Peterborough Hotel Cancels William Rodriguez UK Tour Booking - Leaves Local Group With No Event & No Funds for Future Activities

Well, we have been well and truly ripped apart by the Bull Hotel who have, at late notice, decided to cancel our booking for the William Rodriguez UK Tour date on the 19th June. We now have no venue and, therefore, no event.

This shocking decision was apparently taken by their manager – who is in fear of the hotel's reputation - following a letter from a member of public correctly stating that they had witnessed one of our activists being sworn at (and his camera spat upon) during some leafleting in promotion of the event.

Why this incident should concern the hotel is beyond us and we are shocked at this decision has been taken, especially in light of the fact that our promotion of the event has been extremely well received with a number of local councilors and prominent local authority figures having confirmed their attendance as well as many other members of the general public. All of our leafleting has been very well received bar this solitary incident incited by a member of public with an obvious lack of self discipline or moral regard.

The manager has not bothered to consider speaking to us personally to discuss the content of the event or explain his decision, rather he has chosen to ignore our half a dozen or so phone calls. What's more, the hotel are refusing to compensate our self funded group in relation to the marketing expenses of hundreds of pounds, which leaves 9/11 Truth Peterborough with no funds for any future activities after our banner tour in association with East Anglia Truth.

We apologize for the late cancellation of this event but I'm sure you'll appreciate the extent to which this was out of our control. We certainly do appreciate your interest in this event and we'll be sure to advise you of any future activity.

Please feel free to ring the Bull Hotel on 01733 561364 asking for a reasonable explanation in their cancelling this event…but don't be surprised if you don't get a call back. If you are given an answer, however, you've done better than us so we'd be grateful if you could let us know your findings.

For now, we are broke and pretty downtrodden…but we will rise again!

If you wish to donate to our group in order to help us to fund for future events, please send an email to for further details.

Many thanks,
Ian Barrett
9/11 Truth Peterborough

Legal Action?

Sounds like a job the ACLU or other lawyers might get involved with. As for the us.. hopefully we can take this publicity and turn it into even more activism, membership, and education. Peace guys and good work.

Let the citizens of Peterbourough know about this censure !

Herblay FRANCE

This is just a beginning and we have to make the Peterborough Hotel pay financially for breaking their contract at last notice. To dissuade in the future, others Hotels from cancelling in too late notice, this Hotel should de heavily sanctioned and their censure widely published locally and nationally.

Can the town major can be solicited to find a solution to this political problem ?

Yours John

Have it on the public byway...

outside the hotel...

I agree with Orangutan, check to see if you can sue for marketing, promotional costs and other expenses incurred...

Good luck with sorting it, best wishes !!!


What cowards!!!!
I really hope you find a place to hold it. In the park?

A letter to the newspaper about how difficult it is to spread truth due to fear would be good.

well, they got a proper name

well, they got a proper name for the hotel then...