Webster Tarpley's "Truth Squad" speech - Chandler, Arizona, February, 2007

"9/11 Truth Squads - A Strategy for 2007"

Author Webster Griffin Tarpley addresses the "9/11 Accountability: Strategies and Solutions Conference" Chandler, Arizona, Feb., 2007.

A broad overview of the international situation in light of Neoconservative misadventures around the globe. Tarpley's remedy in the short term is activism; confront the politicians and media spokesmen that enable this agenda, with video cameras and some teamwork, and spread the word: Truth Squads.

Hopefully, this will foil the plans for the bombing of Iran which will lead to broader war and chaos abroad, and increased authoritarianism at home.

This video is posted with the permission of www.911tv.org

Please order a DVD copy of the entire Chandler conference if you can. Visit:

(This talk is a couple months out of date. To get up to speed, check out Tarpley's articles in the latest issue of the Rock Creek Free Press:
http://rockcreekfreepress.com and find a local group at 9-11.meetup.com )

Lionel @ Airamerica Radio speaks out on 9/11 (sort of)

Today on Airamerica radio (prime time morning) our funny friend Lionel spoke, in response to 2 callers, about 9/11 truths and specifically about his questions about some very weird aspects of flight 93. In effect he opened a crack in the door there for discussion of this, however he quickly said that he would NOT talk about it further on air as NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR THIS. (Before moving to Airamerica radio Lionel spoke often and freely about his concerns.)

I wrote him that his listeners DO INDEED want to hear and talk about this - and may I suggest that people here send a short note saying likewise to his email address so that he and his producers know that we DO WANT more from him on this.

You can write Lionel at: thelionelshow@airamerica.com

neocon delusion bubble go burst : n'est-ce pas?

Why do you think

Air America fired Mike Malloy? He gave Webster Tarpley his entire show about a week before they fired him. Malloy now works for Nova Radio. He is not the same. Hardly mentions 9/11. I guess he got the word. Keep quiet or kiss your family good-by. That wouldn't surprise me in the least. I can think of no other explination. Needless to say I never listen to Air America anymore. Don't waste your time e-mailing Air America.

why not try

Sure I know about the Mike Malloy history - but why not keep trying over there? Sending a 2 line email is not such a time zap. ?You gonna cave in cause you think it is fuitile - then nothing will ever change.

neocon delusion bubble go burst : n'est-ce pas?

Air America fired Mike Malloy?

I sure remember that one. Malloy also had DRG and a shit load of other 9/11 truthers on his show. That is when he got fired. And your right maddog. He never mentions 9/11 truth now. I guess he did get the word. I guess you could e-mail Air America but I don't think it will do much good but it's worth a try.

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yo Webster

Please listen carefully

to Webster's cautions about Holocaust denial, those among us who insist on pursuing it as a side bar issue to 911 Truth.

No doubt most of us agree that militant Zionists through their Mossad operatives are the authors of a long and continuing record of lethal, false flag provocations and worse. But, nothing about the Holocaust directly links to that, and any apologist for Mossad black-ops/psy-ops, who cites the Holocaust as justification, should likewise be rebuked.

Whatever the reality of the Holocaust is no justification for Mossad crimes and moreover has no direct link to 9/11. It only distracts from the mission of pursuing and promoting 9/11 Truth. Please pay attention to Webster's wisdom on this issue.

It should be assumed that

It should be assumed that any 9/11 "truther" who promotes the idea of "holocaust denial" is an intentional disinformation agent, whether it's really the case or not. That would be the ultimate disincentive to shut the hell up about it. It's not even an issue and nobody should be mentioning it unless they really ARE counter-intelligence.