Finally: Michael Moore embraces 9/11 Truth


Finally: Michael Moore embraces 9/11 Truth

posted at 3:31 pm on June 19, 2007 by Allahpundit

Lightly, of course. The full Truther bear hug asserts that 9/11 was an inside job; Moore’s practicing the “mainstream” version, which confines itself to “just asking questions.” It’s the spirit of free inquiry, man. Asking questions — who could be against that?

He’s been looking for an alternate explanation since, literally, the day after. It reminds me of a piece published last year in the Times explaning how Iran has made anti-Americanism a de facto tenet of Islamic doctrine. Same with the far left: the idea of the United States being victimized, particularly by third-worlders and in so horrendous a fashion, contradicts the dogma too starkly. Even the usual compensation, that we “deserved” it, doesn’t quite account for office workers having to nosedive onto asphalt from 100 stories up. So they make the only cognitive move they can. (Chomsky, notably, is an apostate on this subject.)

I doubt it’ll cost him a single ticket purchase for “Sicko.”

Nice job by Dave Weigel catching this and bringing it to light. Maybe now he can pull Ron Paul aside and explain why patronizing Alex Jones’s radio show isn’t such a hot idea.