One Way To Initiate an Independent Investigation of The World Trade Center Collapses

One Way To Initiate an Independent Investigation of The World Trade Center Collapses

The need to re-investigate the World Trade Center Collapses can perhaps be accomplished through an alternative means. This would be a class action lawsuit by the citizens of New York City, other persons directly or indirectly harmed by the buildings’ collapses, and if possible and not precluded by prior legal restraints, the families of victims killed in the collapses themselves. The defendant would be the designers and builders of the World Trade towers. If as it happens, that the findings of the 911 Commission Report are generally taken to be the truth of the situation, then it would seem that the buildings’ architects, engineers and builders should be held accountable for faulty design. They claimed after all, that the buildings were designed to withstand a direct hit by a modern jet passenger craft. According to NIST and the 911 Commission, the jet impacts of both World Trade towers caused the collapses, or initiated the unique collapses after fires started by the aircraft, weakened the steel support systems of the floors impacted, that caused a secondary catastrophic multiple floor failure. This contradicts the claims of the buildings architects, and casts doubt on the design and engineering industry’s credibility and capability. Because the loss of life was so severe, and the disruption to many lives so far reaching, a class action suit is at least warranted.

The objective of the suit, is of course, not to prosecute the buildings designers, engineers and builders, as it is to call attention to the faulty conclusions within the NIST and 911 Commission Report. This would be a consequential opportunity for the architects and engineers who question the findings in the NIST report and the report of the 911 Commission, to present their evidence and evaluations of why the buildings collapsed. Such a visible and public trial could not be ignored by "all" the media. The trail would help to catalyze a Congressional investigation. In any event, it would augment current strategies and add to the pressure to conduct another independent investigation of the World Trade Center collapses.

I believe that the scale of the injuries and deaths and the multiple special circumstances encompassing these harms, may trump statute of limitations restraints on such a lawsuit.

what a great idea! E

what a great idea!

yeah, i'd love to see that

frog-faced traitor (Skilling?) now begin arguing that the buildings should NOT have fallen from impacts AND fire.
They would all be forced to argue on the side of truth to save their asses, brilliant. We need more of this type of "using their own bs against them" tactics, to cause infighting among them, then the house of cards will really fall :) They are rats, they will jump ship one by one when its THEIR asses on the line.

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Only Problem is...

Is there a judge that would take the case and not simply toss it out of court? Our Judicial system...well...hmmm. Not sure how interested in finding justice they are...

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no statute of limitations on murder

why not a civil class action suit for wrongful death against the person responsible for the buildings' safety--the leaseholder, Larry Silverstein?


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