Ray McGovern on Revolution Radio (Friday June 16th)

Ray McGovern on Revolution Radio tonight 10pm eastern. Sorry for the short notice, but should be a great show!


Michael Moore and "V for Vendetta"

I can't imagine why Michael Moore would promote "V for Vendetta" (now playing on HBO) so much on his website when it first came out, yet not be open or speak out about 9/11 Truth and state sponsored terrorism. That is what the whole movie seems to be about. I wonder what his story is. I'm pretty sure he was promoting hard core like to his audience when it came out. Strange. I hope we can bring him on board soon.


radio killed the..............

I want to repeat here, that yesterday on Airamerica radio (prime time morning) Lionel spoke, in response to 2 callers, about 9/11 truths and specifically about his questions about some very weird aspects of flight 93. In effect he opened a crack in the door there for discussion of this, however he quickly said that he would NOT talk about it further on air as NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR THIS. (Before moving to Airamerica radio Lionel spoke often and freely about his concerns.)

I wrote him that his listeners DO INDEED want to hear and talk about this - and may I suggest that people here send a short note saying likewise to his email address so that he and his producers know that we DO WANT more from him on this.

You can write Lionel at: thelionelshow@airamerica.com

neocon delusion bubble go burst : n'est-ce pas?

Lionel had links to several 911 Truth sites...

among his "Lionel Links" on his website.

They may be gone now. I have not checked in a while.


Don't count on it

As he told Alex Jones, he thinks it's unamerican to talk about the hardcore 9/11 issues.

Why can't MM speak for Truth?

While it may be difficult for some of us to understand, there are undoubtedly millions who agree 9/11 was an inside job but nothing can compel them to admit it. It seems to be human nature to play it safe. If on the other hand it became "cool" to be a Truther, they would be be in the vanguard of the movement. Let's face it, at this point in history we are still a relatively fringe group who are only relevant within our own spheres of influence. Maybe some Paris design house will adopt the "Investigate 9/11" theme for this falls theme (ya right) and all the "cool"people in Hollywood will sport the new chic designs. Let's face it, that ain't gonna happen. I have no doubt Michael Moore and Neil Young and others like them who usually stand for justice and against abuse of power, are aware of the Truth about 9/11 but they can't bring themselves to face the potential ridicule and career destruction that Rosie dealt with. Don't hold your breath waiting for them to come on board unless by some miracle it becomes acceptable or cool.

Michael Moore??? Are you shitting me??

This dude was standing on the Democratic Party 'victory' stage in the 2000 election, with Al Gore.

If you're still pining for him to join our ranks, I don't know what else to tell ya.

Except that I'm a Nigerian Prince and I have to hide millions of dollars in some lucky bloke's bank account!

Ray McGovern on being called Anti-Semetic and Dean

Behind-the-scenes video of Ray McGovern speaking at KC, Kansas Community College in the student Intercultural Center. This brief video includes fascinating comments about Middle East politics and McGovern's response to the political label of "anti-semite" caused by his mention of Isreal at the DSM hearing, and Howard Dean's related response (videotaped with permission of the local organizer).


Ray McGovern

Ray McGovern is one of my favorites. How we got to the point where Americans treat the views of people like Danny Bonaduce and Tucker Carlson with the same relevance as someone like Ray McGovern is beyond me.

Anyone 'archive' this? I've

Anyone 'archive' this? I've heard that Ray M. has come out in support of 9/11 Truth and would love to hear the interview.