There was a tear I cried today
That ran down by cheek and onto my neck
Because the country we live in -
This land of the free – is turning into a wreck.

It’s because our leaders are evil, corrupt, and wrong.
They use our freedoms to make themselves feel strong.
The people who died to make our country one,
now roll in their graves because their dream is gone.

They tell us to give up our rights so that others may live;
sad to say in this country which once was alive
and proud – you could trust your neighbor and friend,
and men of the military – to war, we would rarely send.

I’m ashamed of my country. Once I was proud
to wave my flag and to sing anthems with the crowd.
I held my hand over my heart and pledged my allegiance
to my country, my liberty and my freedom’s chance.

It’s those in high power who feed on our fear.
It’s those who have the riches who take away what is dear.
They plan our demise, they plan our destruction.
They plan a New World Order of evil construction.

Stand with me, my brothers and sisters, let’s fight these minions,
let’s destroy their corrupt plans and death-filled opinions.
Nary shall a day pass where their self-righteous plan will win
because we will fight them and deter their plan again and again.

Let’s expose their evil will – let’s show the world that they plan
to execute more false flag attacks upon our fellow man.
Let’s expose their plans to bring about the North American Union.
Let’s expose them taking away our rights to own a gun.

Let’s bring them to their knees and make them beg for our forgiveness
Let’s show them that we don’t buy their terrorism business.
They need to be indicted for the war crimes they have played out
and be punished for the deaths of innocents the world throughout.

I’d like to know why they do these things. Can you tell me the reason?
Why these elite people are committing this treason?
Why did they destroy the World Trade Center and Building Seven?
Why did they ever think that it was something smart to carry out 9/11?

Where did they get their ideas that evil is better than good?
Who was the one – or the many – who told them that evil should
Be the ruler of things great and small, and never be rebuked?
Who told them the best way to win would be if the good were nuked?

If death is what they want, then let them be the first in line.
Let them be the ones who volunteer, let them pay the fine.
Let them see that we won’t easily give in to their death threats.
Let them understand the sorrow, the fear, and the regrets.

I, for one, will not stand by and let them run me down.
I will fight them tooth and nail, I will stand my ground.
I fight for my freedom and my liberty. I fight for my rights.
They want to take it away? I’ll get them centered in my sights.

Lord, help me expose these men who hope to ruin my life.
Help me destroy their plans to separate me from my wife,
Children, family and those who I love.
I need your help, dear Lord, bless me from above.

Give me strength. Give us the power to unite
All of those who are willing to die for this fight.
Only Your power can expose this elite corrupt plan.
Give us Your strength, oh Lord, help us. Amen.

Bring these men to justice; have them pay for their crimes.
Have them pay the price for killing innocents so many times.
Expose their torture of America and the will of its ruin.
Expose them as some of the murderers who bow to Putin.

And when these madmen are finally behind bars
And these terrorists can no longer sponsor false wars,
America will once again be alive with freedom’s cheers
And we will proudly wipe from our cheek freedom’s tears.

We once again will raise our voices in the crowd
And sing together, an anthem showing that we are proud
To be free in our land, where we can live without fear
And live our lives as we wish, to share with those we hold dear.

-by Ron M. Smith