Help us out with 9-11 truth on European Tribune

I've justed posted a diary on the European Tribune, which doesn't seem to be getting much attention, despite some encouragement from readers there to post on the topic.

Please come and recommend the diary, and post comments !!! I would be most appreciative !! Also, Euro Trib has a lot of other interesting articles about alternative energy, economics and European elections.

Here's the diary intro:

Deconstructing the Official Story

At the heart of the arguments for the establishment of "security first" priorities and police-state societies, including video-surveillance, domestic wiretaping, increased paramilitary and police forces, and so on, are the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The referencing of the horrible events of that day have become so ubiquitously mentioned as to be essentially a self-propetuating justification among politicians and public officials, both in North America and Europe. The terrorist attacks that arguably "changed everything," and most certainly established the bellicose war-footing of the Bush administration, obliged European governments to express solidarity with the American "anti-terrorism" cause, while at the same time opening the door to participation in the dubious expansion of empire, which we can observe with secret CIA prisons in Europe, or military and financial contributions to the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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In the public perception...

Europe is deeply involved in 911.

After all, 911 was planned in Hamburg, Germany, right?

Germany harboured terrorists and if it wasn't already occupied by US bases it would have to "bear the consequences".

EVERY country in europe has allowed CIA torture flights.

European agents are actively participating in covert bloodbaths around the world. European armies are slaughtering civilians in Afghanistan.

Back home, In England MI5 extrajudicial killings are considered normal business.

List of European countries that HAVE NO US BASES and have NO Accessing and Cross Servicing Agreement (ACSA) which provide unhampered sea/air ports usage:

  • (are there any?)

I have not seen waves of public protest against the US bases so what are we to do?

France for one

has no American bases and hasn't since De Gaulle withdraw partially from NATO in 1966. Also France hasn't participated in CIA rendition flights although their tacit approval speaks to a larger complicity by European officials.

I can't speak for he other 30 or so major nations in Europe.

While I agree somewhat with your points remember not to throw all European countries in the same basket even if they subtly approve of the American empire game.

Reality got you down? Read the La Rochelle Times: