Should American Muslims Work as Government Informants?

There is an interesting post concerning the use of Muslim informants, at Muslims for a Safe America. I'm not so much interested in the question posed but in the facts provided about Muslim informants who have allegedly prevented a terror plot from evolving. In particular, look at the sums of money being offered by the governments, American and Canadian, to have these informants produce an arrest.

"Since 9/11, Muslim informants have gathered evidence for the government about a number of alleged plots by Muslims to attack American targets. These informants have won the confidence of the alleged Muslim plotters, and then pretended to participate in the alleged plots while making tape and video recordings for the government.

An Egyptian-American Muslim informant, Osama Eldawoody, helped convict an Egyptian-American Muslim in NY, James Elshafay, and a Pakistani Muslim immigrant, Shahawar Matin Siraj, of conspiring to blow up a NY subway station. The NYPD paid the informant $100,000 to watch the local community. The informant offered to provide the Defendants with explosives for the subway attack. The Defendants said the informer suggested the plot and incited them to act by showing them pictures of Muslims overseas being mistreated and by telling them he had received a fatwa saying it was okay for Muslims to kill American troops.

A Pakistani Muslim informant, Naseem Khan, helped convict a Pakistani-American Muslim from Lodi, CA, Hamid Hayat, of providing material support to terrorists by attending a terrorist training camp in Pakistan. The government paid the informant around $225,000 to move to Lodi and infiltrate the Muslim community. The informant encouraged Hayat to talk about fighting America, encouraged Hayat to attend a terrorist training camp, and cursed at Hayat when Hayat said he hadn’t yet attended the camp.

A Yemeni Muslim informant, Mohamed Alanssi, helped convict an African-American Muslim in NY, Tariq Shah, of pledging allegiance to Al Qaeda and offering to train Al Qaeda members in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. The government paid the informant $100,000.

Two paid informants infiltrated the so-called Fort Dix Six, a group charged with plotting to kill U.S. soldiers at Fort Dix (where troops train for missions in Iraq and Afghanistan) in New Jersey. The informants offered to connect the group to an arms dealer.

A convicted felon seeking a reduced sentence infiltrated a group of Muslims charged with plotting to attack JFK Airport in NY.

The case of Canadian Muslim informant Mubin Shaikh drew a lot of attention in 2006. Shaikh, a well-known activist within the Muslim community, offered to work undercover for Canadian intelligence in 2004. After the Canadian government learned about an alleged plot by Canadian Muslims, the government asked Shaikh to infiltrate the alleged cell in 2005. He won the trust of the alleged plotters, and went so far as to help lead a training camp during the alleged plot. The Canadian government paid him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As noted above, some Muslims have agreed to work as informants for money; others are convicts trying to get reduced sentences.

At least one Muslim with a green card has alleged that the government threatened to deport him unless he agreed to become an informant. Another Muslim, whose family was the victim of a crime, reported being pressured to work as an informant in exchange for assistance from law enforcement.

Without the help of informants, law enforcement would have a harder time infiltrating alleged terrorist cells and learning details about their plans.

American Muslims are conflicted about the use of informants...."

Seems like a CIA/NSA plot to invent & frame more Muslim patsies

like Atta & his pals were.