Radio Mobilization for 9-11 truth: How to call in

This is from 2006 I believe but still serves a purpose. Thanks to D.L Abrahamson (Roy Shivers) of:

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(Editors Note: While the 9-11 conference already aired, we must still bombard the radio stations everyday and disrupt their propaganda. This week we broke through to the Air America hosts like Mike Malloy and Randi Rhodes. Lets each make one call per day...)

Nag the Neocons-Grab the Gatekeepers: Radio Mass Mobilization For The 9-11 Truth Movement

By D.L Abrahamson

What if you could stop the next false-flag terror attack and the descent into World War III?

On Tuesday August 1, C-SPAN will re-air the 9-11 Roundtable discussion at 6:10 pm. This is a opportunity we cannot squander, because it may be our best opportunity to expose millions of Americans to the truth about September 11 as world war approaches. Anyone who considers themself a real 9-11 truth activist must flood the radio stations over the next two days with one point in mind: alerting listeners to the 9-11 conference Tuesday at 6:10 PM on C-SPAN.

Call in to neocons like Sean Hannity & Michael Savage, and make them squirm while alerting their millions of listeners. Get on the phone and badger Air America leftists like Randi Rhodes and Al Franken who have avoided 9-11 for so long. While mentioning the evidence of an inside job is important, the key must be constantly re-stating the August 1, Tueday 6:10 C-SPAN information.

One key tip:

Remember your auidence. When calling neocon stations, talk about the evidence pointing to an inside job, but avoid name-calling of Cheney/Bush and instead try phrases like "real conservatives should investigate 9-11, and they can do so Tuesday on C-SPAN at 6:10. This is not a left/right issue."

When calling the leftist shows, you can probably be more open with your rhetoric, but do not forget to keep mentioning the date, time, and network. Repetition is key! (Did we mention C-SPAN, Tuesday at 6:10 PM?)

These next two days are not the time for excuses or self-pity. Last night I called in on Drudge's national show and got the word out to hundreds of thousands, while he could only meekly compare me to Oliver Stone. I called WBZ in Boston and forced the neocon host to say "Wow, those are good points." We must overtake the airwaves in the next two days in order to save the lives of those who will be killed in the next false-flag terror operation, and the ensuing global war.

With the neocons and Israelis increasingly desperate to provoke World War III, we face the imminent possibility of a staged false-flag provocation to push their agenda forward.

So get off the message boards, and on to your phones! End the defeatism! Reach millions of middle Americans, not just the thousands of like-minded activists in the blogosphere.

We have a day and a half to get this done. 100 people making 10 calls a day could be the difference between millions waking up to the truth about September 11.

Will you be amongst those 100 who will save the planet? Or will you just sit at your computer waiting for the next false-flag and nuclear Armageddon?


9 am-12pm Glenn Beck 888-727-BECK

8:30 am-1 pm Neil Boortz 877-310-2100

8 am-11am Laura Ingraham 800-876-4123

10 am-1 pm G. Gordon Liddy 800-GG-LIDDY

12-3pm Rush Limbaugh 800-282-2882

12-2 Bill O'Reilly 877-9-NO-SPIN

3 pm- 6 pm Sean Hannity 800-941-7326

6pm - 9pm Michael Savage 800-449-8255


Amy Goodman/DemocracyNow! 9 am-10 am (212) 209-2900

Mark Riley and Rachel Maddow 5am-9am 1-866-303-2270

Randi Rhodes 3 pm-7 pm 866-303-2270

Majority Report with Garafalo and Seder 7pm-10pm 1-866-303-2270 (show cancelled)

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This obiously needs some revision and updates so if you have current info, please post for editing.

This is important.

Calling talk shows can be incredibly effective. People are in a different mode when listening to their particular talk god. I urge everyone to get some friends together and have a call-in party. Record and post your operations!

We need to be hitting these people every day.

Jumbo-Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.