Nathan Moulton's Entry For Alex Jones' Push The Truth Video Action Contest

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Push The Truth Video Entry By Nathan Moulton
Monday June 11, 2007

This video is for Alex Jones "Push The Truth", over 500 DVDs were given away during the making of this video.

Made by Nathan Moulton and other Calgary Truthers, this video includes....

-Car Windshield DVD hand out
-Grocery Store DVD hand out
-Skateboard Park DVD hand out
-Putting Infowars Stickers all over the city
-Investigate 9/11 banner in front of Mewata Armory Tank
-Masonic Temple DVD hand out
-Mailbox DVD handout 3 DVDs each
-Local news station "City TV" DVD handout
-City TV Speakers Corner 9/11 truth video
-Halliburton Canada office after hours to plant truth DVDs everywhere.

Music by Phillip Morris


FYI the last day to submit entries for Alex Jones' Push The Truth Video Action Contest is tomorrow:

"The contest officially begins May 8, 2007 and officially ends June 12, 2007-- the date when all entries must be received. Infowars staff will decide the winners of the contest-- but viewer feedback, submitted through You Tube comments and via e-mail, will be taken into consideration. The winner will be announced by June 15, 2007.

The contest winner will receive a $1000 cash prize and 20 copies of Alex Jones' Terror Storm on DVD to further pass on the truth or wake up friends and family."

More information here:

Up in Halliburton

You know there's some people in there that are at the bottom of the payscale going...

"Our boss is a di$@! - hey, what's this DVD about?"

Great Job Guys...

LOL at the "Masonic Temple" and Haliburton Canada :-))

Nuff Respect !!!

Best wishes and good luck

Excellent truth-spreading by Nathan! I don't know why anyone

voted this down. Please keep up the great work!

because some people

Don't think Alex Jones and his masonic illuminati NWO stuff is worth pushing, unless your name is Alex Jones and you make a living off of it. Otherwise, every effort to take action is commendable. Good work on that score of course.


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Real? truther

you can promote who you want to promote, or you can shit-talk other people. Why do you choose the latter?

because some people think

because some people think that the evil Alex Jones has the power to turn the 9/11 truth movement into a rabid rightwing militia or something all by himself, and if his name is attached to anything it sends them into an uncontrollable rage! haha, i dont know, i find its best not to ask why. i was voted down the other day for saying some guy was brave. of course, that wasnt why i was voted down, i went back and saw that all of my posts were voted down. i take the down voting as a badge of honor though, somebody is thinking about me! haha

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA

I really like the slogan "Push The Truth"....

....with regard to activism.

That was a nice day's work....well done....

A bit of competition... Just spotted on

Made me laugh anyway...


Supermarket Truth Jam

Link :


Best wishes to all "Truth Jammers"