Toronto Showing of 9/11 Mysteries and Guest Discussions with Barrie Zwicker, Graeme MacQueen, and Michael Keefer,, and showed "911 Mysteries" at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto Thursday June 14th at 7:00pm. Speakers included Barrie Zwicker, Graeme MacQueen and Michael Keefer, with a turnout of about 165 people. Great discussions with these fantastic speakers and other 9/11 activists after the event at Laila's across the street. Thank you and kudos to the organizers for all of their hard work, especially Mike Cogan. Here's a picture of Barrie and me. :)

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Barrie Zwicker's a good man.

Barrie Zwicker's a good man. Wish I had been there...

Great work! (I just wish we could've gotten more than 50-75

people to turn out for an important event like this. Perhaps more advertising or something for future events?)

It's possible

that many people have already seen 9/11 Mysteries on the internet.

It's also tough to get people out to stuff in the middle of the summer when many people go on holidays.

Planning for another event

I forgot to say that the organizers handed out tons of free DVDs of Terrorstorm and pamphlets to people passing by the theatre and also used the time after the event to discuss another one for this Sept. anniversary. And yes, Barrie is one of the friendliest, most interesting, and genuine people I've met. He's writing a book on false-flag events which is supposed to be published in December. Keep up the great work Barrie!

Oops, final numbers were closer to 150-200 people

sorry, i underestimated the numbers, which turned out to be much closer to 150-200, thanks to all of the organizers - great job guys and thanks for your hard work!!


Yes indeed the attendance was about 165.


great job folks. just curious, what was the process like to get a theater to play 9/11 mysteries?
our group will be working on getting LCFC at our local theater, and we could use some advice

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The Eleventh Day of Every Month
Architects and Engineers

Bloor Theatre booking

This theatre allows bookings for individuals to host special events. All I had to do was to reserve the theatre well ahead of time (3 or 4 months), pay the $650 rental, submit a review and description in time to get in their flyer. This theatre hosts film festivals and a variety of foreign and cultural /arts movies as well as more mainstream movies that they show to make their budget.
So it was a matter of reserving the place and dropping off the DVD with the projectionist on the day. We supplied a box office person. They had 3 or 4 staff on site.