Report from the June 13th Impeachment, 9/11 Truth rally in Palo Alto

Heroes Rallying and Singing for 9/11 Truth and Impeachment

After our monthly Impeachment Rally in May, images in the local papers with the impeachment theme and captions like “One with the Force” hinted that we were up against the Evil Empire. The public loved the costumes. We never had an easier time passing out fliers than when dressed as Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and Yoda. It was so much fun we decided to do it again, once again passing
out Heroic Citizen awards--this time for 9/11 Truth instead of impeachment.

Jane Bark and great signs

Lytton Plaza was well decorated with the giant Commission Report replica, the twin towers being blown up and labeled “Constitution” and “Bill of Rights,” my usual banners, and an awning and rows of chairs in the shade. We found a great new song, “Impeach Cheney First,” by Bill Oliver. We played impeachment songs before the rally and a blues musician played antiwar songs. We had a decent sized crowd for Lytton Plaza at 1:00 pm on a Wednesday and some press, lots of photographers.

BrainPhreak, Mike and Yoda (See Yoda's photos and write-up at his website.

Dennis Bernstein, one of the best known investigative journalists in the Bay Area and host of KPFA’s Flashpoints, was our Master of Ceremonies. The chapter he contributed to Impeach the President- The Case Against Bush and Cheney well qualifies him to speak on the need for impeachment.

Dennis Bernstein

We were particularly honored and fortunate to give the first 2007 Heroic Citizen for 9/11 Truth award to Dr. Robert Bowman, on his 2007 Patriot Tour, one of the most prestigious speakers to call 9/11 “Treason” back in 2003. Bowman actually spoke with 9/11 Commissioners Kean and Hamilton, who admitted that the military had lied to them and that the report was basically the work of the White House flak Philip Zelikow. Bowman immediately gave the award to his wife Maggie who has been by his side for fifty years.

Maggie and Robert Bowman

Next we gave an award to Richard Gage, AIA, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, who has worked diligently to create a presentation about the destruction of the buildings. He has given this for architects throughout the Bay Area, and at several universities in the USA and Canada. Accepting his award, Richard went over the key evidence for controlled demolition, a hypothesis which the official investigators (FEMA, NIST, entities under control of the White House) refused to consider. He also spoke of his personal growth through his activism, and mentioned some of his heroes who weren’t able to join us that day- David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan.

Richard Gage, AIA

Our next award was to Jim Hoffman, creator of the renowned website. Jim had given some of the earliest talks challenging the official “collapse” theory about the buildings, with special focus on World Trade Center Building 7, which the press and the 9/11 Report have not been able to explain and have tried to ignore. Since Jim was away hiking in the Sierras, the award was accepted on his behalf by Victoria Ashley, who has worked closely with Jim over the years and well deserved our thanks and appreciation for her work and collaborations with others to pull together last year's Lifting the Fog Academic Conference at UC Berkeley.

Victoria Ashley accepting Jim Hoffman's 2007 Heroic Citizen for 9/11 Truth award

We interrupted the 9/11 Truth awards to give a special award to Dennis Bernstein for all his work to break important stories (including 9/11). We gave him a 2007 Heroic Citizen for Truth award and tried to capture a photo of our award winners and super-heroes before Dennis and Richard had to leave.

Our next award was given to Janette MacKinlay, a 9/11 survivor, who became convinced by the 9/11 Commissioners that they were involved in a cover-up. Janette has been a liason between the East and West Coast 9/11 Truth groups, and has helped with the national conferences and has been speaking publicly and organizing events. Janette said that the government would like us to think of those who died on 9/11 and fighting in the bogus War on Terror as heroes, but she sees them as poor innocent
people murdered in cold blood or deceived by the government's lies. She sees those in the 9/11 Truth movement as heroes. "In the face of adversity they continue to fight the fight, to do what is right for our beloved American. I’m proud to be counted among them. Courage can be contagious!"

Janette MacKinlay

Our next award winner was Aaron Dames, a student at San Francisco State University, majoring in International Relations. Dames has organized 9/11 Truth film showings at his school and at libraries in San Francisco. He also organizes weekly meetings and has demonstrated at the White House and the Capitol Building for 9/11 Truth and intends to do so again in July. His tireless efforts are amazing.

Dames said the 9/11 Truth movement seeks more than impeachment and reinvestigation, but transformation of systems of government and economics so that human rights will no longer be
hijacked by conniving shysters in public office. "Our government has become more dangerous than the enemy that they claim to protect us from. In an ever divisive world, wrought with severe poverty, unprecedented population growth, catastrophic rates of environmental destruction, and suicidal stockpiles of nuclear weapons – leaders, both here and abroad, continually pursue policies that ensure further societal division, carnage, and warfare – increasing military expenditures to over two billion dollars a day – yet, assuring people everywhere that such steps are necessary for our safety and survival. Meanwhile, millions of innocent are dying of starvation and insanitation, impoverished civilian masses are slaughtered by weapons produced in the wealthiest countries, and the natural world teeters on brink of collapse."

Dames asked passersby to question why WTC7, which was not hit by a plane, fell at free fall speed into its own footprint and produced a pool of molten metal; to ask why the crash of flight 93 created an eight-mile debris field, why we have been denied videos of the Pentagon strike.

"And check to see if the Osama Bin Laden confessing to the attacks looks like other pictures of Osama Bin Laden to you."

9/11 Truth has the potential to transform citizens' perception of government and each other, Dames said,
and to abolish "treacherous realities" of government operations. We must seize this rare window
of opportunity to expose the dementia of our leaders and create total system change before we descend into chaos. "There is nothing that says we cannot create a more just global society – one without war, violence, environmental destruction, racism, ignorance, poverty, economic disparities, empires, or even money. We have little to lose and everything to gain. All that is necessary is the vision and will."

The final award was given to Cosmos. I have known him for his work for years, since the first 911 Power to the Peaceful Concert, (when we had a 9/11 Truth march in 2002) and he was shooting video. He had a 9/11 Truth community access television show in San Francisco. At our regular Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance meeting, he first proposed the National Day of Action Campaign on the 11th of every month. Some in the group (I was one) groaned at the idea of “more work,” but Cosmos went forward and made the idea a reality and a success. He hosts the ‘Truth Revolution” radio show on We The People Radio Network. His epic efforts in 9/11 Truth have inspired others to participate and network, strengthening and multiplying the countless heroic efforts of individuals and groups throughout the US and across the planet. The “National” Campaign has gone ”International;” solidarity Truth actions are now held in Australia, Britain, Germany and France. Cosmos said this was his first award since he won a bubble blowing contest as a nine-year-old.

After a photo op with the award winners (minus Richard and Dennis), we gathered banners, posters, and leaflets, sang the new words to our impeachment song and walked down University Avenue. Some people joined us and joined in the singing. Bernie has a strong voice and added his own lyrics.

Marching and Singing on University Avenue, Palo Alto

Outside of the Congressional office

It s extraordinary how the press can ignore the cries for impeachment, but it is heartening to know that the chairs of the Progressive Caucus, and the US out of Iraq Caucus, California’s Lynne Woolsey, Barbara Lee and Maxine Waters have signed on to Kucinich’s articles of impeachment against Cheney, HR 333. We need to keep building pressure and raising awareness and courage; truth, art, creativity, music, and humor are our best tools. After the rally, we relaxed and brainstormed about producing music videos combining the new songs with the photos and footage from our rallies. As long as the media lies and withholds vital information, people must develop their own ways of communicating to challenge a system which serves few and endangers the many.

Delivering a message to Congresswoman Eshoo's staff

I didn’t realize when I began “playing” Wonder Woman that her tool was the “Lasso of Truth.” Only love and fear are more powerful than truth. One of my favorite quotes is from Jimi Hendrix: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

Victoria and Wonder Woman with petitions supporting Kucinich's House Resolution 333 outside of Eshoo's office

Thie Report was written by Wonder Woman, edited and improved with a key point by Spiderman, with photos by Yoda and others. The entire rally was a collaborative event, sponsored by the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance. A more rambling report with photos and entire speeches by Janette and Aaron can be found at