Who is really taking part in PROMOTING 9/11 TRUTH ACTION?!?!

I have been shocked not to hear some of the most influential people among the 9/11 truth movement failing to promote the actions on the 11th of every month. Just in case you haven't heard, there is an international call to action for 9/11 Truth on the 11th of every month...

(just look at the recent blogs for photos and video)

These actions have been an undeniable success. Thousands have been turned on and informed in single cities alone. A number of other countries are getting involved. A new group called Marines for 9/11 Truth has formed from the 11th of every month action events. This idea is great and it is developing a serious tangible movement for 9/11 Truth. I suggest everyone watch a video or look at the pictures on Truth Action and see the results of this actions so far.

Now that 9/11 truth is actually forming a movement, we are provided with yet another Litmus test from 9/11. ALL of the people who inspired these actions (aka ALL of the radio hosts and website promoters with large audiences..pick your favorite one), will YOU promote the 11th of Every Month Actions? These successful actions should function as a test to see who will promote activism and a tangible movement. I understand if some of these hosts, who have all inspired and created this movement may be uninformed about this specific action. Let us then make sure they know of these actions and then ask for promotion HELP. If (your favorite radio host) will not help, then it is time for us to evaluate their validity to the development of a tangible movement. It is not to say that we cannot still gain from all of those who have brought something to 9/11 Truth. But now as a movement truly begins to build, it is time to drift to those who are organizing action development. I submit, the movement continue to hone it's continuity by looking to those who are not just giving us tools for action, but who are putting the call to action out.

This last 11th showed an incredible receptiveness to 9/11 Truth. We had so many people asking us about the action specifically. Many people we talked to were already well informed. Even more people at least knew what Loose Change was. These event's are easy to promote and should not take a lot of time to explain. To all of you who have already taken part in these actions and to all who plan on doing it soon, let us all get on the wire to our favorite hosts of knowledge and ask for their support. It will help the entire movement see who is on board for a real action based organization.


well said

man i couldn't agree more...it literally hurts my heart when i know there are millions of people out there who know the truth and continue to sit back...MILLIONS...

it disgusts me to think that Americans really are as lazy as the rest of the world says we are... are we really that lazy that the majority of truthers wont even freeway blog or hand out information on a monthly basis?

get out on the streets and give the people the information so they see it!!!!! how easy is it to do that? we have to turn the masses then "we the people" will take our country back

im calling out everyone to start taking action and if people continue to sit back FUCK em...we gotta keep this shit going and if you're not down for monthly actions than you are guilty of complicity too! just like the corporate media, they know but they just keep quiet.


I totally agree

I totally agree. This movement needs to be better promoted and EVERYONE should be trying to get the message out.

If I dont pass out atleast 5 Loose Change DVD's a day, I feel Im slacking.

I alone have passed out over 300 DVD's at 5 dvd's per day, sometimes more. But it seems Im the only one in Tacoma doing this. I know a few other Truthers from Tacoma traveling 50 miles north to Seattle to protest and walk banners around, thats all fine and dandy., but it needs to be promoted locally. Your neighbors, then people a few streets down the block, then sread out all over your local town.

Dont wait to travel to large cities, the truth starts at home and spreads from there.

Everyone on my block has recieved a 911 dvd and most of them want more.

Promote the 11th of Every month..its a great start to get people informed and active., but dont limit yourself just to that day alone..spread the Truth EVERY DAY.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


goddamn right.
someone, make this front page!

People, you would be amazed at how many folks dont know about WTC 7, or the wargames! Once they understand these things, they are open for more and more information, and its just so awesome to watch the lights turn on in someones head.

You actually get very few people these days who will not listen to your information; besides, its a great feeling know you woke people up today, brought them out of their haze.
Morgantown 9/11 Truth
The Eleventh Day of Every Month

We help you (film makers, radio hosts, authors etc.) YOU HELP US

Sorry I didn't put this in the initial blog but....

I'm sure many of us have given lots of money to the various people who have helped inspire this movement. In some cases hundreds of dollars. Will these people who have had our support when they needed us, be here when WE NEED THEM. We gave you our money to support a 9/11 truth movement so.......SUPPORT IT!



I made a film to promote

I made a film to promote National Days of Truth Action. Most on this site have probably already seen it but if you haven't, link is here:


Spread it around!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

And a well put together film it is

This is a movie for those who are ready to MOVE!


National Activists Summit

I'm strongly hoping that we can get your involvement in our summit. It would be great to really get together on the 11th of August in State Capitals.

Let's unify the states, and then unify the nation, and then all go dodge some bombs.

I'll name names....

Those that know me know that i never bite my tounge. I could really care fuckin less what someone thinks or feels about me . Since day one of me entering this movement i have always had the approach of not to turn this into a popularity contest or make a dime off of it. And trust me if there were a person around that could scam a few bucks it would be me , but i choose not to for many reasons that are pretty self -explainitory.
There is NO excuse that we should not be seeing pictures or videos of Alex Jones, Webster( truth squad my ass) Tarpley, Kevin Barrett, Mark Dice, and any other person who is in the lime light of this movement. They aren't to busy that they missed the last 6 months of street actions. It is a Litmus test and time will tell who the real Patriots are and who just wants to like i said make it a popularity contest or turn a buck or two . As i type this i'm listening to a guy from from Albany N.Y calling in his report to Cosmos . . I don't know about you guys but i feel that people like him are the real heros in this movement. He does it for Love !
Some may argue that the people i mentioned are excused , because they do or have done so much allready. All i have to say to that is BULLSHIT. And another thing i don't need to see another 911 documentry. It'll be great in LCFC gets out and into theaters, but if it does'nt it's not the end of the world. All the info we need is out there and the next step is to make sure people are getting it, and what better way to accomplish that then to get out in the streets and take action HOWEVER you choose.
So if Alex Jones doesn't want to promote the 11th day campaign ask yourself why? Or Better yet ask him why i know i will be .....
Mike in Florida......
"We are going to keep up this fight till the end, till the very end... They took it from the top to the bottom. We're gonna take it from the bottom to the top!" -Dan Wallace