Philly 9|11 Truth Activism - Educating the Public [Odunde African American Festival]

Members of Philly 9|11 Truth helping pass along information to the Odunde African American Festival in Philadelphia, PA

Posting this up so you guys can continue to get motivated to do daily, weekly, monthly, etc. actions to help educate the general public into demanding a new investigation into the 9|11 attacks

AND... DON'T FORGET....!!!!!

Great Stuff!

Justin A. Martell

In a soldier's stance, I aimed my hand at the mongrel dogs who teach! Fearing not that I'd become my enemy in the instant that I preach! My pathway led by confusion boats...mutiny from stern to bow!

We Grow

And grow and only grow. Once the Truth has been seen there is no return. This means that we can only continue to grow exponentially, which means it's simply a matter of time before justice is served. Great work Philly, lot's of love to my brothers and sisters of Truth.

Sorry Guys, I should of been there

Im from philly, and im black. I should of been there and i could of been a great help in reaching the african american community.. here are some selling points.
1.) use rapper Jadakiss rap line "Why Bush Knock down the towers" on T-Shirts
2.) Use "Bush did 9/11" or "Bush knew about 9/11" most African Americans hate Bush so that would intrigue them

47 stories + 6.6 collapse = impossible