RINF News Reveals Hotel That Banned 9/11 Hero

William Rodriguez

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RINF News Reveals Hotel That Banned 9/11 Hero

Press release from: RINF Alternative News

Published date: 06-18-2007 12:40 PM - CET

Five times honoured hero and last man out of the Twin Towers, William Rodriguez, was scheduled to speak in Peterborough, UK, until event organisers were forced to cancel.

William Rodriguez is currently embarking on a European tour, covering much of the UK.

The event venue in Peterborough, the Bull Hotel, has been inundated with telephone calls and emails requesting an explanation from annoyed members of the public, as it is completely unacceptable to ban a real hero who saved hundreds of lives during the horrific events of 9/11.

Apparently the hotel pulled out following a letter from a member of public stating that they had witnessed a 9/11 truth activist being sworn at and spat upon during promoting the event. One of the event organisers, Ian Barrett, confirms this attack did take place and it does not explain why the hotel pulled out.


Mr Barrett said: “Why this incident should concern the hotel is beyond us and we are shocked at this decision has been taken, especially in light of the fact that our promotion of the event has been extremely well received with a number of local councillors and prominent local authority figures having confirmed their attendance.

“All of our leafleting has been very well received bar this solitary incident incited by a member of public with an obvious lack of self discipline or moral regard.”

We must wonder why this could possibly lead to the banning of William Rodriguez, who was due to speak on the 19th of June.

Another twist has accrued, with the Bulls hotel having now changed their story.

The Bull hotel is now saying: “The booking was withdrawn following a complaint from a member of the public who received abuse from the organisers/supporters promoting the event in Kings Lynn.

“We had considered the matter very carefully, and with the hotel’s excellent reputation the decision was taken to withdraw this event taking place.

“We do have the right to withdraw bookings where the hotel’s reputation may be damaged.”

Event organisers argue this reason is a fabrication.

On numerous occasions, when attempting to speak to the hotel manager, I received the same response several times from members of staff: “I’m afraid he is in a meeting”.

Other calls have been terminated as well as being left on hold for hours. If you fancy your luck, give the hotel a call on 01733 561364.

A statement from event organisers has been issued to the Bull Hotel:

“What concerns me is the fact that the nature of the complaint has changed since my conversation with yourself on 5th June, at which point you stated that the complaint received had been from a member of public who had witnessed another member of public swearing at our leafleter, Phil, and spitting at his camera. You stated that this was the basis for the manager’s view that the event may damage the reputation of the hotel and, therefore, the basis for his decision in cancelling the booking.

“It is extremely interesting, a full week after you advised us of your decision, that you were not able to give the various callers to your hotel a reason as to why you chose to cancel this event, in some cases actually choosing to avoid the issue by hanging up. Today, you are stating a different account to the one you gave to myself, a change which has massive implications for us in that it highlights us as the aggressors, conveniently giving the hotel just cause for its decision.

“I would like to remind you that whilst some of our activism may appear radical to many, we always do so in a peaceful manner, indeed taking pride in being a part of the Peace movement. The nature of our group’s subject unfortunately means that we sometimes encounter aggressive reactions from the general public and we try our best to remain calm in such circumstances.

“I would, therefore, be grateful if you could provide me with the following information. I appreciate you cannot give me some specifics due to Data Protection obligations:-

- At what time did the alleged incident occcur?

- What specific abuse was alleged to have been received by the complainant?

- What were the circumstances of the incorrect information about the nature of the complaint given to me during our telephone conversation on 5th June?

- To what extent have you gone to investigate the alleged incident?

- Why did you not choose to discuss the alleged incident with our organisation at any time before

- Why was Annie Machon, the organiser of this internationally recognised hero’s UK Tour and various other events throughout Europe ignored by the hotel manager having left over half a dozen phone calls to discuss this matter?”

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So all someone has to do is phone up and state that they have...

"recieved abuse from the event organizers"

and the event is cancelled...Too easy, what a flimsy excuse. more info should be requested on the complainant !!!


Anyway... Please DIGG and give this story some profile !!!

Link : http://digg.com/world_news/Bull_Hotel_in_Peterborough_UK_Bans_9_11_Hero


Way to go Willy and UK 9/11 Truth !!! Good luck sorting this out

Best wishes

John A MITCHELL Herblay

Herblay FRANCE

Bonjour ,

In order to rally people not yet in the 911 truth movement can we not have an interview by one means or another of the hotel responsable explaining his refusal. And having interviews of the reaction of People in Peterborough to the ban on democracy.
Thanks John