Psyops Primer -- the UFO phenomenon

These two articles show links between top UFO "researchers" and the CIA.

UFOGate, The Alien Overlords

MJ-12: Majestic, or Incredulous?

There is some hinting that fake UFOs are coordinated as light shows for observers, as part of psychological warfare exercises.

This relates to 9-11, as it parallels the disinformation attacks we have suffered under since that tragic day. Interesting links back to Rockefeller are included.

The most likely explanation, and one released in an investigation of the UFO phenomena, is that this was the cover story of choice when top secret experimental aircraft were sighted by civilians. Coincidentally, that was also the plot of the first X-Files show; then it went off into other less plausible "truths" that were "out there."

The UFO / CIA connection could help, as long as the evidence checks out. It shows a pattern of deliberately lying to the people, almost gleefully telling us bullshit ... just because they can.