Toronto Truth Group Pickets CBC

A Toronto 9/11 Truth Group distributed videos and flyers to employees of the CBC, who seemed sympathetic. Here is a blogger's account:

The media moratorium on coverage of recent findings relating to the September 11th attacks is not exclusively an American phenomenon. Even though the metallurgical fingerprints of military cutting charges have been found in the rubble of the twin towers and independent investigators have unearthed footage of the BBC's American bureau demonstrating foreknowledge in the collapse of World Trade Centre 7 - revelations for which one might expect a headline or two - nothing but a stony silence is heard from our national media institutions.

Perhaps hoping, then, that this indicated mere ignorance rather than collusion, some thirty members of a local activist group rallied in the shadow of the CBC's monolithic office and operations centre on Monday afternoon to bring these and other issues to the attention of CBC employees and passerby. However, John Burns, a member of local activist group Toronto 9/11 Truth, found that when CBC employees leaving the building turned down the materials he was passing out, they indicated that they were not allowed to take them. Additionally, one CBC employee stated that, although they were not permitted to discuss it in an official capacity, many were aware of the problems with the official myth of the 9/11 tragedy and confided, "we're with you".

Has the control of information for political reasons, rather than its free dissemination, become the mandate of Canadian editorial boards? Consider the case of John Gleeson, editor of the Winnipeg Sun. Faced with the prospect of being laid off due to a Sunmedia restructuring initiative, he apparently decided that his two week's notice was sufficient opportunity to pen a final editorial entitled 'War On Terror Looks Like a Fraud', revealing that "many Americans (including academics and former top US government officials) [are] now questioning even the physical facts of 9/11". Which begs the question - what was preventing him from writing this article before?

In addition to speaking with CBC employees, Toronto 9/11 Truth members passed out information and posters to pedestrians on the busy thoroughfare in order to promote their upcoming screening of "9/11 Mysteries: Part 1, Demolitions" at the Bloor Cinema on Bloor Street West on Thursday night. The event will feature a question and answer session with speakers Michael Keefer, Assoc Prof.of English at the University of Guelph, Graeme MacQueen (co-director of the CIDA-funded Media and Peace Education in Afghanistan project), and award-winning writer and activist Barrie Zwicker.

Event Calendar

9/11 Mysteries Part 1: Demolitions
The Bloor Cinema, 506 Bloor St W, Toronto
7pm screening. Q&A to follow
$10 admission, $5 students & unwaged

Way To Go

Nice going guys.....we pretty much had the same response at the CBC here in Winnipeg... employees were aware, but it was still hush hush or "those CT kooks" on air. We didn't have 30 people in our group when we did it.....I think it's time to hit them up again now that we do :)

Great job guys. "many were

Great job guys.

"many were aware of the problems with the official myth of the 9/11 tragedy and confided, "we're with you".

What the F*ck is that supposed to mean? If you're "with us" then how bout some investigative reporting? Scared of getting fired? Then get twenty big names together and make it public.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Protesting at Television News Locations..Great Idea

These people who work at the U.S .based networks today are a disgrace to their profession. The know full well that information about 9/11 is not only being censored...but its being twisted, stretched and when spoken at all, is venemous towards honest citizens seeking the truth. I thinking protesting in front of these locations would be a great idea. Its truly shameful.

Very interesting....

While we were demonstrating outside the ABC studios in San Francisco more than one employee came out and told us that "we're with you", just what does this mean when they continue the news blackout on any 9/11 related story that is outside the government myth?

When are all these people going to realize that their lives are more important than their jobs?

I even spoon fed them the Rudy Guiliani story to give them something current with some juice, I doubt they will run with it. All we can do is keep trying everything we can think of.

We have to create our own media, the msm is not going to do anything for us.

(very interesting....but schtuupid - Sgt. Schultz, Hogans Heroes)

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.