US hero of 9/11 to speak at university


US hero of 9/11 to speak at university

Jun 12 2007

A HEROIC survivor of the 9/11 bombing of the World Trade Centre is to give a talk at Warwick University this month.

American William Rodriguez was a janitor and the last survivor out of the North Tower of the building, and saved many lives.

He has been honoured five times at the White House, is the President of The Hispanic Victims' Group, and an internationally recognised peace campaigner.

As part of a European tour, Mr Rodriguez will talk about his experiences at the main lecture theatre of Warwick University's Social Studies Department on June 20 at 7pm.

Event organiser, Jack Morgan, said: "I'm delighted to be helping Mr Rodriguez to spread his message of courage, truth and justice here at Warwick University."

The event is free.

i'll probably get voted down

i'll probably get voted down for even questioning the man, and i know it would have been pre-empted anyway by the president, but has Willie EVER really explained why he cancelled the View appearance? i was never clear on that and was just wondering if hes ever really said why.

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has he ever said that he

has he ever said that he thinks 911 was an inside job???

why does he get on the front page every week without one bit of 911 truth??

Thinking the same thing.

I was going to post this exact same question. Don't get me wrong. WIllie is a hero and a great guy. But, he has been walking this fine line for too long now. I guess it doesn't matter. If he is telling the truth and there were explosions in the basement before any plane(s) hit, the official story is BS. However, at least in the few talks I've seen, he never really makes the point that he is attacking the official story. It seems to me, then, that his message can easily be misconstrued as a situation where he was just confused or delirious about what was going on around him. Whereas I can give some people like the Jersey Girls a free pass for not going into full truth mode, Willie was right there, and we need him to take another step.

While we are at it, what could those explosions have been? Something cutting up the core?

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He not only experienced explosions but he heard those loud sounds coming from that empty floor. He was afraid to open it but it gives a strong impression that something very unnatural was going on in his building on that day. Willy is probably afraid to go beyond his own experience. He is a simple guy.

He has done a great service in travelling around the world telling his story. I appreciate him. He doesn't know science so he stays out of it but when you meet him you have no doubt that he does not agree with the official story. I think he has made many people awaken. He can also appeal to the Hispanic community. We have to remember that Wm was traumatized and he cares deeply for the victims, hence his work on their behalf. He probably has plenty to do so he keeps it to his story.

Didn't the View slowly cancel everyone.

limited hangouts, the media, & Willie R

Kate of the Kiosk posted this on another blog. I was saddened to read the part about Rodriguez. Makes sense though. -E

more time

Interesting link.

Wm. is aligned with Hillary in fund raising for the victims. I would say that is as important to him as anything (victim rights). He was very traumatized and after the WH turned on him because he kept talking about the bombs he ended up homeless. I'm not sure where it happened but I think people at American Freedom school (aligned with American Free Press) took him in and got him started by creating speaking engagements and selling some cds and dvds and that excellent and eiry picture he took on 9-10-01. I say give him time. He is still very valuable.

"limited hangouts, the

"limited hangouts, the media, & Willie R
Kate of the Kiosk posted this on another blog. I was saddened to read the part about Rodriguez. Makes sense though. -E"

Again a higly dispelled lying article by racist and anti-semite Bollyn. Rodriguez's also spoke about him on radio and exposed the lies of this guy. He claimed Bollyn made statements to further his beliefs and to marginalize him because of a fight that BOllyn had of some sort with Jimmy Walter and Rodriguez did not wanted to get involved. Bollyn retaliated writting the lies. Bollyn was fired from American Free Press for making false articles ,check Michael Collins Piper radio Show on the net. One of those articles was that one. Also he was found guilty last week in Chicago for assault and resisting arrest (got to the same page you quoted: a highly racist page!) he claimed he was attacked by the police by exposing that the jews did 9/11. Rodriguez also, posted somewhere some of the emails of the 3 amigos (Christopher Bollyn, Eric Hushfmifdt and Daryl Bradforth Smith). This is old news that was dispelled long time ago.


Any idea how reliable the claims made in Bollyn's article are about Deborah Simon as a promoter of Loose Change?

He did, in several radio

He did, in several radio shows including the Alex Jones show. He was very busy helping push for a senate hearing in Washington to help the first responders get their answers about the gov. lies about the environment. I think he was successful since it was posted somewhere that indeed, Congressman Nader and Hillary Clinton will hold this hearings at the end of June. Also Rosie talked about him as a personal friend. If I remember well, he was helping the production of the event.

Also, why does he gets on the front page every week? He is very busy trying to get the people to question the official story and he does not agrees with it at all. I have also spoken to him and he disagrees with it. He gets international and National media attention because, different from the haters out there, he is a victim and the media wants to talk to him and not others. He is very articulate and to my believe, have done unstoppable work for the 9/11 truth movement. Willie has brought in millions into the truth. He is very respected in the spanish media and if you love hin in english, you will not understand how good he is in spanish. I am a fan from latinamerica who was helped by his organisation. Go Willie!!!!

I saw him about a year and half ago at...

... the Tampa Theatre. He made no bones about 911 being an inside job at that time.

Wilie had a very galvanizing effect on the audience. Hilariously, when he finished the account of his 911 experience and the theatre's lights slowly turned brighter sinalling the end. A guy who had been completely caught up in Rodriguez' story leapt up out of his chair and clumsily crawled over the 5-6 rows of seats full of people in front of him trying to get to the stage to talk to Willie and the others. He forgot completely about using the aisle.

Why do Universities lie? This time Purdue.

Check out this link. Basically, Purdue University (via some faculty) is promoting the absurd notion that fire brought down WTC 1 & 2. Bullshit. The establishment knows that the populace knows otherwise - and they are still trying to promote these kinds of lies.

Just because info comes from a University (and a project funded by the National Science Foundation) does not make it credible. If anything, these days, it is suspect.