Gore Vidal Recommends "The New Pearl Harbor"


In this interview from 2005, Gore Vidal plugs David Ray Griffin's "The New Pearl Harbor", and recommends it as reading material. An endorsement late in coming, but considering Vidal's stature as a great American novelist and historian, a priceless endorsement.

Recorded for Cal Poly Pomona's "Hot Talk" interview program, found on the show's archive and sent in to us by user Toten. The entire interview is well worth watching. The YouTube segment above begins just after a discussion about McVeigh and the OKC bombing.

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this is great

a really nice endorsement! thanks for sharing!

It sure can't hurt.

I don't agree with everything he said but at least he mentioned Griffin's book. He is sure right about the media though. Without a complicit media they never would have gotten away with 9/11. I pay no attention to anything the MSM puts out. If they said it was sunny out I would carry a raincoat.

great find

Thank you.

I've heard a few people

I've heard a few people refer to Mr. Vidal as a "gatekeeper". Now we know it's not the case. Great to know that not every "leftist" academic is a shill!

Gore Vidal Rocks

Gore Vidal, a life long DC insight man, tells it like it is. Vidal is a supreme writer and intellect and his perspective should infulence others. Great find.

Another excellent writer was Hunter S. Thompson. (RIP)

Just stumbled across this youtube, thought it was worth sharing, very well edited.


Gaeton Fonzi

Reprehensor, thanks for acting upon my tip.
Please take into account that this was just a byproduct as I primarily searched for the interview with Gaeton Fonzi on the Pomona "Hot Talk" programe. Fonzi is the resercher for HSCA in the late 70s who framed the late western hemisphere director D.A. Phillips and the CIA in the JFK assassination plot, basically he delivered him on the silver plate and those retards in the Congress didn't follow up.. There are many other very interesting interviews beside these two.

G. Fonzi on JFK is here:

I thought you were wrong!

Vidal is a Pearl Harbor buff, I thought he was maybe talking about Stinnet's book or something.

I didn't know that he read Griffin. He even gave Griffin points for style.


Sorry to burst your bubble but on CNN he recently said no MIHOP conspiracy. Too bad, I earlier thought he was on the side of the truthers. Now I don't know if he has weak analytical skills or a gatekeeper:

Gore Vidal Talk Asia Interview
POSTED: 1303 GMT (2103 HKT), April 12, 2007


AR: You do seem to have this rather anti-establishment drive about you. I mean you've also suggested that the Bush administration let the attacks of September 11, 2001 happen. What did you base that on?

GV: (interrupts) No, I never said that. I am quoted as saying that to show that "I'm a crazy person who believes in conspiracy theories."

AR: Plenty of people do believe there is a conspiracy theory about that.

GV: Yes, they do, but I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I only go by facts that I know about. I've never been a journalist which means that I don't use opinions as facts. And this is unknown to journalists everywhere at any time; I don't do that at all. I'm a conspiracy analyst, because I know where it's coming from. What sort of general disquiet is out there in the population? I said there was plenty of information about 9-11 before it happened. And there is a presidential briefing that they finally came across after much activity to try to get their hands on it, this is Congress. Of course we'd been warned.

GV: But we had the most incompetent vicious government in the history of the United States. There is nothing compared to it. And I've written the history of the United States in something like 20 volumes. It's there and they are unique. They didn't let it happen, it happened because they're incompetent. And Bush was cleaning, brushing his ranch, on his awful piece of land that he's got in the middle of Texas, and he did nothing, because he does nothing. He's totally inactive and inopportune. And the stupidest man who has ever been the President of the United States. How can I tell that he's stupid? I don't know him. Listen to him try to talk English. Every word is unfamiliar to him. He stumbles over this one, he stumbles over that one. And you know, you think, "The poor thing should be put away and sent home...and kept under wraps." But big money wanted him for President so Halliburton could make a fortune.

A Filipino for 9-11 truth



'They didn't let it happen, it happened because they're incompetent.'

He can't even bring himself to promote LIHOP.

All those so-called 'progressives' like Vidal who keep yammering away about the 'incompetence' and 'stupidity' of this administration--who are so incompetent and stupid that they've made out like bandits since day one--in effect act as its indispensable ally. Whatever you do, folks, don't consider that it might just be acutal evil we're up against--no, no, just 'incompetence'!

Late in coming


Why do you say Vidal's statement was late in coming? The interview is from 2005. He may have backtracked somewhat (no MIHOP) but he certainly was ahead of the curve in recommending Griffin's work. GV has also done some interesting research vis-a-vis OKC.

I wonder how they got to him

Somebody must have spooked Gore Vidal. Nobody reads DRG and endorses him then suddenly claims there was no MIHOP or even LIHOP, just a stupid GWB.

If he is reversing himself for no good reason then he is incoherent. The guy is smart, too smart to suddenly claim stupid things now unless there was a compelling reason.

A Filipino for 9-11 truth