Photo Archive, Physical Analysis Site up and running

A site is being designed to be the largest single collection of WTC 1 and 2 research photos available on the internet.

Please submit links to your favorite photo archive sites so I can collect all photos and links in one place for easy public reference.

Also included: Photo analysis, studies of WTC core structures, photo collection of apparent bomb damage to core column sections, mappings of possible bomb locations, analysis of North Tower "spire". The site is at

This is a work in progress. Please contribute your favorite photo links and watch the site grow.

Great resource, thanks!

Image archive:

I couldn't find register functionality on the site so I will wait.

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Don't worry about signing in

Don't worry about signing in to the sight. Being registered gives you no special access yet.

Just get all your good pictures to me and I will catagorize and post them.

Or just provide me with the links. Thanks.


Thanks for creating and posting . . . william? If you want something done right you often have to do it yourself.

Looks great

I've got lot's of images I've collected and it's an endless task to try keep track of them and to keep them organized. I hate to admit how many hours I've wasted looking for one image that I know I've got somewhere, just to prove a point in an argument.

I'll try to make some additions has time allows.