Building resting on its core

I just came across this:
(taken in London. These are not my own pics)
I thought its quite interesting to see a building resting entirely on its core.
Could be useful as another thing to illustrate the crazyness of the 'fire-induced -collapse' theory, maybe.

nice find

any pics of it before the perimeter was removed?


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The Port Authority was looking into "how to?" prior to 9-11

In an article (don't have the source for this) I read, Asbestos was one of the main problems the Port Authority would encounter if they attempted a controlled demolition on the towers. The towers were considered a white elephant, low tenancy. They had a real problem as it would have been too costly to take the WTC towers down safely...and impossible to take them down with this method used in your photos (I think).

Wonder if this building posed similar problems (asbestos) for whomever owned them. Really interesting procedure being utilized in London. It does show that even wood can hold up quite a bit of weight. Do you know how many floors this building originally had?

try this at home

stand on a soda can--even though it is aluminum and only a tiny fraction of your weight, it will hold you up admirably if you don't jump up and down on it...


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Try this...

..."Destroyed Records of Pre-911 WTC Estimated Asbestos Removal and Demolition Plans" 11/26/2006

There are a number of sources you may find of interest in the local link above

like this one, for example:

The Controlled Demolition of the World Trade Center; 9/11/2001, and "National Security Breach"
A material, 'legal deposition'
by Tom-Scott Gordon
July, 5, 2006
As presented to the U.S. Senate Oversight Committee, and others:

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)

Sorry to bust this a bit,

Sorry to bust this a bit, but this is comparing apples and oranges. (They're both fist-size edible fruit growing on trees.)

These pictures show clearly a building where floors are hanging from the top (see the tendons in front of the windows, the 'flimsy' floor beams, and the big box on top, containing the load bearing trusses). The WTC perimeter columns were also load bearing, not only load pulling. As a result you can see the same design elements as here, but totally different sizes and sthrengths. And these were only half of the load bearing mechanisms designed into the WTC buildings. if a 757 was flown into this building, a progressive collapse is something that would not surprise me at all. The core would still be standing, probably, and I would not be visiting this site. :)

So, with an explanation of what the differences are, this is a very nice example of extreme building behaviour resembling the WTC. Nothing more, nothing less.

Also the core of this building has a lot of masonry

The WTC did not have any masonry in it, except in the sub-levels.

On the other hand, Larry Silverstein did brag that WTC 7 was designed so that you could take out entire floors and the building would still stand. That's what they did to the 23rd Floor, for someone else before Rudy moved in. They did the same thing at the top of the building to put in a 3 story tall trading floor. It was at the same time they added the Penthouse, along with a natural gas line for someone's kitchen up there.

"along with a natural gas line for someone's kitchen up there."

Yeah, real chef's don't cook on electric stoves. This in no way explains the explosions hundreds / thousands of people heard & felt. Just saying, Windows on the world was a famed restaurant right? Then they cooked with gas.

It may have contributed

Originally Hauer wanted to run the gas line up the elevator shaft, but FDNY really had fits over that. I think a lot of things Hauer did to WTC 7 had a dual purpose. Once you have a pipe, you can you use it for other things.

WTC 1 & 2 only used gas that was hauled up in tanks as far as I can tell.