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I have been enjoying watching 9/11 videos on Google Video and passing the links around on the internet. But I'd like to bump my activism up to providing people with hard DVD's to put into their home DVD players. I have ordered the following movies from www.911dvdproject.com

1) 9/11 - Press For Truth
2) 9/11 - Mysteries
3) Dr. David Ray Griffin in Madison WI
4) TerrorStorm
5) Loose Change 2E
6) WKJO - Who Killed John O'Neill

But I would also like to be able to burn videos from Google Video onto DVD-R discs and copy them and pass them out as well. This seems like a skill we should all have a handle on. Unfortunately I've been unable to figure it out. Here is my story.

OWN the NWO gave me this info: get videodownloader extension for firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/2390
I downloaded this but the icon isn't showing up in my FireFox window, so I am unable to use the program.

Canadian4Truth then submitted this advice: http://www.vdownloader.es/
It is a standalone product. Paste the web addy of the video and select your output format. I save videos as 320 x 240 AVI, then I use ConvertXtoDVD http://www.vso-software.fr/products/convert_x_to_dvd/ to build the menu and burn a DVD. I can usually get about 12 - 15 hours of internet quality video on to one DVD, which works great for people who don't have high speed connections, or just can't be bothered learning how to effectively use Google to find videos. If you download torrent files, here are some torrent links to the COnvertXtoDVD software http://www.btmon.com/torrent/convertxtodvd . Hope this helps.

I downloaded http://www.vdownloader.es yet whenever I try to download a file I get a "Socket Error # 10054 Connection reset by peer" pop up.
Since I don't have the files on my computer I am unable to use the ConvertXtoDVD program I installed. I do however have all of this kick ass movies downloaded into my Google Video Player which doesn't allow people to burn directly from.

My plan is to convert Google Video files into AVI files (or other workable files) and then burn them to my blank DVD's. Any helpful tips or links would be appreciated. Thanks.

UPDATE: I reinstalled vdownloader 0.5 and no longer have the error message. Hopefully the rest of the process goes smoothly as well.

hey man... ya i had wanted

hey man... ya i had wanted to do the same thing a while ago so i figured it out. you have to do a few things, but it's not too complicated if you're ok with computers.

first, hit the download button and download the google video player. then when you download and open with the google video player, it saves a copy onto your hard drive. it saves the file as a .gvi file. then you need a program to convert it to .avi. i use a program called Naevius GVI converter... i think you can use it as a trial, but i paid the $20 to buy the program. then once you have the .avi files, you should be able to burn them onto DVD's with a varity of programs.... the one i'm using is call Xilisoft.

one day i got paranoid that they might remove all the google videos... so i copied all the movies listed on my site to .avi files and burned them to dvd's so i would still have them. if you have any questions, just send me an e-mail. my e-mail's on my site.


Many other programs will do it as well

As long as Google Video player is installed on a computer with it's specialized divx codec, other programs like virtualdub and TMPGEnc Express, or other video editing software like adobe can do it as well.Though in the case of using those programs, you'll have to select the "files of type" box to show "all files" in order to open the .gvi file you've downloaded.

Download the Clevelan DVD v2!!!!!

I collect movies too. Checkout http://DVDFlick.net freeware. Thanks for your activism. Peace.

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If i might add a title

I find that Everybody's Gotta learn sometime is a good way to kinda back into the issue without going too much into the demolition etc. could be a good pair with press for truth, or something else. Just my 2 cents

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