GRANNYWARRIORS Begin Assault Against New World Order

Uh oh. Dem boys down at the NWO is in a heap o' trouble now.

These pissed off Grannys are on the move to the front lines, heading toward the sound of the gun!


Their 35 foot RV is painted up "Ron Paul for President" and will be crossing the USA with two NC Grandmothers (Linda Honeycutt & Bette Smith) to Spread the word about the Ron Paul Revolution. These grannys are fed up. They will also raising awareness of the New World Order, Globalism, Nais, NAFTA, WTO. CAFTA, the United Nations, the FED, Depleted Uranium, The I-35 Coridor, Microchipping, National ID Cards, Illegal Aliens, Terrorism and the list goes on and on.

Support the Grannys and buy them a gallon of gas!

Find out when the Grannys will be in your town and hold a Truth rally. Screen a film and have the Grannys park outside the screening location. Invite your granny. Invite the media to see the Grannywarriormobile!

Granny quote:

"I have met so many people who disbelieve until they are shown the truth via Video,DVD and printed information. I spend the evenings printing up more pages of flyers to encourage people to go to the internet and learn the facts. I spend the days parking in Mall parking lots, Grocery store lots, anywhere there are people to listen. I go to meetings, different events and hand out information to everyone who will take it. So many times people will just look at me like I am a crazy old lady until they see something they can relate to and it gets their attention. I feel I am doing a service for my country and its people. Look at the pages on our trips to see some of the events we have been a part of."

America IS waking up and may not be too late.

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Ever since I can remember

Ever since I can remember voting for the Office of the President of the united States of America, has always been a choice between two evils.

Oh what a feeling I get thinking about Ron Paul as President.
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Those grannies kick some serious ass.

when the already strapped coffers

are denied federal income taxes....what then??? well, we damn sure will still have our guns, darn tootin. No social assistance in any way, shape, not a penny for education, nothin, but oh yeah, lets quadruple what we lard out to merchants of death, treasonous war profiteers. Ronnie P. sounds decent on several issues, don't get me wrong. In the debates he was like a shinning sun of wonderfullness. This , however, is not that difficult to pull off when you are surrounded by steaming piles of feces and vomit.
Do we really want to abolish the income tax? Really??? I hate big government as much as the next guy ...but come on. Only if we were to get rid of the dept of defense, turn the pentagon into a community college/job training center and eliminate the CIA and huge chunks of the FBI should any sane person even utter the phrase, "abolish the income tax"
I worked for Kucinich in 04. Will again most likely. I was wavering....being pestered by his people for $, re-enlist. My standard reply was, "When he demands answers to what really happened on 9/11, i will work for him again, and contribute"], he has and i will. Ron Paul does not strike fear into the evil heart of the health insurance industry. Dennis will abolish these blood sucking leaches from the face of the earth, as they only really exist in our sorry republic. Universal health care! NOT I REPEAT NOT universal COVERAGE.

Re: Do we really want to abolish the income tax? Really???

Actually, no. The tax laws, as written, are Constitutional. The problem is the fraudulent misapplication of those laws against persons who are not, never have been, or ever could be liable under the law and Constitution. That's why they are trying to hoodwink you into a national sales tax laughingly called the "Fair Tax.". The federal income tax is about nothing more than control.

"Only if we were to get rid of the dept of defense, turn the pentagon into a community college/job training center and eliminate the CIA and huge chunks of the FBI should any sane person even utter the phrase, "abolish the income tax""

This is conclusive proof that you don't have a clue as to how things really work. Typical conventional wisdom of the masses who refuse to read and study the Constitution as adults for no other reason than they think they know what it says because they were forced to read once it in eighth grade.

It's late but, I'm too tired to let this go or give a big hand-held link-filled lesson. So, all you get is this:


"Peter Grace Commission Report 1986" to find out what federal income taxes did and didn't pay for then. It's worse now.


The Declaration of Independence to find out why they told King George to stick it up his ass.

The Constitution for these united States to find out exactly what is and is not included in the taxing power and authority of CONgress. Also, pay special attention to Article II, Section 8 which defines the scope of CONgress' authority. Education, along with a lot of other shit, ain't in the list. Then you might understand what Ron Paul is talking about.


America: Fredom To Fascism and if you have already, watch it again 'cause you didn't get it the first time.


Peter Mac Show - Peter McCandless interview with attorney Tommy Cryer a couple of weeks ago on the fraud of the misapplication of the federal income tax, which is an eloquent discussion between two men that anybody can understand.

Ron paul strikes fear in the hearts of all whom have partnered with CONgress to defraud you of your property, including the health insurance industry. Trust me, Kucinich doesn't strike fear in the heart of anyone. And, he hasn't demanded any answers to what really happened on 9/11 either because he has yet to ask the first question. I don't believe that he ever will. Though, I will be happy if he proves me wrong.

Buy ammo, though 'cause Kucinich wants your guns.

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)

If I were American and

If I were American and actually believed in the voting process I would probably vote for Ron Paul. Technically I should have no say in the matter since I'm Canadian but I live an hour's drive from the border and US corporations) own three-quarters of my country, therefore I'm entitled to an opinion.

Paul is anti M.I.C. anti-CIA, (presumably) pro 911 truth, anti-empire, anti-Fed, anti-drug war, pro gun. Therefore his views gel with many of my own, and he would likely do the least damage out of any of the candidates; that's really all you can hope for in a "representative" democracy.

However he also holds utopian views on the "free market", he is anti-democracy and he wants to abolish social security. It is possible that a Paul presidency would cut the cancer from much of the US government but vastly increase poverty in the long run via "privatization" schemes a la Reagan. I do not believe that a "free market" can exist without radically altering the nature of government itself. Required is massive decentralization of power along with a corresponding increase in democracy. Additionally, I believe that public resources such as water and timber must be shared and that people must be allowed the entire fruits of their labor. These are true "property rights". The corporate form must be abolished and wage slavery (as it was called in the 19th C, before television) would go the way of literal slavery.

Even if government was removed entirely, In a system of universal privatization capital would quickly acrue to major landowners and "pseudo" governments (with "private" police forces) would arise like fungi. Eventually we'd be back where we started.

If Paul does not win the Republican ticket he should run as an independent along with someone like Cynthia Mckinney in order to balance his Ayn Randian views. Either way I think it would be a step backward if we returned to the "follow the leader" syndrome. No one man is likely to radically alter our fate, we gotta do it together and in the streets.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

A couple of things for you to ponder

What's wrong with being anti-democracy? Would you really prefer tyranny of the masses to the rule of the written law created by your representatives, especially considering how easily the masses have been manipulated during the past 100 years?

What's most important to me though, is Paul's stance on INDIVIDUAL Rights over collective or group rights and that the specific and limited power and authority of government be respected by the government.

Social Security is nothing more than a ponzie scheme. It is not mandatory. It is an entirely voluntary federal retirement program. There is nothing in the act itself that would prevent CONgress from stopping all payments today. However, it is the probability of violent revolution by pissed off grannies and grandpas that they fear. The courts have determined that SS is nothing more than another tax. The questions for Americans then become, "Am I liable?" and "Could I invest this myself more wisely than my government, who doesn't invest it at all?".

Out of curiosity, have you read any of G. Edward Griffin's work available at

Part 1: The Chasm
Part 2: Secret Organizations and Hidden Agendas
Part 3: Days of Infamy
Part 4: The War on Terrorism
Part 5: An Idea Whose Hour Has Come (Under development)

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)

Here's how your government treats "tax protesters"...

...unless they murder them first, of course.

The caller said that Schiff was given the diesel treatement. This is when they put you on a bus and you drive... in VERY TIGHT SHACKLES for at least 12 hours a day... many times longer.

The blood pools in your legs... the shackles cut in to your skin. You are NOT allowed to go to the bathroom, so people urinate in their clothes.

Prisoners are routinely given shoes that are too small. toe nails become ingrown to the point that prisoners have to pull them out with pliers to ease the pain.

This is what happened to Irwin... they gave him boots that were too small. His foot became infected, he developed gangrene and they had to amputate his toe.

This is the fate the Ed Brown would suffer... so would Elaine... they are NOT any easier on women tax protesters.

Here's an article about Irwin Schiff and the removal of his toe:

Page 1
Irwin Schiff Update 8/06
Contributed by djahn
Tuesday, 05 September 2006
Last Updated Wednesday, 06 September 2006
I wanted to pass along the following update from Angela Stark regarding Irwin Schiff.
David Jahn

I just spoke with Irwin and he sounded cheery. But what he told me didn't make me feel cheery. Remember when I
reported that he had problems with his feet, because they made him wear those terrible army boots that didn't fit him

Well, get this. Irwin said he had just gotten out of the hospital. Are you sitting down? They had to amputate the
second toe on his left foot! I freaked out when he told me. He said they didn't treat it properly from the beginning. He said
he didn't get the proper medical attention and so in order for him not to possibly loose his big toe (which would affect his
balance) they had to take the second.

It became gangrene and...they let him suffer?

I am just sick about it. Irwin said he had no choice but to let them do it. Then, being Irwin Schiff, he
started to make jokes about it. He said, "It's not that big a deal. I just won't be able to swim that good".

I told him to sue! He is going to walk with a limp now. They are going to murder him little by little. I am so angry about this!
Then Irwin changed the subject and said he is watching the Arthur Farnsworth case with a lot of interest and is looking
forward to his visit some time, since he is in the same area.

Irwin said to keep sending him letters and cases and news
articles. It keeps him busy and in touch with the outside. He asked again about America: Freedom to Fascism and when
it was coming out. That was about it. He said they were calling him for chow and had to go.This sucks!

Angela - Irwin Schiff News


Also Please Read This:

If you don't know of Sherry Peel Jackson, watch "America: Freedom To Fascism."

Benson & Jackson - It's Our Right, Too
By Devvy Kidd

"We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately." -Benjamin Franklin at the signing of the Declaration of Independence

The IRS has filed formal criminal charges against Sherry Jackson. There's also an important update in the Benson matter.

For those who might not know about this remarkable woman, Sherry is not only highly intelligent, she's a fearless fighter for truth and liberty. Sherry, like Joseph Banister, former Criminal Investigator (CID) for the IRS, spent a couple of years investigating the Internal Revenue Code and came to the conclusion that the IRS was deliberately misapplying the code against the majority of unsuspecting Americans. And, just like Joseph, Sherry quit her job with the IRS at great financial sacrifice. Joseph Banister was tried and thank God, acquitted in June 2005; his lead counsel was Jeff Dickstein and Bob Bernhoft. The story of Joseph's ordeal can be found at the bottom of this column; see the links.

Who is Sherry Jackson? These are her words from a speech she made in 2002; no one says it better:

"My name is Sherry Peel Jackson. I became a Certified Public Accountant in 1987, I was an Internal Revenue Agent in the Atlanta District for 7 years, and I became a Certified Fraud Examiner in 2001. I am here to summarize the tales of ignorance and deception that you have heard over the last two days and I am here to inform you of the state of the nation so that you may choose your next course of action. You have heard the truth of how the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Justice, Federal Reserve and politicians have perpetuated this smoke and mirrors - dog and pony show on you the American people for over 88 years. You have heard of American families devastated by the invasion of privacy and unbridled fear placed upon them through threats of liens, levy's and even jail time. In my tenure as an IRS agent, I personally saw marriages broken, families torn apart, homes confiscated and businesses destroyed - all while my colleagues and I were out making unjust demands on the American people - without the proper authority. Now, you be the judge.

"You have seen that Commissioner Charles Rosatti, Dan Bryant, the majority of our congressional delegation and other civil servants have refused to do their jobs. It would have been as simple as answering the questions of these well-educated researchers in a public forum, such as this one. But they have reneged, so you be the judge. You have learned that the Constitution of the United States of America has been trampled on and ignored through allowing the privately owned Federal Reserve to create paper currency and charge you 47 million dollars in interest per hour - money coming from the mouths of your children and the college education funds of your grandchildren, all the while the children and grandchildren of the owners of the Federal Reserve will never have to work a day in their lives, and that is wrong, on so many different levels.

"And let me tell you, that as a black woman I am keenly aware of the history of slavery. But do you understand that we are all slaves to this system? Do you understand that the media and Hollywood play a part keeping the American people so fixated on Alley McBeal, WWF Smackdown, Moeisha and the Practice that we don't take time to read the Creature from Jekyll Island, study the Internal Revenue Code and learn the Constitution? Now, let me spend just a minute to address my culture. Do you realize that the so called black leaders make millions of dollars every year playing the "us against them" role - keeping blacks focused on the race card and away from the real issue - the theft of our future through taxation.

"These publicity mongers are well aware of the oppression brought on by income taxation, they love to march on Washington about racial profiling and civil rights, not to say that these are not real problems, but these leaders have been too afraid to approach the powers that be and have a million man, woman, boy, girl march about economic freedom from income taxation and restoration of constitutional rights. (And they have the nerve to call Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom.) Also, there's been a lot of talk about reparations lately, but know this: If all Americans were able to keep the money withheld from their paychecks every year, that money would enable them to home school, start their own business and boost the economy, save for college and retirement, even buy that 40 acres and a mule. So, you be the judge. You need to understand that with an Internal Revenue Code, Code of Federal Regulations, and other "official documents" spouting off several different definitions of United States, Internal Revenue Service and other important terms, this deception that keeps people ignorant is not a coincidence. The writers of the Code used semantics and legalese to make us think that we are required to pay the income tax and file an income tax return. Former IRS commissioner Shirley Peterson even stated that, and I quote, "Eight decades of amendments to (the) code have produced a virtually impenetrable maze. The rules are unintelligible to most citizens. The rules are equally mysterious to many government employees who are charged with administering and enforcing the law." End quote.

"This fraud was strung together by people like the former president that said "it depends on what your definition of is is" and "it depends on what your definition of sex is". This incident showed us that definitions are very important to politicians and lawyers, and no word is meaningless. For example, it does depend on what the definition of "source" is.

"The opposition, in an attempt to keep the sheeple in the flock, will scoff at us and encourage unaware Americans to ridicule those of us who have been informed, saying, "these people just don't want to pay their fair share." We have already learned from a speech by former Federal Reserve Chairman Beardsley Rhuml that this country doesn't need income taxes for revenue. This money collected from our sweat and tears is used to perpetuate redistribution of wealth, among other things. But the powers that be keep beating the people over the head with this "fair share' garbage. Well, what is fair share? Haven't the families of the victims in New York City and the pentagon paid their fair share? Haven't the men and women that lost sons and daughters, husbands in wives in Vietnam, Korea and the other battles paid their fair share? So you see, this tactic to pit those that are uninformed of the income tax fraud against those who have seen the light is baseless and must be eliminated!

"The opposition also uses our religious faith to twist the meaning of authority and to create unjust statutes. People, I know godly authority and our current system does not reflect godly authority. Many of our past and present religious leaders have been jailed for questioning authority. They have been beaten, starved and even killed for their faith and their defiance of injustice. People of America - is what you're living for worth dying for? Are you willing to take a stand? It's your choice. The creators of this Creature called the income tax, engineered their system to manipulate you into staying in your comfort zones. With a little bit of patriotism and a little bit of fear tactic mixed into a pot of inflation and deflation, they have been able to keep the people confused, intimidated and obedient for over 88 years.

"But now the truth about the fraudulent origin and operations of the Federal Reserve System and the Internal Revenue Service have been revealed to the American people. You can no longer claim ignorance of the truth. You must acknowledge it or reject it. The choice is yours. And the consequences of your decision will rest on the shoulders of your children and future generations of Americans.

"You can remain an informed slave or you can get off of the plantation. You can remain engrossed in fear, or you can take a stand like Patrick Henry who shouted "give me liberty or give me death." You can stay hypnotized by "As The World Turns" and "The Guiding Light", or you can turn off the boob tube and read the Constitution, then go ask your elected representatives why they refuse to follow it. Remember that those elected representatives have sworn to uphold and defend our constitution.

"Remember that each of our elected representatives has pledged to serve our country first-not a political party, or certain privileged and special interests groups-but you, the American People. They are our public servants. In closing, we have shown you the truth. Now, for the sake of our Country and our children, we ask you to choose justice over injustice, unity over division, courage over fear, truth over ignorance, and liberty over economic slavery. We ask you to stand with us and let the voice of freedom be heard from every corner of our great country. It is time to end this long-standing injustice and tyranny over the American People. Thank you. Sherry Peel Jackson, CPA"

Sherry has retained Larry Becraft as her attorney. Larry was lead counsel in the Vernie Kuglin acquittal. I spoke with Larry Becraft on June 13, 2007 and he has confirmed the federal government has filed criminal charges against her per Section 7203 of the IRC; willful failure to file, four counts. Larry is a veteran criminal defense attorney with over 30 years experience, but he and Sherry's local counsel have to be paid. Sherry has spent years educating Americans regarding the fraudulent application of the IRC and inspiring them from coast to coast. Her personal sacrifices have been great and now her freedom is at stake. This is our fight, too. Funds can be sent for her defense fund to: Sherry Jackson, 1560 Fieldgreen Overlook, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30088

An urgent plea from Bill Benson's attorney, Jeff Dickstein, has come in. Again, if you are unfamiliar with this case, it is of monumental importance; the links below will provide you with an overview of Bill's case. Please see Part II for the latest communication from Jeff Dickstein. For part 2 click below.

Click here for part 2-----

Important Information

Joseph Banister story of government persecution
Sherry's web site
3, Bill Benson's web site:
The Law That Never Was
May 10, 2007 Update on Bill Benson Case
September 21 2006 Bill Benson Case Update
Trial Transcripts: Vernie Kuglin
Trial Transcripts: Joseph Banister

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Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies sold. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country, ran for Congress and is a highly sought after public speaker. Devvy belongs to no organization.

She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn't left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party. Her web site (

Devvy's website:

"But truthfully, I don't really know. We've had trouble getting a handle on Building No. 7."
~~ Dr. Shyam Sunder - Acting Director Building and Fire Research Laboratory (NIST)

Have to hand it to

our seniors. What a powerful, and united group. If only more of them knew the truth about 9/11.