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“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on…”
- President George W. Bush

A preview of “SHADOWPLAY: 9/11 Deception & Dominion”, will be shown at the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference.

SHADOWPLAY is an 80-minute feature documentary, produced by Upstream Media with Global Outlook.

Meet Director Gillian Norman and Associate Producer Ian Woods at the Vancouver conference to discuss this provocative exposé of treason and criminal hegemony.


Islamic extremism, terrorism and 9/11 are now all synonymous. But what if that horrific act was not the work of Arab extremists at all? What if it was something far more sinister – an evil contrived from within? In the past, invisible elites lurking behind thrones have tightened their grasp on power by provoking attacks on their own people, then blaming the enemy as a casus belli – a false-flag pretext for imperial wars. The idea that this could happen today is almost unimaginable. Or is it?

False flag operations - named after pirate ships that showed enemy colors - are deceptive attacks intended to incite war hysteria. The enemy is wrongly accused, and as angry, fearful people demand retaliation, ruthless wars of global domination and control of strategic resources are masked as defensive response.

Like a phoenix emerging from the flames, a wounded nation rose from the smoldering dust and ashes of the world’s worst terrorist attack to appear on the global stage as a beacon of freedom, policing a strife-torn world for the good of all. Yet from the bunkers of Baghdad to Guantanamo's gulag, a punishing war on terror has become an unpopular war of error, as an escalating clash of civilizations is played out on the global chessboard.

With Afghanistan and Iraq still gasping in anguished chaos, Iran and Syria are now targeted for regime change to advance a global Pax Americana. Pundits comment that World War Three has begun. Some say it began with 9/11…

Exploring charges that 9/11 was a false flag attack, SHADOWPLAY features prominent experts from around the world including:

Canada - media critic Barrie Zwicker, philosopher John McMurtry, Professor of economics Michel Chossudovsky

Russia - General Leonid Ivashov

Germany – former State Secretary of Defense Andreas von Bülow

UK - MI5 whistleblower Annie Machon

France - political analyst Thierry Meyssan

US - historian Webster Griffin Tarpley, Lt Col Robert Bowman and last WTC survivor William Rodriguez.

Was 9/11 the greatest deception in world history, a staged event of high-level treachery using moles, patsies and professional killers?

This proposition may be astounding, yet some dare call it treason!


Gillian Norman
Upstream Media
Ph 61413 100 438

Ian Woods
Associate Producer
Ph 705 726 7300



A big thanks from Gillian Norman to everyone at 911blogger who has contributed to the production of this documentary, and a special tip of the hat to John Bursill who has made some substantial contributions.

If you would like to contribute to this film, you can do so here:


That one guy refers to Cheney as "Secretary Cheney". This should be changed before the release.

OT, no planes, please read!

Go to globalresearch and read the new article about 9/11.
If you disagree please complain.

I am telling you there is no "No Plane" BS in this doco...

Shayler and Fetzer are not in it either.

There are some small errors made by some of the people interviewed as the 911oz admin team has seen a rough cut preview. We will address any inaccuracies before the release is made. Gillian Norman (Director) is definitely listening to the movement and is in contact with the core, including 911blogger.

This film documentary will cut the jugular of the Neo-cons if it gains a mainstream release. I'm putting a considerable sum up to pay for original footage rights so they can't lock it up in court!

We need more support, please help! We have to fight the info war with films like this, professional produced and of quality.

Kind regards and thanks to 911blogger for their support for this revolutionary production.

John - proud to be Australian again!

WE GOT TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!... rage against the machine!!

From viewing the trailer, I believe this will be an outstanding

video! (Zwicker's "Towers of Deception" is one of the best 9/11 truth books to date.)

Here I go again...

I hate to be a critical voice around here, but seems if as much effort was put into the ground root movement as put forth in these high quality video productions, we would have gotten alot farther than we are now with 911 Truth.

We have the video evidence ALL over to raise questions amoungst the masses. But seems like every week theres another slick 911 movie coming out that looks of high finance type of product.

Are we being put to sleep as a movement? One must ask. If all the resources flowing into the movement by means of money and proffessional work, it seems someone wants us stuck on shouting out that something is wrong.
Makes sense to me, the more you keep people talking about something being wrong, and not addressing the focus on fixing it, then the criminals will just get away with it over time. just look at JFK...same effect and agenda.

We as the Truth movement need to say enough is enough sometimes. If we allow ourselves to be put to sleep, Im sure there are people out there that are willing to do just that to us.

Even though I admire the work of many in the films, I dont think we need another slick movie to keep telling us something is wrong. Hell, its been almost 7 years and most of us have been awake for atleast 2 years, the polls on the side of this site.

Enough is enough..its time to get things to the next step...and that is getting out in the streets in organised numbers.

This movement may not need a leader, but it needs someone to tell us when and what to do..or we will never be as strong as the Viet Nam peace movment.. We have the numbers, but they will drift away unless there is a clear organised movement in the STREETS with huge numbers of people.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

I just want to add

I just wanted to add, what YT is doing at is commendable..and a great start..But we need to march in the streets in HUGE numbers like the peace movements of the past and of today.
If we are seen in the streets, our numbers and strength will grow...and so will our impact.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


>>But we need to march in the streets in HUGE numbers like the peace movements

Yes, and so there is now peace in Iraq!

Marching in the streets is good for networking and sending a message to the world, but not for making change in this country, at this point, anyway. The only way to make change in this country is with cash and in the courts, if the judge you get isn't bought off. That's why something like an international effort, using international organizations like the UN, etc., is probably one of the few ways that this thing is going to go anywhere. Or a citizens' Grand Jury. OR, somehow influencing enough people in power to do something -- people who are ready to sacrifice their lives, careers, families, name, etc. Chances of that happening? Not hard to imagine.

I think efforts like the San Diego Grand Jury are the most likely way to get somewhere. The justice system in the US and worldwide is not yet owned by the corporations completely, so we should make use of it while we still can -

Confronting people of power in the streets with video put onto the internet is a good move as long as everyone behaves in a way that average people can respect. Putting the word "scum" onto the forehead of a rich white man is going to resonate with a few, sure, but those are the ones the whole thing already resonates with, so who are we really reaching? Do we want to reach the white people working in their corporate jobs? We won't do that by using words like scum. Maybe we don't want to reach them, I don't know.

Video is one of the most powerful ways to reach people. That's why you are reading / writing here on this site. If it weren't for online videos, you might not be.

Video, trials, grand juries, going international via the international courts, etc. Forget the US congress, forget the US media, forget 'marches' in the street for reaching conclusions. Those can open people's eyes and function as outreach, but they won't get us to a conclusion.

I disagree

"Marching in the streets is good for networking and sending a message to the world, but not for making change in this country, at this point, anyway"

I disagree. Our state and federal representives will not pay attention to this movement or any other movement if there is not a visable presense to force them to. More bodies = more votes and more dollars for corporate. Anyway you want to look at it, large numbers of people can visually intimidate people to act.
As long as we pacify ourselves with these mock trials and such, they will be laughing until they reach their agenda. There is no weight behind these Grand Jurys unless the media is forced to cover them. And the only way to do that is in MASS numbers. Media is attracted by a mass of human beings no matter what their agenda is.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

On April 25th, 2004

Over one million people (mostly women) gathered in DC for the largest Women's Rights rally in living memory, perhaps ever, in the United States.'s_Lives

This rally of over one million people was utterly ignored by the corporate press and congress.

I don't think you can force the corporate press to pay attention to you with sheer numbers. They just ignore you if it suits them. Or if your agenda does not suit their sponsors' agenda, like GE's longstanding ties to the Military Industrial Complex.

I think we need to focus on leveraged activism, like Truth Squads, but I'll never tell people not to gather on the Eleventh if it suits them. YT is doing a great thing.

I don't think there have been enough documentaries made, I think that ShadowPlay brings something new, a fusion of anti-war sentiment and 9/11 Truth. The Philadelphia meeting is going to attempt a greater fusion along these lines. Documentaries are powerful, and the amplifying effect of television can't be overrated.

My interest in 9/11 was propelled by online activists, seriously activated by Nafeez Ahmed's "War on Freedom" book, and cemented by the Confronting the Evidence DVD.

I still recommend "War on Freedom".

Why do some people seem incapable of understanding

that we aren't going to get anywhere without a complete diversity of tactics?

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

If you want a leader with clarity of purpose, I propose YT!

Question, resistance leader how do we get this anger and frustration I see here to work for us? For as you correctly state we need diversity with in this movement just like Shadowplay.

There is absolute merit in what Shadowplay hopes to achieve and anyone that thinks differently should consider these points;

1. The visual effect of 9/11 is why they did it. It was shocking and moving and was seen by billions of people and that memory ingrained in our heads is how they keep the "War on Terror" going. How do you erase this memory? By re-writing it with the use of media!!
2. This "slick production" has been created by someone who knows a thing or two about the mind; she has a Bachelor degree in Psychology.
3. Gillian Norman has also made many documentaries fighting tyranny in other parts of the world, which has enabled her to gather together an unbelievable group of experts and ex politicians and ex military personel that may convince the bearcats of the "Truth".

Just some thoughts for the negative posters here!!

Kind regards John

WE GOT TO TAKE THE POWER BACK!... rage against the machine!!

If you want a leader with clarity of purpose, I propose YT!

YT is a mover and a shaker and after i watched all the movies and read the books it was YT that encouraged me to finally take action...while i spent hours of time reading what Alex Jones and others had to say, none of them convinced me that i had to stand up for 9/11 truth and justice except for the persistence of YT and the passion that this guy brings to the world...

The Anti-war Movement May Move to Embrace Us

We have seen Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan move a few degrees our way.
DownsizeDC's "Press for Truth", while not strictly anti-war, is evidence
that thinking the unthinkable is worth thinking about and moving on.

I hope Peace Movement is starting to realize that they are impotent
without 911Truth. The recent vote to continue funding WAR was a
huge and painful poke in the eye for those who pinned their hopes
on the Dem-wits. That painful poke opened many eyes.

I think bringing the two movements together is about the most powerful
thing we could do. For some reason public opinion still seems important
to the PTB. The Peace Movement did assist in turning public opinion against
the wars. But as we can see, this was not enough to end them.

Peace embracing Truth could re-energize both into a POWER to be Reckoned with.
Instead of being demoralized into apathy, Truth could inject HOPE for change with
a means to achieve it.

Just thinking out loud.


Hear hear!

What he said.
On the 11th day, of every month.

Reprehensor wrote:

Over one million people (mostly women) gathered in DC for the largest Women's Rights rally in living memory, perhaps ever, in the United States.'s_Lives

This rally of over one million people was utterly ignored by the corporate press and congress.

I don't think you can force the corporate press to pay attention to you with sheer numbers."

If the goal is to get the corporate press to pay attention, then fine. But that's a pretty meager goal if you ask me. It's also unreasonable. A hundred years ago people had no illusions about the "robber baron press", and nor should we of our corporate "news" makers. Our forebears created their own underground newspapers (as we are now doing with the internet) and they organized mass action (as we are also beginning to do). A single rally, no matter how large, has never accomplished much of anything, nor has any serious activist claimed otherwise. The key is an ongoing effort that grows rather than recedes, in other words, the opposite of the current trajectory of the anti-war movement. Truth squads are vital in the same way that 911 truth vids are vital, but they are nowhere near as important as creating a mass movement. if we want serious change we will need to mobilize in massive numbers. Imo, you couldn't be more wrong on this point, Rep.

Once again I'll draw attention to the Vietnam war:

"In 1969, President Richard Nixon had a secret plan called "Duck Hook" to escalate dramatically the attack on Vietnam, including the possible use of nuclear weapons. Nixon officials planned to issue an ultimatum to North Vietnam on Nov. 1, 1969. On Oct. 15, a half-million protesters descended on Washington, DC, and across the country millions took part in local demonstrations, church services and vigils as part of Vietnam Moratorium Day. Another major demonstration was in the works for the following month. Although the public would not know until years later, that opposition was a main reason Nixon canceled Duck Hook....All who reject...militarism and plans for empire must speak louder and press harder. That commitment by people of conscience--people who believe in their own power--has changed history in the past. Our commitment today can do the same. Robert Jensen and Rahul Mahajan Source: Putting the public back in public policy, 2/17/03"

A bit of historical perspective reminds us that governments which seem to be in total control, of guns, of money, of the minds of the population, find that all their power is futile against the power of an aroused citizenry. The leaders awake one morning to see a million angry people in the streets of the capital city, and they begin packing their bags and calling for a helicopter. This is not a fantasy but history. It’s the history of the Philippines, of Indonesia, of Russia, East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Rumania, and other places where change looked hopeless and then it happened. There is a long history of imperial powers, gloating over victories, becoming over-extended and overconfident, as their citizens begin to get uneasy because their day-to-day fundamental needs are being sacrificed for military glory while their young are sent to die in wars. The uneasiness grows and grows, and the citizenry gather in resistance in larger and larger numbers, and become too much to control, and one day the top-heavy empire falls over.

There are inumerable side benefits to hands on activism as well. It allows people to reach out to like minded members of their community, build support networks, gain confidence in their own abilities, take on leadership rolls, create alternate forms of social organization, and reach newbies face to face in a way that chatting on the internet simply cannot do. Finally, civil disobedience has the potential to turn a benign "marching" movement into a social revolution.

Truth squads are awesome, I respect the people who do it, but we should have no illusions that harassing some politician and putting the footage on youtube will be sufficient to achieving our goals. As YT says, we need diversity of tactics. We need a two-pronged assault of internet activism and mass mobilization.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Full spectrum dominance

A social revolution could be a quiet revolution which, over time, could leverage into place an entire next generation of motivated leadership in every power center of American society. Our movement must begin to synergize with the anti-war movement and the Patriot movement in general. There is nothing more powerful, than an idea whose time has come...
On the 11th day, of every month.

Funny enough, but most who actually DO truth squads

ALSO take action on the Eleventh, and many of us do every day. Whereas it seems that from the people who push one kind of action over another... we don't really see anything from them. They just tell us what we should be doing. For us, presenting it as either or is a fucking joke, and a bad one at that. Those of us taking action realize we need all of it and more.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

"presenting it as either/or

"presenting it as either/or is a fucking joke"

Agreed. It's silly to draw a distinction between making a powerful 911 truth video that reaches thousands, or confronting a politician, or standing on a street corner handing on DVD's, or organizing a local group, or simply becoming a part of that group. These are all vital forms of participation, none of which is more important than the other. Each action taken alone will be insufficient, taken together probably still insufficient but with our powers of creativity we can adapt and take it to the next level.

Here's a passage which I think some will find illuminating:

Boyd made reference to Gödel, Heisenberg, and the 2nd Law:

* Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem: any logical model of reality is incomplete (and possibly inconsistent) and must be continuously refined/adapted in the face of new observations.

* Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle: there is a limit on our ability to observe reality with accuracy. Any small observational error introduced in calculations can produce ever widening mismatches over time. (see Butterfly effect)

* Second Law of Thermodynamics: The entropy/chaos of any closed system always tends to increase, and thus the nature of any given system is continuously changing even as efforts are directed toward maintaining it in its original form. Furthermore, whatever actions we take to influence any system will have unintended side-effects that may actually increase the rate of entropy increase (and hence the chaos) of the system.

The left’s organizational models and strategic assumptions reflect an absolute failure to come to terms with any of these phenomena. Democratic centralism is the operative organizational fetish on the left, and it allegedly emphasizes Lenin’s “freedom of discussion, unity of action.” In many cases, as left grouplets have become ore autocratic and taken on the character of a cult, the freedom of discussion was replaced by the demand for absolute ideological conformity. Louis Proyect’s essay on this is quite good, particularly because he is himself a veteran of one such organization. The fact is, given the unpredictability of conplex systems, we might better adopt the slogan “unity of goals, diversity of action.”

Because each political action and each political struggle is concretely taking place in a very specific and emerging environment, tactical agility in the service of disrupting the system might prove far more effective than trying to massively shift the ideological orientation of “the masses” (who are anything but homogenous in character OR circumstance)."

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Wow! Very um, SMART!

Nice post Danse! Very good! You "grok" man. ;-)

“unity of goals, diversity of action.”

The only thing I would add to that, is Continuance. Diversity of persistent, continuous action. WIthin the chaos, new order emerges along lines of proportion and extension ie: the Phi Ratio, and it is with persistent continuous diverse action (responsive/adaptive) that the bridge between the gap of, what is, and what should be, is crossed.

We are beginning to come to an understanding of the dynamics of historical formation and progression.

So now it's just a numbers game, with ACTION and more action, since faith (optimism) without works, is dead.

Personally, I think making copes and handing out DVD's is the best way to spread the word, since that format packs in the most information in the most saleable way, and captures the attention of the Newbie through the screen.

We are fomenting a historical transformation through the exchange of information and ideas, which to "bust through", needs to motivate and inspire people to "come to power" in every circle of power within our society and civilization.

It's a teaching model. And it is holographic, and organic, without structure, at this stage.

It is "An Idea Whose Time Has Come"

If a very small group of Marxist-Leninist "Neocons" can take over the ship, then a very large group, working together in a spirit of harmony to realize a definite purpose (taking it BACK), is entirely doable, as Reprehensor has pointed out, based on history. However, when we come to power, let our first things first priority item be to "chain it", so as to prevent history from repeating itself once again. Laws need to be repealed, and checks and balances restored, to restore and revitalize the republic.

On the 11th day, of every month.

Ritter''s Waging Peace - The Art of War for the Antiwar Movement

calls for any movement to get serious. From the back cover:

Ritter proposes that anti-war movement seek guidance from philosophies of those who have mastered the art of conflict from Caesar to Napoleon Sun Tzu to Clausewitz In the vein of Rules for Radicals and The Art of War, Ritter argues that one must study the "enemy" in order to learn the art of campaigning, of waging battles only when necessary, and having the ability to wage a struggle on several fronts simultaneously.

lets study this and get strategic with our efforts.

It's so true! But now, more than ever....

We have enought proof to go to a court of law. Take action.

But hwo's gonna take charge of the poursuit? When are we gonna be able to put those globalists on their knees? This could be a driving spark for the truth movement. The street movement would arise in conciouness because media wouldn't have the choice to talk about it. Imagine an instant: Bush and Cheney sued for war crimes againts Americans and the world. Why not!?

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.

I think we need...

...a "catalyzing event" to get people mobilized :-)

Hopefully not a too bit one though. Maybe the cinema release of Loose Change will be enough.

SiCKO may have the effect

of waking the sleeping masses. I encourage everyone to see this film on June 29th release date. Wouldn't be great to see the people in the streets or in the halls of government calling for the elimination of profit making insurance companies? To do so would be a great show of people-force. With this new found strength we could go on to change everything.

call for new investigation of 9/11
impeachment of Bush and Cheney
end occupation of Iraq
address global warming

dilution = bad

Personally I don't buy the GW scare and I think Michael Moore is a liar. I respect the fact that these views are by no means universal in the movement, and I don't argue them here, nor do I intend to. For me, it's very simple: the 9/11 truth movement is about one thing. We need to stay focused on that within this movement. Whatever other causes we each support should be kept out of the movement per se. We can and must collectively agree to demand the truth about 9/11 without being first forced to debate all our other ideas to unanimous conclusion. Inclusion of other causes will only serve to throw a barrier in the path of those who are not yet "down with 9/11 truth" and who don't support your/my/our view on those other causes. This movement belongs to all of us, regardless of our various beliefs or opinions, because we were all attacked on 9/11.

"unity without uniformity" -- not mine, but I liked it when I read it :-)

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

And if Michael Moore shows up

It would be great if there was someone with a camera who would confront him and ask if he still thinks it's unamerican to ask the hard questions.

I agree 100%

We should have a lot of advantages over the 60's movements, yet we've done nothing with it. I've only been fully "awake" for about 4-5 months now (I think I was half awake since at least the beginning of the Iraq war), but I've been expecting to see way more progress than I have. We really need to start seeing more MASS demonstrations, and ORGANIZED dissemination of materials (flyers/dvds...). When I say organized disseminaiton of materials, I'm talking about getting your local group together with a map of your town and canvassing door to door, or flyering in mailboxes. I'm talking about sitting down with your people and actually doing "think-tanks" on how to best market the truth, what slogans are the most effective... And mass demonstrations... Maybe once every second month big regional gatherings? Or at least state-wide gatherings. It is REALLY time to start showing our numbers. WE NEED TO BE INCREASING THE INTENSITY!! All I see is cruise control, and "winging it". Our enemy is organized, experienced, determined, and working against us 24 / 7 / 365. We need to do better.
"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." - Buddha
"What you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Gandhi
"The Sun never shined on a cause of greater worth." - Thomas Paine

"All I see... "

I see a lot of people with a lot of time to post on the internet...

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Just a suggestion for the activism day each month

I went out with the Philadelphia group in March because the 11th landed on a Sunday. It has landed on weekdays since then. I work until 6 P.M. most nights and it isn't practical for me to take off every month on that day. I am sure a lot of people are in this boat.

I am wondering if the activism day could be changed to the weekend day closest to the 11th. I know the significance of the 11th would be lost to some degree but I think more people could get out there.

The really important thing is for the local groups to concentrate their efforts on notifying their local people of when and where the activism event will take place.

Do whatever works for you

Louisville Truth's past two monthly actions have taken place on the 10th and the 12th, respectively. They just did what they needed to do, with the focus on DOING IT. They didn't need to ask me or anybody else. They are making progress in their community. Taking action doesn't have to happen in the middle of the day, either. It also doesn't have to be anything like what anyone else is doing - be creative. There are a million reasons people will give you why they can't take action, no matter what day of the week!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

"Marching in the streets is

"Marching in the streets is good for networking and sending a message to the world, but not for making change in this country, at this point, anyway. The only way to make change in this country is with cash and in the courts, if the judge you get isn't bought off."

Depends on what kind of change you’re talking about. For our purposes I think you’re completely wrong and history agrees with me.

If you look at Roe V. Wade for instance (regardless of whether you agree with the decision) it was passed by a conservative supreme court. Why? Because they agreed with abortion? No. Because there was a massive women’s movement in the streets. Why was civil rights legislation passed in the 60’s? Because the Federal government suddenly cared about black people? No, because there was a massive civil rights movement in the streets. Prior to that time, the Feds and local law enforcement invariably sided with groups such as the KKK. Vietnam war? The war ended due to a combination of fierce resistance by the Vietcong and unrelenting social turmoil in the homeland. This is not just my own opinion. The Pentagon Papers detail the aftermath of the Tet offensive in which Westmoreland requests 200,000 additional troops for Vietnam. They are refused. Why? Because said troops were needed for “civil disorder control” in the homeland. That’s another way of saying elites were scared shitless of the “anarchy” occurring on the streets, therefore the war effort had to be sacrificed in order to regain “stability”. Don’t even get me started on the labor movement. In the 19th C workers didn’t have the luxury of pretending the legal system would solve their woes; they knew that the only way of achieving basic rights was by directly challenging power and using their numbers to do so.

The reason the Iraq war protests have failed is because they peaked before the war even began. They have fizzled out over time, and we have seen very little in the way of civil disobedience. The key to a successful movement is that it must continue to grow exponentionally while tactics become more and more creative and bold.

As for the comments on 911 videos, again I disagree. It’s not a question of “either” get out into the streets “or” engage in internet activism. The two go hand in hand. We need to use the viral capabilities of the net while simultaneously engaging in concrete action in our local communities. I do agree that the “market” is becoming saturated with 911 truth videos, but that’s a helluvalot better than no videos at all. Without 911 truth videos we’d be stuck handing out books that very few would read. We live in the era of short attention spans, so video is one of our most powerful tools.

I agree that cohesion is agreed. That’s why Cosmos’ 11th Day Campaign has such potential. It does not require a singular “leader” who can be decapitated but provides a coordinated timetable for people to take action -- together, on a massive scale.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

there are other things you can do on the eleventh

wear your t-shirt, hand-out DVDs or deception dollars, slap sticker on walls, call your elected representative, email and encourage friends to attend rallies on 11th, open check-book and make donation, give book to friend, invite friends to your house to view new documentary

Don't be TOO quick to knock it

This is where the ideas are hatched within the framework of a collaborative mastermind alliance. Ideas are powerful things, when action is added to them. They have the power to move mountains.
On the 11th day, of every month.

International Citizen’s

International Citizen’s 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal


I would like to see films like this getting play in tier two or three level theaters all over the world.

If you could simply recover the costs through reduced price ticket sales, and the sale of books and DVD's, and keep people coming out, then there it is.

We don't need big hollywood film distribution deals. We just RENT the theaters ourselves.

In history, the theater has always been the place for informing the people and invigorating culture.

They come, and together, share in a collective experience which is informative, and entertaining.

This, over and above DVD distribution, should be a focus. There is enough interest out there now, to make this a feasable venue for 9/11 truth sharing and widespread dissemination.

I would suggest that "pilot projects" be established along these lines in every major urban center in North America, and then in Europe as well.

You know...those slightly off the beaten path theaters? Who knows what kind of deals we could get, especially if you can get the theater owner on board with it...

This IMO, is the principal advantage we get with these higher end productions. They are actually suitable for big screen consumption, though they need not be played in the huge multiplex theaters, but instead, the older ones, many of which are starting to close down as they cannot compete with the really BIG screen high-end modern theaters.

On the 11th day, of every month.


It could be done in collaboration with local 9/11 truth groups, and also serve as the springboard for the formation of NEW groups. It would be the perfect venue as a recruiting ground for seeding, growing and expanding truth groups also as people will want to "organize" together on exiting the theater, if only to talk about what they've just seen. And you could advertize in those local urban magazines like Now Magazine in Toronto for example, and through stickering, and flyering, like they do for a bar band event. And it could be done monthly, weekly, whatever will support it in terms of recovering the costs involved, so it can be self -sustaining in that way. I don't know about you, but I think it would be pretty darn cool to be able to round up some friends and aquaintances and hit a theater on the 11th for a showing of "Shadow Play"...and to see a line up to get in, when you arrive! And the gathering at the local bar afterwards for group discussion wouldn't be so bad either! Someone might even get LAID! LOL
On the 11th day, of every month.

"Someone might even get LAID! LOL"

Yeah that got me laughing.

Some numbnuts trying to incorporate "inside job" into a lame pickup line in 3...2...1...