Howard Dean Meets The Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Mike Jackman, Co-Founder of Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth, questioned Governor Howard Dean about 9/11 at an event in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Good effort.

Keep asking questions like that and we'll see this in political discourse yet. You are right that it is preposterous that he claims not to know anything on the issue.

Preposterous indeed

My father is aged 85 and lives in a small city in the US south. He recently had his car serviced and brought up 9/11 to the mechanic. The auto mechanic knew all about the 9/11 inside job, the demolitions. If a small town, deep south "grease monkey" knows all about 9/11, how preposterous is it for the head of the DNC to claim to know nothing?

The terms for what Howard Dean is doing?
Perjury (if he had told these lies under oath)
Obstruction of Justice
Accessory After the Fact
Aiding and Abetting the coverup

Howard Dean can be added to the long list of the people who need to be indicted for their complicity in the mass murder in NYC

Boy Alek do you have that right.

If I had any say about it I would have a stone wall built around DC and declare it a federal prison. How these people can sleep at night is beyond me. The corruption in our so-called government is unparalleled in all of human history. Hitler and his Nazi's were rank armatures next to this scum.

Guilty people never know

Guilty people never know anything at all and it is certainly not their expertise whether they are guilty or not, why don't you ask someone else who "doesn't know" ?

Good job, actually, I would have liked to see someone get arrested for being as polite in his questions as he was, damn , would that make the scum look really bad...

Another politician...

... just plainly telling us that they have more important business to attend to than the murder of 3000+ Americans and radicalization of our policies...

Student Scholars for 911 Truth

Student Scholars for 911 Truth are incredible. There is something unique about them, a certain sense of real hope for Truth. They are all bright, articulate, and damn courageous. I just wanted to say I love you guys and my family is so grateful. For Howard Dean, or any other politician, to say that he is uninformed about the issues brought up here is basically Dean labeling himself as incompetent and in no way deserving of being in a leadership position. Great work and look forward to the next Truth outing.

Hear hear!

Reminds me of John "Didn't happen in my state" Kerry's performance.

Thank you!

Thank you very much for your kind words.

Justin A. Martell

In a soldier's stance, I aimed my hand at the mongrel dogs who teach! Fearing not that I'd become my enemy in the instant that I preach! My pathway led by confusion boats...mutiny from stern to bow!

Howard does not seem too curious for the 911 truth !

Herblay FRANCE

Good work keep it up on the web as well so that we can all share it.

I had defended Howard Dean a lot against Kerry in the past and found he was the best candidat for the last presidential elections.

But now seeing the video I am upset to see that he is not very curious at all about 911 and the 911truth. We have work on our plates to open his eyes and even more to open the eyes of the other Democrates !

Yours John

It's clear that the top Dems & Repugs are complicit in the 9/11

inside-job cover-up! (For all we know, some of them may have had a hand in perpetrating it!)

Howard Dean not very curious

It is very curious that Dean was so uncurious. A followup question that should have been asked would be -

"Do you think it is unimportant that the American people get a real investigation of 9/11?"

Dude, Howard Dean just blew you off... blandly and simply as he could.

I don't think you can really ambush prominent political people likethe President of the Democratic National Committee. They'll just shrug, say I dunno, etc.

The last thing in the world a guy like Howard Dean wants to do right now is to make killer news of the kind that you were trying to get him to make. If he were to offer up a skeptical opinion regarding the official story, he'd be handing powerful ammunition to his Republican opponents. The Democrats would all rush to distance themselves from him. It's just not politically realistic to try to get someone like Howard Dean to open up his big mouth on the subject of 911 conspiracy.

And he actually DOES know about the many questions surrounding 911. He ventured a couple of dangerous remarks about it in the Democratic Primary to the 2004 election, if you recall. Of course he knows about the many questions. It's simply not politically expedient or helpful to his cause for him to jump on the 911 Truth wagon.

I sometimes wonder what schemes a Machiavellian mind like Karl Rove's might hatch if he were trying to drum up publicity and gain credible recognition for a cause like 911 Truth. Maybe you guys could hunt down a savvy Washington political consultant just to inquire about what sort of methods are most effective in advancing a subject like 911 Truth. I bet he would tell you that it's more of a grassroots thing. I bet he or she would suggest getting more musicians and celebrities to do songs or speak out on the 911. I'd take a good song about 911 Truth from Willie Nelson over some half-assed comment from Howard Dean any day!

On second thought, Willie's getting a little long in the tooth... But you get the idea..

The grassroots is the heart of the movement certainly.

But it is at least equally important that people like the student scholars keep asking these difficult questions. Like YT said, each method is important and we must do it all, not nitpick about what the best way to go is.

That said I am not surprised at all by Dean's response, for the reasons you have listed.

I wonder if The Dixie Chicks have looked ... all the problems with 911.

That lead singer of theirs is a smart gal and absolutely hates George Bush. Remember they went through all that right-wing hate after that comment she made at the London concert - "I'm ashamed our President is from Texas".

They got through all that controversy pretty well; someone made a movie about that and the effect it had on their careers. They broke all kinds of records selling CDs but were banned from Country Stations all over America.

I'd love it if The Dixie Chicks would come out for 911 Truth. Might even help their careers all over again, 'specially now that GW popularity and support for the war are both in the toilet.

Maybe we should all sign a letter asking them to speak up.

Looked to me like

Looked to me like he didn't want to touch the subject. He knows what's going on when it comes to 9/11. They all know. That's what pisses me off the most. As far as I am concerned they can all rot in hell. Every last one of them.

It's the same in Canada in my experience.

Noone wants to talk about the huge elephant in the room for fear of being blackballed. The more prescient of politicians are talking about it (and indeed, campaigning to get elected on this issue) as their peers become increasingly seen as irrelevant and cowardly.

Is there a compilation list growing somewhere

...Of all these video clips where our elected "leaders" pretend to be so clueless?
So later someone can make a video of them all strung together, which would make quite a damning statement.
Maybe also - after they give you the obvious brush off, ask them "is it just that you afraid of getting anthraxed (too) if you even mention the controversy over the 911 myth?"...and make sure that camera catches the immediate facial ticks that never lie.

"All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing."
- Edmund Burke, 1729 - 1797

Howard Dean

Yet another fraud exposed by the 9/11 touchstone.

Howard Dean's reaction of ignorance

This seems particularly disingenous considering Dean's earlier comments before the 2004 presidential elections. How many times have we seen in a 9/11 documentary where the news reporter is at a presidential press conference and asks Bush "Howard Dean seems to muse aloud that you had previous knowledge of the attacks" Then Bush responds about it being all politics and then says "That's an absurd insinuation!"

Sorry Howard. I don't believe you.

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

My sentiments exactly

The best way to approach politicians is to question THEIR words or their actions.

In the case of Dean, you should ask him what he was musing about Bush's foreknowledge about 911. It can't give you a non answer on that.

In the case of Giuliani, we should continue to press him on his apparent foreknowledge statement to Peter Jennings on ABC, his similar testimony to the 911 Commission, his actions on non working radios, the immediate removal of all evidence at a crime scene, and his involvement with the EPA on claiming the WTC site was clean.

For Kerry, we should get him to clarify what "wall" he was talking about.


How did CNN and BBC have foreknowledge of the WTC7 collapse, yet five years later, the government cannot explain it?

Good effort.

Truth squads... Time to start rethinking the strategy. You really need to be choosing your language VERY carfully, so that it won't allow these "non-answers".

You find it hard to believe that he doesn't know about 9/11 since he's the head of the DNC? Fucking tell him!!! Don't let these guys brush you off. They're NOBODY!! They're about to be completely irrelevant. "Mr. Dean, you ran for president in '04. How can you be in the dark about the defining event of the 21st century? An event that would have in large part shaped your presidency, had you won. An event that has given us two illegal wars of aggression, and almost completely destroyed the Constitution. What exactly are we paying you to do, Mr. Dean?"

You need to really think out your questions ahead of time to trap him. Then if he tries to wiggle out of it, you start to call him on negligence, ignorance, or irresponsibility. Don't get combative, just us your words in a very direct and pointed manner.

I understand that there are a lot of people in there swarming the politicians/candidates, but if you just speak very clearly, calmly, and confidently you should be able to control the energy level in the crowd for a few minutes. Speak just loudly enough so everyone around can hear.

Anyway, it was a good effort. I'm beginning to wonder if this is getting us anywhere though. What ever happened with the Giuliani string of events? If we can't get him kicked out of the race based on that PWNing, I think we're wasting our time with the Truth Squads. Is anyone following up on that any further?
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When Dean said...

it wasn't his area of expertise. The guys should have said that America is very disapointed that he doesn't know what really happened on the day that 3000 Americans were murdered! On the day that is the assumed foundation for every illegal thing this mal-adminiatration has done including the Iraq war and the Patriot Act! They need to approach him again until he begins to learn what all the fuss is about!

Maybe Dean has amnesia

It would be good to follow up with him on his comments from a few years back that resulted in GWB being questioned by a reporter about 'foreknowledge' - maybe you remember the video, he looks like he's about to die and then tries to repeat what's coming through his earpiece... managing to mumble something along the lines of "assurd assinuation".

Looks like Dean plumb forgot!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month


Read up on the collapse of the Soviet Union. It revolved around their food supply, oil supply and no funds. It is my guess that 911 is not spoken about because they know that the truth will not only bring down the United States government, but the world economy/dollar will completely collapse. This would leave the global, human network of food, medicine, water and other essentials in disarray. Our infrastructure is heavily fuel dependent unlike the Soviets who had complete public transportation. The Soviet government built all of the houses and transportation to those houses, so when they collapsed there was not a huge change in life. Many Soviets were hunters or farmers, so food shortages were buffered by this fact. Things are radically different here. If the oil supply collapses, our system will be in chaos.

I actually think we would make it through the chaos, and when people here and around the world see that 911 was a lie, they will achieve insight into how the group mind works. It can lie, and just because you are honest doesn't mean the group mind is honest. The methods of government and politicians will be more transparent than ever before in history. Politics as we know it today will not exist. 911 was a first in world history not because of it's destructiveness or method, but because it was witnessed by a vast percentage of the world population. So when the truth comes out, it will be the first time a truth has been experienced at the same time by a vast percentage of the world at the same time. The world will have a common bond for the first time that will span color, culture and language. The bond will be the realization that war and greed perpetuated by a few people can trick us into hating each other and killing each other. The bond will be that we do not have to be scared of each other; our religions and races were manipulated to generate fear to fuel the growth of empires for only a few. Our bond will be the recognition that power is false, and those who display it our misguided and will not be empowered, but ignored. Finally, we will have an opportunity to move forward. We will develop a system that is more advanced than banking for exchanging resources. One that doesn't magnify greed and stimulate our limbic system. We will have more creative force without the pressure of the "old" money standing behind us waiting for results. The possibilities are endless. We need the truth.

uniquely blank slate

I think you're right. The only prediction I'll make is that whatever is coming, it will be different than any of us would have guessed. But for the first time, it truly does feel like any or all of us can actually have a hand in making the future. It's not in the hands of the Rockefellers and Carnegies this time.

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"