath? As far as I'm concerned, Ron Paul is perhaps greatest living example of someone who has been given the opportunity to honor that sacred oath and has delivered what that promise demands. What is hopeless however, is that the majority of Americans are going to wake up and realize that there are poisonous snakes in their beds before being bitten.

The eVil mutants who have assumed control of our government are pushing We The People toward the ultimate confrontation. The legal framework has been created. The mechanizations of implementation are almost in place. The opportunity to use "insurrection" or yet another national emergency as the excuse for these "creachstures" to impose martial law, suspend the Constitution, and begin gun confiscation in an attempt to install an openly totalitarian regime has yet to arrive. We are being repeatedly warned of the inevitability of more 9//11-like attacks. These warnings, and I prefer to call them threats, are coming from NWO minions in all corners connected to the globalist's machine. The parallels to Germany in the 1930s, as they have been for some time now, are astounding. Yet, in their ignorance of even recent history, the vast majority of American people continue to bleet contentedly whilst munching their fodder, unaware of purpose of the the noose called news, this week in the form of the Paris Hilton saga.

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)

Ron Paul On Youtube

are you informed

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"

Mike Gravel and Ron Paul

Mike Gravel and Ron Paul should run together.

Paul for President...

Yeah, my bad on the typos. (Content first but spellcheck a close second).

Just to clarify, I agree with the 'general consensus'. I think Ron Paul is a fantastic candidate, and I also believe that too close a connection to the 9/11 community is something that he will completely deny (and that it would hurt his chances of election greatly). I was promoting him here, merely as a candidate the 9/11 truth movement could support because of his principles and his integrity (rather than his theories about 9/11). I still hear some people lamenting that "he's not the one" as if any candidate for president could reach critical mass running on a 9/11 truth platform--and I don't think that will happen for quite a while.

The main purpose of that page is to offer Paul's philosophy through his many speeches and articles. He is phenomenally natural, soft-spoken, sincere, and reasonable. I think every American should seriously consider his policies and his candidacy.


*Everything You Should Know About the 9/11 Truth Movement

They are Related

Ron Paul and 9/11 ARE related. I learned about 9/11 first. Didn't know what to do. Ron Paul changed that. When I tell some one about 9/11 they say, "yeah, but what are you gonna do about it". Well, that's where Ron Paul comes in. 9/11 is a sympton, as is the federal income tax, of the problem. Ron Paul is the solution.


Ron Paul is not "the solution". He has the potential to be part of the solution, but it is we the People who must fix this mess. We need to educate others, take back the media, take back the schools, get freedom-loving people into government, think up a new structure for society that will not be as easily subverted. Ron Paul is a good man, and the best presidential candidate, but he can't save us. Stop watching so many Hollywood movies. We have to take responsibility. No hero is going to save the day.
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"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Gandhi
"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine

Well said. And in this vein,

Well said. And in this vein, I agree with many others that we should cut both Paul and Kucinich some slack. That does not mean that we stop ANY of our efforts, but lets give them their best shot. If they disappoint, lesson learned. And if we keep doing whatever we are doing, not much harm will have been done.


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