Ryback Bullhorns WATE (ABC) Channel 6 - Knoxville, TN June 11th, 2007

Check out my site for more info about this event, it was done with not much advance notice, so we only had a total of three people at this action event. We did get the news director to come out though, he now has his own copy of 911 Mysteries, links, and info to research. He says he will, we'll see.


Ryback Bullhorns WATE (ABC) Channel 6 - Knoxville, TN June 11th,

Richard D. Brinkman www.edmonton911truth.com
You Rock !

Bringing the truth to the mainstream media


This needs to catch fire across this nation.
If we can wake up the lower level media people,
perhaps the effect will be volcanic...reaching the top
Good job Mr Ryback!


a 1 point for his infowars-prisonplanet infomercial.


3 points for the nice scene of bullhorning the channel.

Good idea, will see how we can copy it here in France.

Herblay FRANCE

Bonjour ,

Good idea to do it towards the television companies that are not doing their job on the 911 truth.

I do not have the courage to do the same thing outside TF1 ( French National Television ) by myself but I am going to show this video to my friends and encourage them to join up with me to do it together.