We Are Change Confronts Alan Colmes

Change Confronts the Media on 9/11

Alan Colmes


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This Video Was Shot on June 9, 2007

Good Work.

I enjoyed seeing him run from the truth like he did. Thanks.

Excellent work, Mike! When I was a kid, Colmes was a crappy

rock & roll dj on New York City radio. (He always wore weird hats & sunglasses because he felt he is odd looking. I concur with him on that.)

When Colmes grew up, he sold-out & chose the lucrative job of being a CIA/NSA shill/propagandist. He & the others in FAUX News are totally complicit in covering up the 9/11 inside job, a very serious crime indeed!

I agree 100% with Tarpley that all politicians & media must be firmly confronted with 9/11 truth!

Well Done!

No name calling or provocative behavior.


He didn't chase Colmes all the way down the street and make Colmes look like a victim. He took care of business and then backed off.

And now Colmes looks like a coward who can't stand on his own 2 feet.


......Great job. And yes you're right. We need to hound the media puppets.

Great Video!

I enjoyed Mike's commentary as well.

Justin A. Martell

In a soldier's stance, I aimed my hand at the mongrel dogs who teach! Fearing not that I'd become my enemy in the instant that I preach! My pathway led by confusion boats...mutiny from stern to bow!

we know the answer

to the question if the media are stupid or complicit.
Look who pays and directs them. Mostly Zionists. Tarply is a Z-shill.
Check the facts for yourself, you are truthers aren't you, not semi-truthers !
The truth is worse than you thought, surprised ? WHY ?! Check your facts !

Yes the site that advocates banning all Jews from 9/11 truth

That website and the people over there are real winners.

And I feel even more comfortable trusting them knowing that one of the two people that run that site is Rupert Murdoch's son-in-law. Thanks for telling us that that's where we should get our "FACTS" from, Fred!

By the way, Fred, do you agree with them that ALL Jews should be banned from the 9/11 truth movement?

"If I had just paid $20 million for the NIST report, I'd be asking for a refund!"

-Dr. Frank Greening

Well done!

"If I had just paid $20 million for the NIST report, I'd be asking for a refund!"
-Dr. Frank Greening