9/11 Virgin Stories

I just found my earliest email to others about 9/11, when I first got into 9/11 Truth.
It was early April, 2005. I can't believe it took me that long. Doh!

So now I'm a two-year-old. (perhaps others would like to share similar stories)

Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2005 19:28:18 -0700
Subject: World Trade Center towers a Controlled Demolition?

I was talking with someone the other day and they mentioned how much
the World Trade Center towers looked like a demolition takedown,
which I never thought about before, but they do. How odd is it that BOTH
towers came down (instead of just one), and they came down basically
identically, even though the planes hit in different locations on different
floors and in different flight positions and angles, and they both came
straight down, like a demolition, (if you've seen those, it is 100% like
them), and they didn't topple over and land on any other buildings.
More than a bit strange and coincidental.

And then there is the weird collapse of Tower 7.
And the weird anomalies that occurred at the Pentagon crash.
And at the Pennsylvania crash.

The following page has the below listed points. (and more there)


*Brief Overview*

Lets take a brief look at the evidences and proofs thus far compiled.

1. A bright orange flash occurring at the World Trade Center, North
Tower, before impact. The significance of this is obvious, especially
with the damning proofs provided by all the major News Networks
themselves, and multiple sources at the South Tower.

2. There is so much video evidence and proof to demonstrate that the
plane which hit the South Tower, couldn't have been Flight 175, it's

A. The Laser Light on the side of the World Trade Center.
B. The Plane Spraying out some kind of liquid, most likely jet fuel from
two ports on its fuselage.
C. The huge extra piece of equipment on the aircraft's fuselage.
D. What appears to be a bomb tucked between its port side engine and pylon.
E. The Rocket, Missle, or Incendiary device which was shot from this
aircrafts fuselage just moments prior to impact.

3. The Obvious bombs and explosions, picked up by all the News Networks,
at World Trade Center 1, 2 and 7, show the buildings were taken down by
pre-planned, controlled demolition, without any doubt whatsoever. Thus
again proving 911 had nothing to do with Arabs, or Muslims, nor Foreign

4. The admission of Larry Silverstein on National TV (PBS) that World
Trade Center 7 was 'pulled' or intentionally demolished, along with
damning video proof to show what he claimed was true.

5. No plane wreckage at Shanksville, Pennsylvania. And to my knowledge,
not a single picture showing a single piece of wreckage, not even the
famed engine which was alleged to have been found miles from the site.
Add to this that the Mayor of Shanksville, who went to the crash site
also claimed there was no wreckage.

well, you woke up a few

well, you woke up a few months before me.

I woke up because of the 7/7 bombings in London, when I learned of Peter Powers and his Visor group running anti terror drills at the same time/places. The article mentioned the many drills on 9/11 too which I had never heard about before. That's when I realized something was way wrong...

nice email

just add a link to loose change, i used to keep it simple i would post 9/11 coverup, see this film loose change, worked like a charm

Bigger Success With

911 Mysteries and 911 Press for Truth

we know it was controlled demolition 'now'

the question that must now be answered is 'who planted the explosives?' any leads? yeah, there sure are.
and i'm not sure i'd post that other info in your blog unless you'd like to prove how far you've come.

I'm not sure what your point is

As I said, that was my FIRST email, and it has stuff in it that isn't apropos today. I'm not going to revise history, in that respect.

As merely one example, my comment "and they both came straight down, like a demolition, (if you've seen those, it is 100% like them)".

If someone doesn't know what I think and believe and espouse now, they can look at my blog posts and/or search for my 9/11 Blogger comments.

I would think that would be self-evident.

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent


9/11 — GET rEVENge! (in a peaceful manner, of course)

Show "yeah, we know" by wolfowitz in sh...

Disinfo is as disinfo does

I was going to "let this go", but then I decided, "Nah."

Your characterization of my posting a copy of an OLD (FIRST) email as being "disinfo" is, at best, asinine. (so one could well-imagine what it is "at least")

Here's a suggestion you may want to take to heart: If you're going to accuse someone of "disinfo", you shouldn't use "disinfo" to do it.

I suppose I could have included a disclaimer, of sorts, that what I stated in my email was not my current thinking on the matter. (although I did think it was self-evident that what one thought or believed two years ago would probably be much different from what they thought or believed today, but maybe that's just me)

However, I, incorrectly, assumed, presumed, and expected people to engage their common sense when reading what I posted.

I'm guessing "common sense" is not your strong point. So, in that respect, I understand your reaction.

I've never been one to speak to the lowest common denominator in things, so that was an "error" on my part, as well, I suppose.

Anyway, whatever.

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent


9/11 — GET rEVENge! (in a peaceful manner, of course)

personal attacks aside (dz, are you out there)

i still see no reason for posting this as a blog.

Just making observations, more likely than not based in Reality

Why am I not surprised that you are crybabying about my (supposed) "personal attacks" against you, but you don't think saying that what I posted was "disinfo" was not a personal attack against me. (to which I have a right to respond)


Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent


9/11 — GET rEVENge! (in a peaceful manner, of course)


is a pejorative term used to describe someone who engages in false intellectualism or is intellectually dishonest.
thanks for clearing that up, wiki.


Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst, Correspondent


9/11 — GET rEVENge! (in a peaceful manner, of course)

My first comments on 9/11.

I do a bit of creative writing from time to time, ("poetry", stream of consciousness, philosophical musings, general "journal" entries...) and I wrote a few short comments on 9/11 and in the following days. Nothing creative here, just the facts (At least as they stood at the time...). Still, it's interesting to look back...

TUESDAY SEPT. 11, 2001
No words can describe the emotions of today. Three planes were hijacked and flown into buildings. Both towers of the World Trade Center in New York and one into the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

...Got sidetracked. It is now Sunday Sept. 16. 5,000 plus people are declared missing in New York. After nearly 6 days under the still burning rubble my guess is they are all dead. The American stock market has been closed since Tuesday and will reopen tomorrow. America has formed a coalition with many countries to fight an on-going, long term war against terrorists and any states that may aid terrorists. All of our futures are uncertain.

WEDNESDAY, Nov. 8 7:25pm
Nothing will ever change.

It seems I became disillusioned rather quickly.

I remember on that day, the strongest emotion I felt was just a general sorrow for mankind. I knew that the event would only lead to more "evil". So strange... It's actually a blessing that it was an inside job, because if the official story were true we would have almost ZERO chance at reversing our course. The fact that it was all a big lie makes it as ephemeral as spider webs. It has also opened up a window into our REAL history...
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