Hotel Bans 9/11 Hero Fom Speaking!


By Mick Meaney
RINF Alternative News

Five time honoured hero and last man out of the Twin Towers, William Rodriguez, was scheduled to speak in Peterborough, UK, until event organisers where forced to cancel.

The event venue in Peterborough, the Bull Hotel, has been inundated with telephone calls and emails requesting an explanation from annoyed members of the public, as it is completely unacceptable to ban a real hero who saved hundreds of lives during the horrific events of 9/11.

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What in the world is this?

On what grounds would people be "annoyed" to hear the first hand account of a real life, national U.S. hero? He saved hundreds of lives! This is completely unacceptable, I hope the good people of the UK boycott this Bull (shit) hotel and tell everyone they know about this.

O/T, just listening to the

O/T, just listening to the Alex Jones replay and it sounds like Aaron Russo isn't doing so hot. Hopefully he'll pull through...

Find a way to have the event at Peterborough anyway.

Herblay FRANCE
Bonjour ,
We would prefer that there was not his extra problem but we can expect it further on the way. We must get over this obstacle on working on a solution so that this event can still go on despite the phones calls. We can try to video interview some of the people who telephoned so as to understand their viewpoint.
We have to interview the manager of the hotel so that he can explain via video why the hotel has banned William Rodriguez. And put it on the net so that the situation can be analysed by us all and that we can show to the world how difficult it is to bring the truth out.
Here in France people around me still just cannot accept the truth that 911 was an inside job. I am hoping that Willaim Rodriguez's visit to Paris (invited by ) will help to open their eyes.
yours John

Zubair Islam

12 Jun 2007, 23:43

Subject: Important - William Rodriguez Event Cancellation

Hey man,

Here's a copy of a message i've been forced to send around. What a $***bag, heh?

Hope you're well,

Hi there,

Well, we have been well and truly ripped apart by the Bull Hotel who have, at late notice, decided to cancel our booking for the William Rodriguez UK Tour date on the 19th June. We now have no venue and, therefore, no event.

This shocking decision was apparently taken by their manager, in fear of the hotel’s reputation, following a letter from a member of public correctly stating that they had witnessed one of our activists being sworn at (and his camera spat upon) during some leafletting in promotion of the event.

Why this incident should concern the hotel is beyond us and we are shocked at this decision has been taken, especially in light of the fact that our promotion of the event has been extremely well received, with a number of local councillors and prominent local authority figures having confirmed their attendance as well as many MySpacers and members of the general public. All of our leafleting has been very well received, bar this solitary incident incited by a member of public with an obvious lack of self discipline or moral regard.

The manager has not bothered to consider speaking to us personally to discuss the content of the event or explain his decision, rather he has chosen to ignore our half a dozen or so phone calls. What’s more, the hotel are refusing to compensate our self funded group in relation to the marketing expenses of hundreds of pounds, which leaves 9/11 Truth Peterborough with no funds for any future activities after our banner tour in association with East Anglia Truth.

A number of East Anglia Truth supporters will be marching through Peterborough Town Centre this Saturday (16th) with “Investigate 9/11 banners” as part of a tour of the region. We’ll be starting from Marks and Spencers on Bridge Street at 2pm and will be filmed for a feature length documentary on the UK 9/11 Truth Campaign that will be released later this year. We will be handing out hundreds of DVD’s and leaflets and will be the start of a large awareness raising campaign in Peterborough and the East Anglia region. Please come over and join us. We have some MySpace friends from around the region that are planning to come, so it is also a great opportunity to meet others that are of a like mind who are also local.

If you have any questions about this, then please get in touch.

We apologize for the late cancellation of the William Rodriguez event but I’m sure you’ll appreciate the extent to which this was out of our control. We certainly do appreciate your interest in this event and we’ll be sure to advise you of any future activity.

For now, we are broke and pretty downtrodden…but we will rise again!

Please feel free to ring the Bull Hotel on 01733 561364 asking for a reasonable explanation in their cancelling this event…but don’t be surprised if you don’t get a call back. If you are given an answer, however, you’ve done better than us so we’d be grateful if you could let us know your findings.

We hope to see you on Saturday.

Kind Regards,
Ian Barrett
9/11 Truth Peterborough


14 Jun 2007, 11:34

Subject: Hi there...

Prending our consideration of the next step in relation to the Bull Hotel and our cancelled event many of our attendees are contacting the hotel to try to ascertain the reasons for their concern about the Willie Rodriguez talkand, subsequently, the decision they have made.

It would be a great help if you could ring the Bull Hotel on 01733 561364 and record this if at all possible. Don't worry if, not...just a call would be most appreciated.

All the best,